Saturday 13th of August 2022

I Live With my 4 Friends of Over 20 Years. They Have a Group Chat That Im Not Allowed to be a Part of (nobody Can Tell me Why). They Keep Ditching me to Hit The Taphouse Across The Street That Just Opened. I Got Upset The Other Week About it, And Today They Did it Again.

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Dude cant take class="u-nolinkc" href="">a hint or even class="u-nolinkc" href="">a brick to the head.
It seems to me that class="u-nolinkc" href="">people dont know the difference between class="u-nolinkc" href="">friends and acquaintances.
class="u-nolinkc" href="">This is class="u-nolinkc" href="">a very real possibility. the class="u-nolinkc" href="">people are NOT your friends. You need to get your own place - you will be much happier. 20 years is class="u-nolinkc" href="">a long time to treat class="u-nolinkc" href="">a "friend" like this. Move - get your own life.

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OP says he can get the hint, but hasn't.

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Exactly. These aren't friends.

That's fucking sad.

Damn this hurts.

Or just maybe THE OP MIGHT BE THE ASSHOLE THEYRE AVOIDING!! Why does no one EVER THINK OF THAT?!? We dont kno OP so.Im gonna go with the logical reason why 4-5 FRIENDS are rabidly avoiding someone.

They sound like losers dump them.

Exactly. Looking at OPs profile and given these are long term friends , who may not have accepted your lifestyle choices, in the words of Aristotle " fuck em and the horse they rode into town on" Do yourself a favour,.move out , move on and get new friends cos these are most certainly not it. Edit : apologies for turn of phrase " lifestyle choice". It's just old vernacular and no offence intended. Of course anyones sexuality is not a choice. I just meant OPs friends are using his sexuality against him and it's their loss.

Please do this. There are people out there who will treat you well. Life is short, and your time is a precious resource that you can allocate to only so many people. Spend it on the people who treat you well instead of the people who don't.

"Find new friends" sounds so much easier than it is tbh. Especiall, nowadays when everybody tries to mind their own business and crossing that boundary is seen as an aggression.

I honestly cannot agree with this more.

I think OPs broke and they dont wanna pick up his text is about doing things that require money...which OP doesnt have...

Yes, and dont beg/ask to be invited either. It makes others uncomfortable. Let things happen naturally.

I appreciate that, not to my knowledge. Sometimes I can talk to much, but its not at other people expenses, just about whatever is the topic. I have a large group of friends, these are just, who I thought, were my closest. I have many other friends I can hang out with, I just dont live with them. Im thinking about moving, just expensive as shit.

Your honesty is admirable man if you feel stuck, try to make some changes. I know that can be scary and anxiety driving but ultimately you'll only know if you try to put yourself out there!

Hermit here too. Stopped trusting people after I was stabbed in the back by my best friend. She turned the entire group against me. We were all like family before that.

>they fuck me over, they die, etc.

Are you having any luck being less obnoxious? I've recently realized my personality can be a bit abrasive. I'm working on it, but I usually notice I've done it after the fact, and that doesn't help anything.

For all we know OP is the shitty friend, and that's why he isn't invited to the orgies.

Read the ops comments on this post and reevaluate your conclusion.

Maybe they dont. Maybe theres a reason they dont like him. Maybe its possible OP is the problem, not their friends.

I was just about to "be that guy" too.

Says in the messages he can take a hint, but clearly isn't taking the hint.

No he doesnt, have you seen ops comments? These are exactly the friends he deserves.

Hell of a lot of long winded comments when this one is the simplest answer. Get the hint. They don't like you. Move on.

Exactly this. I was that annoying friend who I always thought was the victim. Friends would go out without me and I'd get super upset about it. But I realised I was the issue, they didn't like me because I was always the worrier. Whenever they'd want to do something fun, I'd always be that voice that would be "No lets not, we could get in trouble" for EVERYTHING. I can see how unfun I was and why they wouldn't want to invite me.

First thing that came to mind was take the hint.

Just challenging when we live together.

Honestly just look at OP's other posts. I think he may be the issues here.

Wassup wit it bruh.

If a group of friend excluding you, chances are you are the asshole.

Well said.

Seems like my needy ex.

As harsh as this seems, its true.

So true, lost a life long friend by living with them.

Doesnt sound like they are living with their friends.

I'd save myself the hurtful words and just leave, it's clear they don't consider OP a friend anymore.

I say stuff when I'm drunk that I don't mean all the time. When I'm drunk I just tell people what will make them happy.

Not really. I've told random people I love them and slept with guys that I wasn't interested in at any point. Nothing sober and deep about drunk minds. That's why it's called impaired.

So find some self criticism and ask yourself : What has changed lately? Anything new ? Did you pay them back the favours they've done for you in the past have you done the same for them when the chance came up? If no bell is ringing...then realize there's nothing you can do about it to change their mind and you should give yourself a chance to let it go and try to start over where you're appreciated. I would think like that.

Just wanna say that everyone on Reddit always says to just scorch earth any relationship that isn't currently producing the desired results. I'm sorry your friends are excluding you. That sounds very painful, I would probably be crying most nights in the same situation. Have you thought about asking them in a candid but not angry way when several/all of them are around why they are excluding you from things? Something like "Guys you are all important to me but lately I feel like you don't want me to be a part of the things you're doing. Can you tell me why?" I know it can be hard to open up like that especially as a guy but it'd be a pretty big deal to salvage such long term relationships imo.

I think people are jumping the gun when they say "find new friends". Most friendships have bumps in the road. Getting through it makes the friendship stronger. See if you can talk it out and come to some kind of resolution.

Maybe ask them whats up, tell em to cut to the shit. Communicate with eachother. If u have been friends for 20 years, Im sure they wouldnt mind telling you why they are acting different.

Have you tried having a serious conversation about this? like, sitting at a table just asking what's the problem without being aggressive or sad, ecc. They are your friends and I get that you don't give up. But first try to understand why they are having this behaviour with you seriously. Update us then!

Remember you also drive a sports car and deal with hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

I guess this is a person to person thing but I just hate non-confrontational people. Like if you have a problem with me tell me don't go around talking behind my back and creating more problems I would have been livid if these girls did this shit behind my back. At least tell me that you're going and that you don't want me to be with your party. Like wtf.

I dont think so, they interact with my boyfriend more than me lmao I thought of that too, but I dont think its it. Like, my BF Joey.they talk to him all of the time when hes here. Without him soliciting.

Seriously, Im so sick of posts like OP. Posts a sob story and gets a shit ton of sympathy from people who have NO idea if this guy is an insufferable asshole or not. If you have to come to Reddit to bitch about your shitty friends then you might not be a likable person.

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