Tuesday 30th of March 2021


Social Media Says

Kwite is too underrated you don't understand.
I still have a few asks to answer so Im not finished yet!!! I just wanted to take a break from answering all of them in a row.
A mood is cleaning while bopping to 'i hate myself' by bill wurtz.
Why must I always love the men who have severe trauma, wear helmets and armor, and just need a hug.
So against my better judgement, I watched all of The Irregulars over the weekend. And the reason it was against my better...
Another day, another urge to walk out of this damn pharmacy and not come back.
Rewatching daredevil and vanessa is insane fisk confesses that he murdered his dad and chopped him up when he was like...
Honestly, I cant forgive people who claim they dont know what theyve done. Own up to your mistakes and fucking learn from...
I have nothing to say to her.
I would pay for someone to look at me like that not sure which one of them im talking about here tho.
From Spin and Vice collectively.
Ive gone through a lot of fandom phases this past year Supergirl The Vampire Diaries The Originals Supernatural Criminal...
I can only draw 1 boy, its my only skill buddy.
Me: *tries to fold laundry* My cat: Oh? What is this mundanity I see before me? Perhaps I should perch mineself. Yes. Thank you...
I know that I gained like. 10-12kgs in the last 2 years but i really wanted to wear a nice pair of pants for my sister bday and...
Tamaki answering i want to go home when being asked what he wants, is me everyday when i come to work.
You dont understand true fear until youre home alone, take a two hour nap and wake up to a power outage.
Oscar Award Winning Popcorn Honestly YUM.
Gingerbread Houses Honestly YUM.

What You Really Think

Im too busy loving armored men with baggage to do it myself.

Someone needs to analyze this.

Me to. Im pretty sure Ive watched all of the dc movies on hbo max.

*gave FFS.

When I moved the clothes out from under her and folded them she actually MOVED TO THE FOLDED PILE and have me A Look for taking them from her .

I love the fact that she looks hella annoyed, like you're in HER way.

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