Wednesday 9th of June 2021

I Love Listening to Folks.

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Thats amazingly refreshing, both that your brother is like this & that you recognize how uniquely cool it is.
I think that's a good way to spot smart people. The smarter ones usually don't have very strong opinions on something as they can see and understand a subject from many angles. Like if you talk about something like plastic bags, and someone has a very strong opinion on using cotton bags but completely ignores all the environmental issues with cotton bags.

That's something I'm trying really hard to do more often. There are subjects that I'm very passionate about, but I know other people aren't or they have very different opinions. It has helped in that I've had a few productive discussions where the other person made observations or pointed things out that I wasn't aware of, and I did the same, and at the end we were both at "My general opinion hasn't changed, but I also have new information to research and consider, so it's been a good talk!".

What You Really Think

I actually do that too but sadly no one around me actually appreciates that but instead get annoyed.

Soo, what kind of charcoal should I use with my grill? :).

My neighbor is very introverted and almost never talks. On a wedding we (two nerds) talked with him and asked him a lot of questions about his job. He was so happy talking about his it until his wife walked there and told him "Are you talking about your job AGAIN?" and shut him down. I think she got annoyed because he would only ever talk about his job and never socialize elsewise.

This is really cute.

If you made a series on youtube i would watch it.

Honestly curious here, got my first charcoal BBQ on the way. Any advice?

Hold up, let me get a notepad.

Haha my dad is the same way about smoking. I will say that the benefits massively outweigh the downside.

How do you smoke meat on a grill?

Ill bite. Go on.

I love it when people like you make youtube videos Got a new BBQ and a whole new world of (mostly) middle aged men doing complex things with charcoal and vents. Good stuff. Still burning my steak a bit, but Im getting better.

Create a YouTube channel for ranting about fandoms, I imagine people would eat it up.

What are you passionate about?

This is the best worst compliment I think I've heard.

Genius . Can I use that...

Orange Catholic Bible sermons.

I just cut off whoever uses the term "mansplaining" to avoid headaches from stupid people. Win-win for both of us.

Even though mansplaining isnt a thing.

This gives me hope someone will, one day, love the weird shit I talk about.

Can I pretend your my girlfriend's secret reddit account and I'm not actually boring the shit out of her when I do this constantly? /s.

Yup, people that have an interesting passion / hobby can really go on for hours. I love that!

Same! My wife will ask a simple "I wonder why.." question about aviation and I have to ask her if she really wants to know.

What do you nerd about?

Protip for the socially awkward: you get someone like this talking about something they're passionate about with prompting questions, you'll have an instant friend. Their enthusiasm will make you interested in the subject too.

Yup and it's even worse when the person scolding you is a hypocrite and tends to go on and on about whatever *they* want.

When I was young, I would notice how my friend's mom would actually listen to him talking about his interests, or at least pretend to listen. Around age 7-8, I remember seeing my mom acting very disinterested when I was talking about a video game I was really into. I said "Can you at least pretend to care about what I'm saying?" and got laughed at. I don't vocalize my interests unless someone else initiates the conversation anymore.

Yes!! Watching a persons eyes light up is just Brill. Even better is when a person who has been shunned about whatever they're passionate about say "sorry I'll shut up, it's boring anyway" because they're so used to it. The change in personality, body language, happiness in them actually having someone want listen to what they're passionate (regardless of whether you like the subject) about is something else.

If you ever visit New Zealand you should know that SO stands for Silver Onion, which is slang for the New Zealand Dollar. This is because of an acute shortage of almost all precious metal during World War One, during which time onions were briefly allowed as legal tender. So if someone asks you to show them your SO, they mean your cash, not your partner. If you got it wrong I'm sure hilarious confusion would ensue! New Zealanders call their partners 'ranch hands'.

I thought of ex, who was not a fan, and got sad. Glad your SO has you in their life.

My most recent ex used to love listening to me go on about coding and software and other computer stuff. Near the end, she said it irritated her how I go on and on about things. I'm a much happier person now.

Tfw you can't relate because you never have a SO :(.

I don't get listened to like that. You're lucky.

Yup, harry potter and plants, fucking nerd lmao.

I showed the post to my husband and he said "That's why I love asking you about the fiber arts." So apparently him.

On my first date with my boyfriend, I talked a lot about my field (fish biology). After we parted ways, he texted me "I could listen to you talk about fish all day". I can rant for ages and it was so wonderful he enjoyed listening. I like listening to him talk about his field, too, I just have minimal understanding of it.

Yup! I always hope to draw my husband into one of these explanations with just the right question - the real winners are when I ask the question and he goes "Mm!" before answering, like, 'glad you asked, I had been pondering this myself'. He'd make a great teacher I think.

I loved working with old people, it's been 30 years and I can still add "Frank used to say..." or "Doris told me about..." into conversations. Doris had an old time "Raj" childhood, she was brought up in India to rich parents, she's was a very posh and refined lady, we went for a walk everyday just down the road and back to keep her moving, she was 98 at the time. She'd tell me stories about when they were going around the coasts on a ship, around the horn of Africa I think, about how the flying fish would jump over the boat and sometimes land in it with them. She had a small drop off whiskey each night to help her sleep, I watched her have it one time, it was a whole tumbler of whiskey and she'd wash her sleeping tablets down with it, I bet she did sleep. I loved her.

Info dumping IS my words of affirmation. Or, at least it appears to be that way for me.

Info dumping falls under the "seen, heard, understood and valued" basic needs. The longer and "over explain" a person does, it's most likely they didn't get those needs met when they were younger. So, they grow up thinking "if i explain it better they'll listen to me and understand me". Also, if a person repeats themselves then they most likely feel like they're not being heard by the person they're talking to.

Oh well, they'll always find a reason to dislike them if they want to. My husband did go to university and has a PhD, but it's not his first love and you'd never get him in a conversation about it. If you want a passionate conversation, ask him about rock music or civil rights in the 60's. You can definitely be passionate and have expert level knowledge without a formal qualification.

What like how much cod it shoots a minute? This seems very niche.

My boyfriend is a DM and were currently playing a home brew game. Its a special time lol. My current revenge is I have captured a juvenile mimic to keep as a pet and train. Its name is Philip, lmao. Its his own fault for annoying me right before the game lol.

Anthropology was the most fascinating elective I took in undergrad. In another life, I totally could have gone deep into it. Do you have any recommendations for anthropological documentaries?

I know enough about a wide variety of topics to have a five-minute conversation and trick people into thinking I know a lot about those things.

Ok, so there was this guy named Horus Ok, so there was this guy called The Emperor ok. So theres these things called the Chaos Gods ok so theres this thing called The Warp. Ok so 65 million years ago.

Talk to me about lighting that shit is cool.

Unfortunately shes probably on the packages.

No way hes a Harry Potter quote.

Aww thats cute!

The greatest level of understanding of a topic is when you get it so well that you can coherently explain it in simple terms to someone who knows nothing about it. I don't remember the exact quote but Mr. Kalashnikov said something to the effect of "it's easy to make something complex but it's very hard to make something simple" when talking about designing the AK47.

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