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Wednesday 24th of June 2020

The Way Jungkook Basically Made One of Those Outfits That Y'all Put on The Timeline Like "imagine Hobi in This Outfit".

The way jungkook basically made one of those outfits that y'all put on the timeline like "imagine hobi in this outfit".
Some early thoughts on StayGold: -The harmonies!!!! -Hobi's vocal verses are always so soothing and warm. -Jin's "I'll steal your heart" on loop please and thank you. -If you don't nod your head along to every bouncy beat what are you doing.

But do you love tae as much as hobi loves tae?? ? idk.
I just wanna hug hobi rn :(( he's so pure & warmhearted that i wanna cry.
The bracelet is so pretty hobi's amazing.
Hobi is making us a bracelet and Tae joined him for a few seconds??? cute babies.
Hobi says he felt proud when he gave the members the bracelets he made ?
Hobi asked taehyung to find the A R M and Y beads, but taehyung said he just got back from recording so he had to go back!
Hobi was choosing the pendant and he saw this diamond one ? he was like army could flex with this diamond ??
Wow there are so many strong opinions on this. Everyone, I'll make this rather simple. Hobi: Why are you wearing pajama pants? Were you sleeping? Show yourself Tae Tae: but my beard... Hobi: (laugh) Don't you like it even only with his voice, Army?

Good morning uwu Hobi is live.
Hobi's little "?? ??" after droping one those he's designing ?
Hobi looks so tiny next to taehyung.
?: we love you hobi ?: i love you.
Omg. These singers copied BigBang too.. what do we do?????
R R where is Rrrrrrr There is no R here Army, Tae: Whose is that? Hobi: Army's Tae: Don't you have to make like 50 million of them??
Hobi precious boy <3.
Believe ? by Hobi to ARMY.
[TRENDING] (02:04 PST) HOBI IS LIVE is trending worldwide ? BTS_twt ?
Why is Hobi saying Smile the cutest thing ever wtfyyfg.
Even if hobi made me a bracelet out of barbed wire and duct tape i will never take it off. partially because it might get caught on my skin if i move it but mostly because it is a gift from one of the seven gods.

If my favs don't care about me then why is hobi making me a bracelet.
Taehyung showed up in Hobi's vlive rn.. CAN YOU HEAR ME SOBBING.
"your kpop boys don't care about you" hobi: a bracelet for you ??
If hobi says pineapple pizza is good then from now on pienapple pizza is GOOD.
Hobi's thigh.
Hobi hobi is the cutest baby ??
Taehyung entered while hobi was having a live and left soon after ??
HOBI and TAE look so goodddddd.
Bare-faced taehyung with this hobi ????
And what if at one of the future concerts hobi is wearing thr army braclet he made and gives it away to a fan- ?
Hobi likes pineapple on pizza? JUNG HOSEOK WE NEED TO TALK.
Shhhh hobi is live.
?? i will be searching now ??A.... R.... R.... R.... R...... (searching) R..... ? sprite **** ** (i missed it) we love you hobi! ?? huh? ? we love you hobi... S... T... ?? are you studying for english? ? yes.

V is also here!!!!! ????? -Hobi live 200624.
Admit it or not, you have a big fat crush on Hobi. ???
Hobi showing off the army bracelet pls shower him with praises pls.
Me watching Hobi being cute then Tae comes in looking all domestic and just out of bed ???? OUTBURST of FEELINGS......
Goodnight hobi (????).
Hobi says he was exercising !!
Hobi said this is regrettable. He didn't realize this part would take so long. He said it's hard looking for letters. But he's decided on how to do it now and he found a Y bead that'll work!
Hobi: Taehyung-i came in to go to bathroom Tae: How come you are here so early? Hobi: Cuz I gotta work on this (bracelet).
Dont be shy, tell us more what did you record hobi.
Hobi just wanted to sell his art but yoongi said he'd buy it and use it as firewood ?
(Hobi asked taehyung to find the R, M, and Y beads) ? I was recording so I have to go back ? what am i looking for? ? just go.

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Thank you for your service chief jk and jh?

Hello!! can you post about SORIBADA Awards?? we need to vote for BTS to win. and im telling you this because you have many followers and you can really inform others about this! please consider this posting abt it!

Jungkook the upcoming designer, pls don't let anybody ask him what he would be if not singer, cuz that list is getting longer.

This outfit is ? ? and hobi wearing it is ? *chef's kiss *.

It's made for him ?

This boy is super creative, my God! ??