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Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Nearly 20 Percent of Millennials, Gen Z in NY Believe Jews Caused The Holocaust.

Almost a quarter of young adults in America (23%) said they believed the Holocaust was a myth or had been exaggerated or werent sure. One in eight (12%) said they had definitely not heard, or didnt think they had heard, about the Holocaust.

'Nearly two-thirds of US adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust.' According to survey of adults 18-39, 23% said they believed the Holocaust was a myth, had been exaggerated or they werent sure.

Please, dont just make fun of Trump's stupid misuse of language. JoeNBC is right. He means herd immunity. And that means between 2-4 million dead. Trump needs to be pushed VERY hard if this is really in the works as a plan, because if so, this would be the American Holocaust.

Learn about the Holocaust so you can identify the pending one ICE is starting now. They used to experiment on us too. They used to ask for our papers. They rounded us up. Then they killed us. Learn history so you can tell when its repeating.

More than half (56%) said they had seen Nazi symbols on their socialmedia platforms and/or in their communities, and almost half (49%) had seen Holocaust denial or distortion posts on social media or elsewhere online.

A lot of people mistakenly assume the Holocaust just happened, rather than being the logical result of a climate where people were slowly conditioned to demonize minority groups and treat them as less than human and deserving of violence.

I have great respect for teachers, but something is terribly wrong with our educational system that so many Americans are growing up ignorant of history. The focus on STEM and standardized testing has been devastating and it needs to stop.

To be fair, and I say this as a person whose family were almost entirely wiped out by the Nazis, Americans hardly seem to realize the genocides their own country has committed so this isn't really shocking. Sad, absolutely. But still not surprising.

A shocking US survey has revealed: 23% of people think the Holocaust is a myth. 63% didn't know 6 million Jews were murdered. Nearly 11% thought Jewish people caused the holocaust. We must challenge ignorance and antisemitism with everything we have.

Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust.
This is why so many young people are susceptible to falling for socialism or communism. They dont know history.
Nationwide survey shows 'shocking' lack of Holocaust knowledge among millennials and Gen Z, 1 in 10 respondents could not recall ever having heard the word "Holocaust" before.
This is a shocking study of millennial and Gen Z adults aged between 18 and 39. The US education system has completely failed here! Parents - speak to your children.
NulbEleven per cent of respondents across the US believed that Jews had caused the Holocaust.
As antisemitism runs rampant in our communities and living Holocaust survivors are becoming rare, we MUST do better to teach current and future generations about the atrocities of the Holocaust. We must not be silent.

Not surprised that New Yorks public school system has failed kids on Holocaust education. The Democrat Party has gone around for three years claiming that Trump is Hitler when Trump has done more for Israel & the Jewish people than any other politician in world history.

To not be a hypocrite, I had a long talk with my son this morning about both the holocaust and the evils of the Soviet Union. He knew the basics but not the extent. Was very upset when I mentioned Hitler killed gays on mass, because "people are already so mean to them.".

Wait, are there still people in 2020 who believe that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust? lmao.
This is interesting because a couple of ppl have def DM'd me asking if the Holocaust was real. I couldn't believe it.
According to Dumbika's stupid logic Hitler's period was also a "richly syncretic era" because Hitler had Jewish blood. Hitler's war tactics were adopted by modern world. So, she would ask today's Jews should honor Hitler and forget about the holocaust. New peaks of stupidity.

Hate to break it to some of yall, but most of the world didnt give a SHIT about the holocaust while it was happening and many, MANY powerful people actively supported the n/zis. stop acting like the world was collectively outraged. because it wasnt.

Another point proven, these are the idiots protesting! Imagine not knowing about the Holocaust?!?! It's blasphemy, actually no its not because the Jews are hated by LOTS of people. Including our previous president!

The sheer lack of intelligence, and how it's celebrated (see any supporter of GOP and realDonaldTrump) is staggering.
This makes me think of my wifes 98-yr old grandfather who was in the Holocaust and still has nightmares to this day. There are WAY too many uneducated people (some of which are non-believers) on this topic. Take 1 min today to share this w/ your network.

Talked about the holocaust to my therapist for 2 hours, I feel better.
Not good.
The fact that two-thirds of young Americans do not know 6MM Jews were killed in the Holocaust does not just reflect badly on those young people, it's an indictment of their parents, teachers, community leaders and the system in which they grew up.

This is quite confusing, as the Holocaust is one of the most emphasized historical events taught in American schools. Disproportionately so.
Im very confused by this. As part of Gen Z, I have been learning about the Holocaust since elementary school. Ive read the Diary of Anne Frank, watched The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas,and read Night by Elie Wiesel.Even went to the DC museum on a field trip.

Today's first chest tightening: 9:40 am ET.
I am so thankful my kids learned about this every year in junior high (a public school). Every year they had field trips to the Illinois Holocaust Museum and had a holocaust survivor speak to the students.

Nearly 20 percent of Millennials, Gen Z in NY believe Jews caused the Holocaust.
Rad ! my school practically skipped over the entire unit, they smashed our entire WWII unit into a week, we just read stuff from textbooks, then had a holocaust survivor talk to us which was the most interesting that whole week. luckily, being Jewish has caused me to learn more.

If/when the LEFT tries to Erase Holocaust Memorials and the History surrounding, we should all be very worried. CANCEL CULTURE is the DOOM of HISTORYS REPETITION.
You dare compare a coronavirus to a systemic ethnic cleansing? Your Holocaust retweet really makes up for it... oh wait, nvm, your true colors shone through. Shows how out of touch you are. I hope nobody buys your book. PS herd immunity is already here.

Did you know in 19 countries in Europe, you can be fined or go to jail for disagreeing or denying the official Holocaust narrative?
A study finds that 2/3s of young Americans know that 6 million Jewish people were massacred during the Holocaust. Great. Only 67%? That's it? What about the other 1/3, or 33%?
So which Holocaust statues were removed? Im sure you can provide evidence since you assert something with no evidence.
Yes, same! Though I'm not sure how many Holocaust survivors are still alive today. But it made it feel real having someone right in front of me sharing their life story.
It boggles my mind how stupid some people are. Every day, there are more and more stories about idiots. Whether it's people not believing the Holocaust was real, or people protesting wearing masks. How are people actually this stupid?

You dont even need to be a history buff to know or care about the Holocaust. This really says it all about how un-educated and un-caring young people are about history these days.
Few people know that UK and France are also to blame for the Holocaust. Nazis tried to deport the Jews several times, but UK and FR naval blockades didn't allow it, thus trapping the Jews in Germany. After all attempts at deportation failed, they turned to "the final solution".

This is going around. I'm highly suspicious.
This is a shame if it is an accurate survey, but I don't think it's legit.
What I'm the actual hell? Are we just not teaching kids about the Holocaust any more??
Dear God: *Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust *More than one in 10 believe Jews caused the Holocaust *23% of adults 18-39 believe the Holocaust was a myth, exaggerated, or they werent sure.


What You Really Think

What's unfortunate is that they believe it even happened.

In other words they wouldnt mind starting concentration camps and gulags and throwing people into them for wrongthink.

These are the same asshats eating tide pods, snorting condoms and eating Raman noodles out of toilets.

Hey Meme NewsM101 Have you seen this. This is just something else.

Our education system has failed.

Please homeschool your children! Homeschool Happily: Yes, You Can!

George Soros springs to mind.

20% of millennials and gen z in NY are probably sikh, Muslim or something..definitely not white.

Because of newspapers like you?

Wow this is something else Timcast , I though this was a joke.