Tuesday 6th of April 2021

I Gotta Find a Girl Like This!

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Chaka Khan.
]Name a woman!]().
Whitney houston.

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Seriously. You like video games? Name every video game ever in 30 seconds. Go.

I had a friend who had this happen to her at a bar. Shes a HUGE Detroit Tigers fan, and this guy started quizzing her thinking she didnt know anything about baseball. He shut up when she promptly named every player on the (then) current lineup, without google, in lineup order and even listed off their batting average. This happens to every woman who dares have a hobby that men think they have a monopoly on. Its about power and insecurity. A secure man isnt intimidated by a partner who knows more than him at something.

90% of men do this when they find out I like football. And even when I pass their test they tell me I cant be a real fan because I'm a girl. *eye roll*.

I'm a lady and a metalhead, too many metalhead dudes do this to ladies and it's super obnoxious. These asshats believe that ladies at shows are just posers who are there to pick up dudes. Oh no, we couldn't possibly be there for the music, it's really the dudes with terrible hygiene, that's the reason we're there.

Youd be surprised at how frequently this kind of shit happens. Sports, music, books, video games... theres nothing more infuriating, insulting and anxiety inducing than some dude who tries to give a woman a pop quiz like this... drives me batshit insane and I purposely give obviously incorrect answers or responses whenever this shit comes up.

This happened last week when I said I liked Stephen king. The guy said okay lemme quiz you completely unprompted.

I keep seeing people from the US posting this happening and it's a bit f'ked in the head to be honest. Is this suppose to be negging?

I mean asshole absolutely, but also a fucking idiot. If you think maybe someone isn't telling you the truth about something like that - just have a good faith conversation about the shared interest, and you'll know pretty fast. I'm Australian. I'm a fan of American football, played as an offensive tackle and coached kids for a while. Most Australian's don't give a shit about american football. But If I met someone who said they did - it would take me five minutes of politely chatting about their favourite team, their favourite players, about how Tom Brady is an overrated asshole who rides on the coattails of some of the best rated defences in the sport and some outstanding recievers and o-lines to get every major achievement of his career, and how he fucked up a trick play and then five minutes later big dick nick made the philly philly, an effectively identical play where he called his own number in the cadence, and strolled in the greatest superbowl touchdown of all time, and every time Brady tries a QB sneak, his geriatrician buys a new porche, and I'd know if they were BS'ing me. We'd have a fun conversation and a bonding moment where I assume they're acting in good faith, and know in moments if they're not, or if even worse, they're a filthy Tom Brady fan. Acting like an asshole gets you nowhere. Acting like someone is telling the truth and engaging with the shared interest will give you the same information. And holy shit, maybe this fucking unicorn is for real and will enjoy hanging out with you and participating in the thing you love.

Happens all the time when girls like "boy stuff" such as sports, cars, video games, etc. I'm not sure why when it's never attractive and doesn't get them anything other than a block.

People oddly love to gatekeep things. Especially towards females and sports and games.

I had a guy in the bar that was hitting on me make up some bullshit football play as soon as I said Im an NFL fan. I told him trying to embarrass a woman isnt going to land him one. He even tried drawing the play on my leg. Fucking disgusting. Ill never forget that guy.

99% of men that are sports fans do this. Same goes for videogames and so on.

I had this happen when I was younger when I would tell people I liked star trek, I'd get quizzed by men trying to catch me out and prove that somehow I was faking liking "their" tv programme. Its gatekeeping, its annoying and off-putting. As you say, if someone else enjoys your likes and interests you embrace it, dont interrogate them!

Florida's man.

Cause its fake.

You know it's fake right? This is obviously an intentional set up.

I would have begged forgiveness and proposed to her on the spot. Wedding in Cooperstown after the Hall of Fame game.

>What kind of asshole does this??? Does what? Make up a stupid ass fake text string like this?

People lie a LOT about what they like when they are interested in you. You should NEVER take the word of someone for granted.


The kind of asshole is usually a neckbeard.

Men. Men do this.

Fake 'MEN' shit I'm a Hockey fan and most women fans i know KNOW the entire history of My team better than 3 decade fans!! ***"Stop mansplaining Sports!*** *Especially if you dont want to be humiliated by 'a grown up girl' that grew up a better sports fan than you, Poser!"*.

Can you please just believe us when we tell you that this happens all the time. there is no reason to act surprised.

Happened to me a lot for video games. It's really fucking annoying when people act like this because they think they are superior. A few years back when I was seeing this guy he played a game called Heros of The Storm I asked to play with him and he said ' I don't know there's a lot of reading , the characters ablities might be difficult for you' . Meanwhile I played other games by Blizzard too and he knew that I was very good at them. I stopped seeing him a bit after that. He was also really condescending during sex.

I think hes negging. Im not sure because I hate people who do this, but Im his mind I think hes trying to manipulate her into wanting to prove herself to him thereby establishing himself as higher value male.

I bet back in the days you were a real smooth talker with girls lol.

It's negging. It's a tactic used to help a manipulative find someone vulnerable. Basically if they go along with it the abuser knows that they will allow them to push boundaries.

Oh do youre some kind of FeMiNiSt?! Can you even, like, name every woman? Yes. Chaka Kahn.

Once met a girl at a bar and she said she was into fantasy football, we ended up spending the next 3 hours arguing whether or not it was a mistake for her to drafk Travis Kelce in the first round.

Fake ones.

You are an idiot if you dont think this was contrived.

Isnt this a meme/joke though.

I don't get it either, when i met my gf she new a tiny bit about esports (which is fairly rare in my experience) and i was over the moon about it.


