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Tuesday 19th of May 2020


is still being suppressed by anti- media and Deep State. Meanwhile, how many lives, jobs, etc are being lost? And where is the ?
ICYMI: I dug into the media and scientific controversy over ...without the spin. Watch a replay of the TV story now:.
The story has some lessons for all of us: 1. If you are a researcher, dont oversell early results 2. If you are a journalist, dont hype the research 3. If you are a policy maker, dont make hasty decisions 4. If you are the public, listen to scientists.

Last time I checked, President Trump is a free American. If he wants to take based on the information he has received about it, that s his decision to make, not CNN s. He doesn t need permission from the experts who have been consistently wrong from day one.

is a safe and effective treatment that is used with great success in Europe. They don t want people using it because it s cheap & there Won t any money to be made.
Trump just absolutely murdered big pharma by literally saying he has been taking daily for the past two weeks.
Apparently the side effects of this drug make you really jealous of President Barack Obama??????
Why is he still pimping ? Is he really trying to kill his base, because nobody on the Left is dumb enough to take that shit off label.
Pres Trump announced today he is taking & daily as a preventive health care measure for for past 10 days Emphasized many front line Healthcare Workers take it He has tested negative for virus & continues to get tested regularly.

So let me get this right. A man who supports people not wearing masks and wants to reopen America is taking an experimental drug for a disease he doesn t have and a doctor prescribed this and said it s a good idea? Trump injecting Bleach is more believable.

Breaking News: New previously undiagnosed condition amplified by Covid19. Growing fear that the Presidents existing problem has worsened. Unfortunately, there is no cure or treatment.
Breaking news: pathological liar doubles down on drug he endorsed to prove a point.
Trump is taking taking it for prevention is bet he has the.
Breaking : The MSM is crapping its pants trying to find a negative spin for after Trump announced hes taking it.
The establishment seems awfully paranoid about the benefits of , even though its available over the counter in multiple countries. ----- Almost like they need you to stay scared and sick.
Everyone relax, s physician is really giving him flintstones chewables.
I absolutely LOVE how everyone is loosing their over taking ! Like a Cat playing with a Mouse right before the KILL!
Oh, shit. Buckle up, Buttercup. Nothing much,
Plenty of evidence and articles published. works!
The problem with web is all someone has to say is the president has a distant connection to hydroxychoroquine, and within a few weeks they are saying he owns stock in it, and pretty soon they will say he is the commander and chief of the whole operation.

It is now obvious that the evil dems & our evil anti American media desperatiy do not want to be the cure. They want us sick. They want us scared. Well guess what? FUCK THEM! Saddle up America! We are taking our country back!

said he s taking and he doesn t have . To recap. The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES admitted on live television. That he is ABUSING a controlled substance. And NO ONE bats an This is how insane he has this country.

Ive never seen more Americans hope Trump is telling the truth.
I need all Trump voters and supporters to hurry up and get their doses of TODAY.
Dear : You may want to check with your physician before you continue taking . Repeated studies show it doesn t work for patients. And for some people, the drug increases the risk of death.
Now comes the CULT members telling those who have been diagnosed with Lupus and have to take multiple prescriptions that includes plaquenil that "its patriotic to give up your for them to take! Just sell it to us! PayPal!" The threats will start in 3,2,

Pay attention. If Trump says hes taking I think it means hes not. I think hes taking and convalescence plasma. So when hes cured his stock in HCL will go crazy. This is another grift only this time people are dying.

Like we re supposed to believe anything the president says?
is always lying. But when he is really lying his pitch is here higher than normal. He s not taking , he s promoting it again to raise its stock prices.
If you aren t convinced that Liberals don t want a cure for Covid19, just look at the way they are responding to admitting he s taking They are in a complete state of panic & rage.
Trump s full of shit. He s not taking it. Will bet anything he said it just to distract from the Pompeo/IG situation.
Texan patriots. YOU did this. Because you rejected the and were awake to the truth about , you fought a corrupt system who wanted to keep you sick and quarantined - and you WON! The time to STAND UP is NOW!

Facebook fact checkers apparently didn t read the article.
President Trump has just announced that he is taking as prophylaxis against the coronavirus. Liberals and the media are melting down. The question I ask is why? It has be proven to work and many doctors are prescribing it.

So sad to see follow so closely to all ! What happened to Fair & Balanced? Youre just another fear mongering, alarmest outlet! WE Patriots, just like DO NOT FORGET!
I think taking to prevent Covid is more effective than wearing a mask.
Donald Trumps day so far: - Claims hes taking - No one believes him - Trump scapegoats Mike Pompeo - Bill Barr says he wont probe Obama or Biden - This is all falling apart - Trump is going to prison - If he even lasts that long - Its still only 5:30pm.

I just love thinks for himself. He believes in and as a preventive measure has been taking it for weeks. Take a.
Can you impeach a President for taking ? Asking for idiot libs everywhere!
And to think, up until 2 hours ago I thought Eric was the dumbest one.
FACT: use is associated with QT interval prolongation and refractory ventricular arrhythmia.
There is no fucking way trump has been taking the drug hydroxychloroquine. He s so desperate for attention and trying to get dumb MAGA people to buy the drug, he must have a financial interest that s motivating him.

