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Monday 11th of January 2021

How it Started How it's Going.

]Happening now]().
Feds have top notch facial recognition software. Remember we are not seeing any security footage from the Capitol building itself. All of these faces are being entered and will eventually be tracked down.

The one that died was not in the video widely shared. Twitter is still looking for the guys who beat that metro police officer.

What You Really Think

Im almost certain that the footage of the cop being beaten on camera at the top of the steps is NOT the one who was killed.

Not just that one guy. that whole crowd needs to be arrested.

Trump supporters killing a cop with an American flag is something you would see in a political cartoon.

I want to see the murderers caught.

People like pipe bombers are under 24/7 physical and digital surveillance while every contact and known acquaintance gets the same. They will get the bomber. They want to get everyone who helped or did not report the bomber too.

I'd like to add the "Camp Auschwitz Staff" guy to the list. Fuck that guy.

Hell yes!

This one was smart enough to wear a mask. However not smart enough to leave mom home and the unmasked mom was the link to identification.

His mom said in an interview: Id rather die as a 57-year-old woman than live under oppression. Id rather die and would rather fight. What do these people think are going to happen to them under Biden?

Gotta be glad they caught that sadistic SOB.

A large portion seem to still be on mommy's teet.

Are we sure he didn't shave his eyebrows tho?


This genius posted a pic holding a sawed off shotgun. Possessing that in his state is a felony. He's not bright.

They basically caught him by finding other videos of him wearing the same clothes but without the mask. That's like Bruce Wayne going to a charity event in the batsuit with the cowl pulled back and going, "Oh my God how did you guys know???".

I saw somewhere earlier that he had all different kinds of facial hair styles/hats/etc on his social media. It was like every possible disguise he could have used. Wish I could find the post again!

Why would he have to shave his beard when hes wearing a mask...

Why do these guys always have the same fucking beard style?

Yep. They nabbed him yesterday. Jacob Anthony Chansley, known as Jake Angeli, is in custody on charges including violent entry and disorderly conduct. Mr Chansley, who calls himself the QAnon Shaman, is allegedly the man pictured with a painted face, fur hat and horns inside Congress on Wednesday. And my favorite part: Chansley has been living with his 56-year-old mother, Martha, since January 2019 after he was evicted from his apartment in Phoenix, Arizona, owing US$1,247 in rent arrears. The newspaper reported that Chansley is unemployed, having failed to launch an acting career, and has been seen wandering through his mothers neighbourhood in Glendale dressed in the same costume he wore to the Capitol riots.

The buffalo horns *and the neo-Nazi/White supremacist tattoos*. Don't forget about the hateful tats.

But I cant find his mugshot yet...

Check out r/traitorperpwalk.

With well-coiffed eyebrows.

They were dressed as soldiers and expected to be treated like civilians, shame that girl had to get shot, but what do you think the guards and police officers there were supposed to think when they saw them in these uniforms?

I mean, it is way easier to just buy a gun and camo and play pretend than it is to make it through boot camp.

What gets me is these kind of dudes worship the military and think they are some sort of chosen one but they rarely ever pass military entrance exams or even walk into a recruiters office. Whatever anyones views may be we all know how punkish and trashy it looks. It frustrates a pacifist like myself while also disgracing the military. Im not even a part of the military and I can tell many of these guys wear their gear wrong, or just straight up cosplay.

They all are, except for the one who got shot and died.

Yeah, I'm looking at the cuffs and thinking this guy is the most conspiracy-to-commit-insurrection of the bunch. Not trying to cheapen the other idiots, but this one definitely came prepared.

The Dick's Sporting Goods Militia.


One thing I've learned from true crime is that law enforcement looks at cop murders differently. they will investigate to the ends of the earth to get the folks responsible.

Why didnt the other officers grab him back? I could see their shields behind him as he was dragged away. Why didnt they help him?

He got himself busted by wearing the same shit to dinner and doing an interview with his face plain as day.

Yeah, more than anybody else there, this guy gave me the creeps. He was clearly on a mission.

I was kind of torn on that. On the one hand, the way he dressed, with the mask, had the zip ties, yeah. But on the other hand, he brought his me-maw with him. How much trouble can you really get into with me-maw tagging along? Oh, but it turns out she's batshit crazy and would rather die than liver under the oppressive rule of Biden.


If you know the name you can find the mugshot. If the case is not sealed (Which is optional and takes time).

They are public records that anyone can obtain and publish. So long as the offender is an adult.

I think the reasoning is that it makes it so the government cant make people disappear.

Theres a section of a newspaper here in TX called Busted thats just a collection of mugshots.

