Sunday 4th of April 2021

How And Why.

Social Media Says

Then they tuck their cute little legs in and make grumble sounds. Good stuff.
Cats can get anywhere they can get to? Wild.
How? Cat. Why? Cat.

What You Really Think

I need no soap Water hell nope I just take my sits And you clean my shits.

Saw post and immediately commented this exactly the same down to the coma. Hit send and seen yours. *quietly deletes comment*.

If he fits I put him in.

Well it is a shower catty.

Can't take a nap up there huh! you think? Stupid fucking human go get me a bowl of tuna I want White albacore you son if a bitch!!!!!!!!!

Look behind you.

I was just thinking that this is a carbon copy of my bathroom before I changed the shower head. I live in an apartment building, and it would not surprise me at all to find this OP lives upstairs.

Every house built in the 60s and 70s used that exact tile and pattern in at least one bathroom, I swear.

Its called a shower catty.

Do you know what phrogging is?


I lol'd thx.

Yeah true. This guy is acting pretty high and mighty for someone so low to the ground.

If the shower curtain was not pulled back before this photo was taken, its possible the cat just climbed the shower curtain and hopped on to the rack.

I'd put much higher odds on the owner just putting the cat there and taking the photo.

Im thinking maybe toilet seat/sink then onto the towel rod to the left of the pic, then onto the curtain rod, then finally the caddy.

Really appreciate you guys actually trying to solve this mystery...everyone else is making tile comments and I'm like BUT HOW IN THE ACTUAL FUCK.

Please stop. Im going to belong to like, 90% cat subs.

They took them down before putting the cat up there for a picture.

Sometimes I take/leave mine down if I'm taking more baths than showers. They don't have a ton of bottles so that could be it, and maybe that's why the cat went for it, because it was a new empty place to sits.

Yeah I doubt it could have landed in there without it falling.

It looks too pleased with itself.

Yeah I've seen any one of my cats with varying levels of, age/health, and ability, have that look on their face like they're about to do something cRaZy and I just ignore them...sure enough I look back and they've done whatever that insane thing is... they've made it up to ridiculous places like inside cabinets where there's Clearly nowhere for them to go, should they actually Make it up there. They have no choice but to stand in an uncomfortable position up there and meow for help. Doesn't matter, they've done it multiple times.. I 100% believe this cat did this un assisted. I don't keep stuff on that top shelf either..

Disagree. I hope the OP comes back to show yall . I really do.


Want me to edit it for you? I just picked up a camera app for iOS, I think it's $2.99 ir $3.99, but it's awweesome and most importantly EASY ?

Can he swing From a web? No he can't He's a cat. He iiiiiiiiiiiiiiis A show-er cat.

To be fair my wife has one neither of us use it.