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Monday 11th of January 2021

Hydrosaurus "sailfin Lizard".

I'm happy because you're happy.
Its real according to Wiki. Its name is Hydrosaurus. And it can run across water. Wtf?! Its a dinosaur. Im certain of it.
My reaction exactly. Mind blown even.

What You Really Think

Yea I thought I was well versed, until...

H. weberi is the smallest of the three recognized species of Hydrosaurus, attaining an average total length (including tail) of 23 ft (0.610.91 m).

Its in power saving mode.

In theaters near you.

Son of Toothless!

No this is the live action remake of HTTYD1.

Wait are there actually 3 of those movies now?

Yeah next gen graphics.

Looks like we found a living ancestor to spinos lol.

Nah Dinos are more like chickens.

Tad Cooper!

]And they come in colors too!]().

No Its just lines of code on a screen.

> Gelflings hopes for a season 2 of dark crystal ;_;.

Not enough feathers, not enough Jeff Goldblum.

None of its ancestors were dinos. His great great great^500 grandfather was a lizardy thing like him. Likely one that had to avoid dinos to survive.

This phat sail stud is part of the lepidosaur lineage, along with other lizards and snakes. dinosaurs (which include birbs) on the contrary are part of the archosaur lineage, along with crocodiles.

He's a lizard, not a bird.

The lizard looks stunned by the weird grip the dude has him by. Also by the sheer amount of bracelets this man has chosen to wear.

Totally would be. Maybe some dark/psychic abilities.

I just looked them up and it seems like the whites of their eyes are actually blue. like ]this.]() So I dont think its photoshopped but Im not a lizard scientist haha.

I've searched them up and apparently not. This lizard looks so unreal. The black colour of its scales is photoshopped however. They're actually green or brown. I've always be fond of all sorts of animals and this is the first time I've ever heard of this lizard, which is surprising considering how wacky they look. Edit: I was wrong, there is a black morph with blue eyes. These lizards also have a vestigial third eye on top of their head like the tuatara has.

Same thing happened with these 4 turtles and a rat I owned. They ran off with Megan Fox. And I haven't seen them since.

I dont even know what to believe anymore.

A quick google turns up nothing, but I want to believe...

Its referred to as both, but go ahead and go off lol.

Fantastic pet. It would probably get rid of your mice twice as fast as a cat.

And that's why so many species are struggling. Person sees a cool lizard on the internet and immediately wants one without any idea of what it takes to keep them alive and happy. Let's all just enjoy the pics and not rush to google to see where you can mail order a cool lizard from.

Some of these are pretty black, idk if it had to do with selective breeding though.

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