Why is Trump taking ?? Because the Democrats have and or will put an infected mole close to the POTUS.
Every report about Trump s claim to be taking should begin something like this: Donald Trump, the most well documented liar in history, made an unverified claim that he s taking hydroxychloroquine.
I honestly dont give a flying f**k if taking Sudafed, Adderall (both amphetamines) & at the same time can have serious adverse effects. [caption: drawer in NYC office w/ several packs of Sudafed purchased in the UK in order to circumvent US purchase limits].

? Really? What a fucking moron! Hopefully this is next!
is the new Pirin to calm.
Pres. says he has been taking for about 10 days as a prophylaxis. Side effects: slow heartbeat, symps of heart failure mental/mood changes (anxiety, depression, rare thoughts of suicide, hallucinations) hearing changes severe dizziness MORE.

I cant understand the mentality of people who DONT WANT to save lives!
What a liar say hes taking . His . Say what u have to loose.
Calls to scrap COVID 19 drug trial using Defence Force volunteers!
says he s been taking for over a week to prevent infection even though several studies have shown that it is NOT an effective against and can INCREASE risk of death. Total .
The President just revealed he is taking .
Can not wait for &.
I just said the other day, an inexpensive preventative would be ! Little did I know as usual is 10 steps ahead! Love it! Has anyone spotted any of matter splattered anywhere?
People are asking why Trump would be taking PRIOR to becoming thats because Chloroquine has been shown to be effective BEFORE (prophylactic) and AFTER (theraputic) infection. (see conclusion section). -VJ.

Very interesting.
Hey also breathes air If you re gonna boycott one, don t forget the other.
This not surprising, as is now a budgeon for the Left to use to destroy and impose radical policies. The supression of treatments will go down as one of the greatest scandals of the modern medical era.

The bastardprez says he s taking how many souls are dead today?
So taking on the advice of a doctor he does not know and never met. Hey can I introduce you to my friend the Witch Doctor?
Me: Ronan Farrow is trending Trump: Yes I m taking Me: And Trump: I haven t raped a woman in three and half yrs Me: And Trump: I m not running for re-election- I m running to avoid prison.
The Fake News is trying to convince people that Trump just picked up some HCQ on a street corner and started taking it. Never mind that he s the leader of the free world and has access to ALL the research and the best doctors on the planet.

Have you ever seen more stupid idiotic mother fucker than Trump?
The president says he s taking ! He s Lying What else?!
It s your time to shine.
I really couldnt care less if takes , while doctors have been warning it could cause heart GO AHEAD! TAKE SOME MORE, WHY DONT YOU. But dont say no one warned you.

What You Really Think

if the cult leader is taking this what will his followers take?

It s just another daily trump distractions. Sad.

Cavuto shouldn t be teasing us.

Maybe it s different if you snort it?

Your lips to god s ears.

I am prescribed this! Its terrible.

keep taking it Donald - keep taking it.

Liar! has been used successfully & safely for years! You have no expertise with Your propaganda isnt welcome! Many doctors are prescribing hcq for COVID-19 as a treatment and a prophylaxis Results are well documented In fact:.

So he can survive it and claim it is safe. So, the question is, do you actually believe him when he says hes taking ? Hes been known to lie before.

Wow, insane lies so they can jab you with a vaccine that Kill Gates is trying to make? Why? There is no wealth to extract from a generic drug with zinc.

Trump is.

When has Trump ever told the truth? He s promoting because he has a financial interest in the drug manufacturer, Sanofi.

Trump is a master manipulator of the news.

It won t, cause he s not.

So Neil Cavuto is a doctor now? I ve been listening to doctors all over the world have high praise for this drug (hundreds of patients for some doctors) for the past 2 months.

He sure has everyone tweeting and paying attention to him. Stop.

Let nature take its course.

Not to worry. Its like putting weed killer on weeds. They always grow back. I say go for it tRUMP!

That would be tragic.

Who is this Dr. Bright? He said that Dr. Bright "cleared him" to take it. A 73 year old man, who eats the way he does. He cant have good heart Is Dr. Bright trying to kill him? Not concerned, just mind-blown.

trumps not taking SH.

Yes remdesivir is the solution with 2% increase in the survival rate. It is a joke!

TDS people are Complain he should take it since he talked about it, then complain when he takes it. (Not so) Useful Idiots.

Just to stay out of prison.

I dont believe Trump is taking it.

So there s no downside.

No it won t.

LMAO at fatass Cavuto. Now hes an expert on being a doctor.

Problems addressed; problem solved.

Does Cavuto really want to engage in med shaming? Because I guarantee his personal regimen is far more aggressive and risky than the worlds most common antimalarial.

Uh, So, has been taking it for a week and a half and hes not dead so you are either A) incompetent and know nothing of which you speak or B) a liar. Which is it and what exactly are your motives?

Ssshhhh nobody stop him!

Here s hoping.

But seriously, this and other statements youve made are clearly unethical and obviously unscientific. Just shameful, embarrassing stuff.


Come on!! BS!! Its been around for 70 years,it is NOT gonna kill you. This is exactly the type of overboard statements that drives the crazys, and conspiracy terrorists,wild! Geez! I lived in Africa for 4 years, took it everyday! It may be useless for Covid but it is not poison!

much?? I took this drug. It is used to treat lupus and malaria. Very doubtful it will kill someone if taken short term, unless they are allergic.

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