Monday 11th of May 2020


I am truly grateful, I am proud to be a nurse. Thank you. What a beautiful moment in tonights episode when nurse Nancy thanks her colleagues for caring for her while she was in hospital with coronavirus.

Tonights special on is a must-watch, following staff from day one in the fight against . The care & commitment of staff in such challenging circumstances is extraordinary. If you arent watching - switch over now.

Please dont miss this extraordinary episode of , capturing the incredible staff at as they stop at nothing to deliver pandemic medicine. Humbling, heartbreaking, unmissable stuff. 9pm tonight, BBC2.
Appreciation & acknowledgement for the mortuary staff who have worked so hard & are behind the scenes.
Watching earlier on brought back the memories of working at the Free. Lovely place, and great folks working there now too, under poor, uncomfortable conditions to try and help as many COVID19 patients as well as others, as much as they can. Wonderful stuff.

Watching sobbing my eyes out. Despite being front line myself and having cared for people myself with this virus I wasn t prepared for how powerful this show would be. Anyone wanting lockdown eased or normal to return before its time needs to watch this.

was so emotional and made me so worried about all the lovely NHS staff that I know. Please.
was just anti-Conservative propaganda. A solid hour of blatant Labour activists going around saving lives, but absolutely no mention of Toby Young s economic arguments for letting them die.
The staff faced huge challenges in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Join us tomorrow for the second part of Special: Fighting Covid-19 at 9pm on .
For those who think lockdown is a joke, I urge you to tune into BBC 2 right now, watch and STAY AT HOME. Our actions have consequences. Ten minutes in and my heart breaks for the victims, their families and the incredible NHS frontline staff.

Well that s the speech and the TV moment of the year wrapped up right there. Nancy, a nurse of 50 years service, addressing her colleagues after surviving Covid. Remarkable television, remarkable woman.

Such a heart-warming speech from Nancy! We re thrilled she has made full recovery from covid-19!
We re full of pride for how our heroes and all staff have responded in recent weeks. We think you will feel the same when you watch Special: Fighting at 9pm TONIGHT on.
On the other hand, this should be required watching. The personal, human side of this crisis, told the brilliant BBC doc team. Every episode of Hospital shows how incredible the staff of the NHS are, and now, more so than ever. Heroes.

on is always phenomenal to watch. Tonight is extraordinary and moving. I well remember being a chaplaincy assistant when a pastoral assistant at , many years ago. The team then was outstanding - it clearly, still is.

If you re tuning in to this evening at 9pm for Special: Fighting 19 you ll have a small glimpse into the response of our heroes and all staff. I m incredibly proud to count them as colleagues.
is a very difficult and emotional watch, an incredible insight into but also a testament to the courage, dedication & skills of all who work in . They are absolutely, astonishingly amazing, every last one of them. Were so lucky theyre there!

We are in awe.
The staff store patients belongings and hope they will be back to claim them.
Wtf is this ?!?! Hey move it!!! Go home assholes !!! Make your point in front of the hospital!! Not the ambulance bay!!
What a powerful episode of filmed at the really raw, powerful and moving. Special mention to the inspirational Nancy, a nurse since 1970 who successfully beat Covid.
CMS wants to increase Medicare payments for inpatient hospital services by or about $2 billion in 2021, and add a new diagnosis-related group for CAR T-cell cancer therapy.
The response of all staff in recent weeks has been phenomenal. The reviews for tonight s documentary Special: Fighting at 9pm only begin to do justice to their efforts and all our heroes. I salute you all.

This got me good. Watch Hospital on .
The documentary was brilliant. Hard to watch but brilliant. I visit there twice a feel like I m in good hands.
Instead of the press briefing everyone should watch . No more questions about when I can meet my mates!
For those saying covid is a hoax and over exaggerated please watch on BBC2 . Open your eyes.
"I am truly grateful"... After having with Covid-19 and having to undergo surgery, Nancy is finally going home.
Thank you. We re so proud of all of our staff and all of their colleagues across the entire NHS.
What a proud testament to all the teams out there including our fellows and members - s filmed . Episode 2 coming tomorrow.
Anyone who watched tonight s Hospital Special: Fighting Covid19 on BBC2 will recognise two truths 1. The NHS staff have performed heroically under immense pressure 2. The idea of getting back to normal while the virus is still rife is foolhardy and dangerous.