For the 'nerdy' shit, it's always stunk of revenge by proxy for me. We weren't allowed at "your" table at lunch, so you can't come enjoy this thing with me.

I suspect that quite a few men adopt the habit of lying/pretending to be something they're not to attract a partner and they are heavily projecting this on the women they interact with.

People tend to link superiority with their features. Blond will think "blond people are beautiful and smart", brunette will think "brunette people are beautiful and smart". It goes basically for everything, and is the strongest when their surrounding is sharing same features, thats why "superiority hobby complex" can be seen mostly for most popular hobbies. To feel superior they have to make sure that some of their "most superior features" are not shared by others, so they could feel superior. His challenge is intentionally easy to fail because he want her to fail. Also, guy is most likely sexist. "A women, having a hobby? She is surely lying to get me to bed! Stupid women, pretend to be people" ~ This guy, probably.

Its more than gate keeping its just not believing girls can like things.

He needs to meet more women if hes NEVER met a female MLB fan...

Praying Mantis Style. But at least they get laid.

And a good murder too. Those are rare around these parts, but are damn refreshing.

No, he never wanted to fuck her, shes ugly and probably fat and definitely a slut. She should feel lucky he even wasted his time trying with the likes of her. /HARDCOREs, if that wasnt apparent.

Hey lets not be sexist here. This notion that guys are losers for not tucking hot girls causes a lot of problems in our society such as the red pill movement.

How can a person watch halfnaked man wrestle each other and still be homophobic.

Every once in a while I'm ashamed that I'm a wrestling fan, and it never has anything to do with wrestling itself. It's other wrestling fans.

This. Im not a sports fan but I do enjoy wrestling and nerd culture (gaming, D&D, anime, comics, cosplay etc.) and the amount of men who have questioned me about these things is ridiculous The only man who never questioned my interests is weirdly the guy I married lmao. He was just super excited to find someone who shared his interests and we both thought it was cool that we found someone who shared a lot of the same interests.

I can confirm the transphobia, came out to my wrestling discord cause I thought they would be cool with it. Wow was I wrong, more slurs, insults and creepy messages that I have ever seen. I just want to chat and enjoy watching grown men high each other at volocity, who cares if I'm wearing a skirt?

Sport? Come on. It's entertainment.

Interesting. I don't doubt your experience at all, but I've only known a few male wrestling fans and they were all really down to earth dudes, way more so than any of the football bros I've met. They were also actually semi-pro wrestlers tho, and it was never very popular around here so that could have something to do with it.

With the amount or female wrestling going on in the business they have found there feet more than the men coming up. It is a shame that some men do differ the view of the woman counterpart especially when there sex is performing better and should be given more of a stage.

Not to discount your point because it's completely valid, but the world have wrestling has become way more inclusive over the past few years, and many wrestlers have publicly distanced themselves from all the carnie bullshit such as the homophobia. There's still a long way to go though.

If they can't outsmart you, they will shift to body strength or whatever they are quite sure to be better in.

I'm not even in the dating pool, but I get the most interesting brain scratchers from my SO and students. THAT'S WHAT I WANT, make my life interesting without stalking and shit, holy shit.

Oh, you hate quizzes? Name me 5 quizzes that you got asked, without looking at your chat history. GO.

I once told I guy I liked his Nirvana tattoo and he was like "oh yeah really? name all the members" Like my knowledge of the band members would alter my appreciation for his tattoo.

Oh man this hits home for me too. I enjoy hockey but I just like watching the game. I grew up moving all the time so don't really have a home town team and don't follow players and I get way more excited about Olympic hockey. I had friends give me shit cuz I don't know the player and call me a fairweather fan. Whatever. Stopped watching hockey with them.

The opposite happened to me lol. We were discussing Black Mirror and whenever someone described what episode they'd like I'd say its name. Everyone looked at me like I was weird for remembering like wtf. A girl even said in a disgusted tone "why do you remember that? lol".

Thats the first time Ive ever seen the words vintage Green Day together. Boy do i feel old now. But awesome band... and no i cant name all their songs.

"mom's vintage green day shirts..." thanks for makin me feel old.

They get pissed when you know more than them about anything.

Insecure boys. My wife knows way more about football (real not handegg) than I do and it's great to hear her talk about it.

Heh, imagine liking sports. Absolutely not me.

Yet, you enjoy making the same vast over-generalizations that you accuse men of doing.

Most definitely designed to create the exact outrage we're seeing shared in the top comments.

The screenshot is from the senders position. So whoever posted this may have been sent it and didnt know the original sender (hence, the title). However, this is Reddit so someone probably constructed it themselves using two phones and posted it here for fake internet points.

Right like... that would take so long to come up with. The other person has to immediately think okay theyre googling.

And if it *was* real, this is material that belongs in /clevercomebacks.

Definitely, as if these goons believe this.

I doubt she was trying to meet the timeline..


I feel like I've lost my fucking mind. Dude literally asked her to name a pile of teams in 10 seconds and I had to scroll to the bottom of all the sexism claims to find someone else who thinks maybe it was a fucking joke.

She has zero love for a fool.

The parentheses are used to differentiate the team name and the word the name is being used to pun. She says, it was Brave(s) of you because the team name is the Atlanta Braves, but in the sentence youd just write it was brave of you. She writes men trying to Expos(e) girls to make it clear shes also talking about the (defunct) team, the Montreal Expos. Basically shes making the team names within the puns really obvioussomething Im guessing she felt was necessary because the guy she was talking to was clearly not too sharp.

But then he would feel justified in his superiority.