Monday 5th of April 2021

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Or just mail them your head.
I mean, they did say "bucket list.".
Somethings wrong...I can feel it.

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It better be the last item on that bucket list.

Let's remove all the hassle and please go into my basement.

Let's *CUT* the middle man out.

Its not like they'll even step out of the airport anyway.

If the government is ready to help, why need forbes?


Wait a minute...

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Nice try Forbes. I know you are based in New Jersey.

I thought it's because they'd wind up in a bucket.

Maybe you should put it near the bottom of the bucket list... like a "the last things I want to do"...

1. Get huge insurance policy 2. Follow Forbes advice 3. ????? 4. Profit.

Kick-the-bucket list.

U gotta do what u gotta do.

Is that you Tim?

Grab em by the pussy.

I'm from India, and yeah, don't ever speak English there, they will rip you off and scam you if they find out you're not a local. If you get pulled over and don't have an Indian *Aadhar* card, they're not lettin' you go without a 500 note.

Violence against women India Pakistan.

To be fair to Pakistan, there are downright scum everywhere.

I'm a white man from the US and I wouldn't go on a cross country road trip (across the US) by myself without a gun.

North Korea*.

Forbes: Why LGBT people should visit Uganda.

Highly opinionated ppl\*.

Forbes: Why European parents should educate their kids in America!

Reddit: Man, where did all this anti-asian hate come from? Also reddit: this shit.

I dont think a lot of people would travel to the Middle East in general, with or without company, male or female. Unless of course youre going there for religious reasons but thats a whole different story... Edit: aight so Pakistan isnt part of the Middle East, lesson learned. And it wasnt meant to be taking a jab at anyone from the Middle East or Pakistan but I dont think its particularly controversial to say the view on women (and minorities) differs between the Middle East and western civilization.

There was a story of two blonde women who went to Pakistani for adventuring. Worst mistake of their lives. They got kidnapped, most likely raped and then beheaded all with a video of the beheading. It was on bestgore, but that site got removed. Edit: Morocco not Pakistani. My bad.

As an Indian, I disagree. Pakistan has great potential for tourists especially in gilgit baltisan, you might be right about the female part but there are some really scenic places in pakistan. Pretty disappointing Indians cannot visit pakistan though I hope they lift it as relations between the two countries get better.

Yup. ]The case of the two Scandinavian girls in Morroco comes to mind too]().

Wow only 40miles past Istanbul. She didn't even make it out of the Nato countries.

She definitely proved something.

Woah imma read this.

I mean Pakistan isnt really Middle East but I can see the point youre trying to make.

Turkey isn't in the middle east. Although as a Middle Easterner, do not vacation alone especially if you're a lady.

Also 2 Scandinavian women got raped and behead in Morroco, while travelling alone . They wanted to prove something, can someone find a news article.

Thats Turkey considered safe. I have seen a lot of female tourists in Syria and Lebanon before the war, people there only care about money like my mom said they see you as a money bag if your are foreign.

So your argument is that the Middle East isn't safe and therefore you shouldn't go to Pakistan, which isn't in the Middle East, because a tourist got killed in Turkey, which is also not in the Middle East? I know lots of people who have solo traveled to Pakistan. Many of them were white, blonde, and female. And several of those couch surfed and hitchhiked across the country, and all of them had a great time and recommend visiting. Because one person was killed thirteen years ago 2,000 miles away is hardly a compelling argument.

Holy shit.

This reposted one is what generally comes to mind.

Well I mean shes going to meet her maker. So yeah. Pretty high.

*Dont you hurt Precious!*.


Things to do to die. Ftfy.

Cant she just ghost him if shes back in the US?

Speaking as someone who has dealt with a similar situation, not myself but a friend (with a side helping of abuse and the husband killing her brother but let's not get into that), get her a divorce. We have the ability to help people in the US, it's a bit of a pain, but it's worth it. She may also be able to look into an annulment given the circumstances.

This is pretty common for international Pakistani's. Either boy/girl willingly goes to Pakistan and gets hitched, or parents realise their (usually) daughter is rebellious and just says they're going to visit after finishing high school.

Does she want help getting out of this?

Because it's so beautiful... right? Right???

That's not the only case. Pakistani government is funding white travel vloggers to visit the country to improve its perception. So far, one of them has alleged that a member of the ruling party raped her.

Im male, white, 5'10 and pretty skinny. What are my odds?

By "guys", do you mean armed mercenary body guards?

Srsly if you need an entire entourage just to not get murdered, I'll pass. Nature ain't worth it.

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Some influencer/blogger idiot is going to read this article, head to Pakistan, then get raped and killed.

You and I have very different defintions of "generally safe".

They were right tho, Solo female travellers should avoid India and Pakistan entirely to be safe, or go with a native that they know and trust.

Imagine living in a country where decapitations just happen, and nobody even blinks.


Chumbucket list.

That's not true. I've been to Pakistan many times and the women in my family are not treated differently because they don't cover their heads.

Its a bad shot but it jjst kinda looks like a desert to me, I bet those mountains are beautiful if you got a good shot.

I have been watching a series "Indigo Traveller" on youtube has done about Pakistan. I do plan on visiting one day. It is truly a shame the lack of appreciation Americans have for other countries...

I'm Indian and sadly it is just as bad there :(.

Vaguely remember a woman tried hitch hiking through the middle east alone and pretty sure she disappeared with in the first week and was found dead after being raped and beaten multiple times.


Step 1:don't visit a warzone Step 2: just don't.

That sums up all of Reddit.

Yeah, most ppl here don't even know what Pakistan's like. I hope they can open their eyes and go there someday and realize it's not bad or dangerous.

This place is a echo chamber for easterners.

The Torah and Bible are pretty damn violent too lmao. The abrahamic religions love some fightin.

Lmao asshole you call yourself? More like pussy lol.

There are these things on phones & cameras that are called timers. Besides that, Im sure this is just a stock photo they pulled from the internet.

She gave her phone to a nice chap to take the photo- wait where are you going with my phone?

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