Tomorrow on we return to the where they start a new drug trial and the oxygen supply gets pushed to the limit. Dont miss part two tomorrow night at 9pm on .
A few minutes in and I m already feeling emotional watching and their fight against coronavirus. If you re not watching turn on BBC 2 now - you won t regret it.
should be required viewing for all those covidiots in the parks and at the beaches over the weekend.
Could not be prouder of my hospital and my colleagues. Heres a clip of my incredible team from tonights.
If you ve been inspired by the work of our staff at which was featured on Special: - you can find out more about a career with us by visiting.
If you ve been inspired by the amazing nurses on tonight s search nursing careers to find out if this rewarding profession could be for you.
How lucky we are to have on our doorstep. Well done everyone involved in the making of.
Seriously all he cares about is going to the beach ... get him to sit down with you, watch and film his reactions .... lack of empathy is definition of evil.
Have you seen ICWs New Medical Wire Basket? Also enjoy the Video:.
Somebody get on the blower to Harrods for Nancy.
Really appreciated how humanised the pandemic, it was tough but vital to watch. We need stories as well as statistics to comprehend the impact of Thank you to all those who contributed and take care.
showed how our staff stepped up and are still stepping up every day to look after patients during the crisis 19.
If you missed Corona special, catch up before tomorrows part two 9pm. Compulsory viewing for these times - powerful & moving. Well done team for putting this together & for showing us the reality.
What fabulous timing from . is essential viewing. Potentially the most important doc to watch this year. Well done .
these people are my bloody heroes, just amazes me at the dedication of the long suffering staff.
Thats the first time Ive seen Peter since I had those difficult interactions. Im so overwhelmingly pleased to see him leave hospital ! Also, through the power of TV, I finally get to see the face of his daughter who I had to break such bad news to.

Moving. Beautiful. District nurse Nancys speech after surviving So many in the NHS made incredible sacrifices to care for others & they still do. We need to remember that in the days ahead & we must never forget the NHS staff who did not make it.

If anyone is bored of lockdown or think its worth breaking all social distancing rules, please watch to see the impact of and the pressures on the - it will make you think again! Well done for all your hard work.

no!!!!!! the word kian was trending but works too because youre such a hard working doctor.
Watching on BBC2. I think the country should be forced to watch this. Especially all the idiots who think they re immune or simply not going to catch or spread it. This is SO real & gives a snapshot as to what our NHS staff are facing everyday. You are unbelievable.

What You Really Think


Nancy I am proud to be a nurse Happy Nurses Day to each and every nurse thank you all so much - I AM PROUD TO BE A NURSE - A LEARNING DISABILITY NURSE.

Beautiful. What an awe inspiring woman to have served others her entire career & what an amazing team to have looked after her when she was at her most vulnerable. This is the stuff that gives me hope & keeps me going. Compassion, kindness & humanity always. x.

Gosh my heart.

Such moving & profound words from the lovely Nancy! Incredible programme. Will definitely watch it tomorrow. Thank you for all you do. Love the NHS.

Very powerful ,highly emotional , bless you all x.

Nancy made me cry.

What a woman and what an emotional thank you message she gave as she left.

Ok I m crying.

Ive only just be stopped crying at this. NHS are amazing . That patient was amazing . This government is shambolic.

Fantastic episode. Im a nurse and I was crying. X.

I am bawling my eyes out with tears pouring down my face. What an inspiring speech.

This program needs to be shown at prime time for all to see. You are all amazing. Heroes just does not cover it. Thank you.

Absolutely loved this.

I was holding it - barely - up to this point. Then the floodgates opened.

Magnificent This speech really touched me. What a lady, what a nurse, - inspirational.

A beautiful lady. So pleased she pulled through thanks to her courage and the amazing RFH team. Thank you. You are amazing.

This is a fantastic program and shows what happens behind-the-scenes during a pandemic such as COVID-19. I can t wait to see the next episode tomorrow (Tuesday). Search shows as this should be shown on prime-time channels like BBC1 Instead of BBC Two.

Oh Nancy x.

Absolutely bawling my eyes out watching that. Brave lady.

What an inspiring lady Nancy is.

Had me in bits, you are all heroes with wings.

it was very moving.

Wishing Nancy continued good health. What a remarkable woman.

You are all amazing.

Thank you thank you thank you! Youre all heroes xxx.

She s amazing.

Was in tears watching this - such wonderful sentiments. It really hits home what a debt we all owe the NHS and its hardworking and dedicated staff. Thank you xxx.

proud of you lot.

What an amazing woman and such caring and compassionate staff. A tough but uplifting watch.

A truly inspirational nurse. Nancy caring for others even in her most difficult times. Sending healing thoughts for your continued recovery and to all the staff caring for patients during this difficult time. Keep strong, keep well.

People questioned if was a white elephant. I think this program clearly demonstrated that it was not.

So proud to be part of this too.


Hear hear. What an amazing programme giving a great insight into the work of healthcare on the frontline. We loved Nancy s words when she spoke to her colleagues. A nurse since 1970!

Beautiful recover well dear colleague I too am proud to be a nurse.

Jeez this got me.

What an inspiration Nancyisto us all.