In North Dakota, what you're being charged with will show up in the local paper, online and your mugshot may be posted on the local nightly news.

Depends on the state with certain rules, But generally yeah.

Yes and thank God. my full name is a spot on match for a felon w 60 convictions several towns over. having a mug shot there helps ends some pretty horrible confusion.

Even brought my special 2 loop zipties for um ...erm 2! bundles of cables at a time.

Rightly arrested for using zip ties and not velcro ties!

Maybe the real thanks was the crimes we committed along the way.

Please use Velcro in most situations. Especially if its semi permanent and for IT use.

]Revelant xkcd]().

Senate gets ESPN *and* HBO now, and does anyone pat me on the back?

Dont forget their tough-guy attitude backed up by their large gun collections in the absence of physical fitness, discipline, and tactical training.

The unfortunate reality is many of these people are in fact veterans. Being right wing to the extreme is not uncommon for many serving members, and they tend to cement their beliefs further when they get out.

'Too scared to join'? My money is on "Tried to join but got rejected during the psych test".

Or they get rejected because they are too fucked up even for the military.

To be fair, plenty of them _do_ join the military.

Pussies are resilient and strong.

There are cops and military people in those groups that can use the commotion as a disguise to do serious harm to our nation. I don't think we should continue to underestimate them.

No you're thinking of the other zip tie guy, the Air Force retired Lt. Col. who was just arrested in Texas.

"Oh sweet, free restraints- yoink!" I mean, can anyone honestly say they'd pass up a free pile of ball-gags from a building they just broke into? Better to have it and not need it, right?

HGTV be like: I live with my mom and follow cable installers around to collect and resell their zip ties. Budget: $2.6 million.

I cant tell you how many times I find and pick up zip ties someone mysteriously dropped on the floor. Or the times when they magically leap off the ground and into my hands.

Oh thank you officer, youve saved me a trip. I found these drugs on the road and was just on my way to the police station.

They'll audit his purchases.

He was actually clean on Jan. 6 and then started growing out his beard /s.

Ok let's give it to him. He is an idiot. Not a moron.

Those eyebrows are a federal offense on their own.

The ziptie handyman.


Is this a southern euphemism for mother vagine?

Hahahaha yesss.


Yup. Might have gotten away if hed shaved.

No, but he plucked his eyebrows.

That wasnt him that said that, it was the other zip tie guy who said he just found them.

]Pretty sure this is what youre talking about. Just straight up cult shit.]().

I actually got Parler to try to keep track of their insanity after trump was kicked off Twitter- maybe to help my anxiety about whats to come? Idk. I couldnt find anything from trump.

Watch Michael Moores warning about the 17th. Apparently these inbred fascists will be at state capitols.

Looking it up. I haven't seen it yet and your bad feeling gives me a bad feeling. I'm more than a little worried about inauguration day.

There was a whole list of pictures of him throughout the day and they even have video of him and his mom the day before.

Yeah, he didn't change cloths when he went back to his Hotel. He was videoed hanging out in the lobby with a woman who was apperently his mom. Other photos were found where he was all kitted up standing next to the same woman before going into the Capitol.

They're working on identifying a few of them.

They ID'd him from his mother, who he brought with him unmasked. He also interviewed a for a streamer, and ate lunch at his hotel in that getup.

The charges are just enough to get them arrested. Now the interrogation & negotiations begin.

What were they and how long is the potential sentence? I read the guy who went into Pelosi's office and stole her mail (and propped his feet up on her desk) will only get one year. But some say those will just be initial easy charges that stick fast. And that there might be more devastating ones after January 20th (possibly to not allow Trump to pardon?).

He was referred to the FBI by a Twitter user that (I assume in collaboration with others) sleuthed online using a variety of other images and background. It was actually pretty impressive to read through. Edit: ]it was this guy]().

He had whole ass videos and pictures taken with his mom before hand with his mom and no mask wearing the same outfit.

His mom was an anti masker and they were hanging out together. They ID'd him by IDing her. He's got to be the dumbest mother fucker in captivity.

As they are kidnapping and killing Representatives, We are just joking. Cant you take a joke?

He's the youngest looking, he's probably not old enough to really understand the difference between the feds and local pd.

Must easier to arrest them later, rather than escalate the situation.

Is it just me, or does it look like he's standing in a cheap apartment with no furniture aside from the TV and nightstand? Or a finished basement he couldn't be bothered to furnish except some carpet?



All that shit is readily available on the Internet as well as many many Military Surplus stores across the United States so these tin soldiers can play dress up on the weekends.