I Stumbled Upon This Picture of me Getting Ready For Kindergarten With 9/11 on The News in The Background.

Thursday 8th of April 2021

I Stumbled Upon This Picture of me Getting Ready For Kindergarten With 9/11 on The News in The Background.

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I think the OP is on the west coast, since the TV also shows "LAX is closed". So the timestamp is a bit misleading. I only bring it up because I'm also on the west coast, was 19 at the time, and by 9:30 I had been sent home from work at my retail job.

Or was glad her plan paid off.
Look closely, it says AMERICA UNDER ATTACK.

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It was definetly not an inside job. Lol just to start a couple wars and get rid of the bill of rights. No that's silly. Only crazy people would entertain that idea.

]Reminds me a lot of this]().

Social Studies class. I remember my teacher specifically saying theres been a terrorist attack cause at the time, I had never heard that term and had no idea wtf it meant. Then he turned on the tv, they were showing replays of the first plane hitting and all of a sudden were seeing the second plane. And people jumping out of the towers, soot/debris everywhere, crying. People saying they heard explosions.. its odd how that kinda shit gets seared into your brain. Like when people talk about the JFK assassination.

I was also in 7th grade they sent us home and I remember watching it in my kitchen. Surreal.

I was in 2nd grade home "sick" that day i remember watching watching the news all day but my clearest memory is joking about "welp, the Empire State Building should be the tallest in the state"... my flip attitude was kinda offputting to my mother, but I was too young to get it.

UK here- nobody told us anything in our school. When I got home all my mum said was planes were hijacked and crashed into buildings and I was really worried as my stepdad was flying home from Amsterdam.

A boy in my neighborhood was in middle school at the time. He was watching it, and his mom came in and told him to turn off "that movie" because he had to get ready for school. At first glance, it looked to her like some action-disaster movie, not something that happened, or would happen, in real life.

I was in 7th grade and was dreading that day too because I had to act out playing air drums in theater.

I was also in 7th grade. Skipped school and woke up around noon. Had no idea what was going on.

I was in grade 5. Was super pissed that when I woke up there was no Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. This was in Australia and it was obviously hours after it actually happened, yet they still decided to do an emergency news type thing on it even though it was much later in the US and nothing new was happening.

I was a sophomore in high school. One of my sharpest memories from that surreal day was my world history teacher telling us that this was a day that would be remembered forever and be in every single US history textbook for the foreseeable future.

6th grade. Mrs. Schneiders math class. Since I was in southwestern Cone circuit at the time, there were a lot of kids in my class who had parents working in the twin towers that morning. Not that it wasnt difficult to watch for everyone, but when youre surrounded by 6th graders crying because my daddy is in that building right now! it brings it to a different level. I cant remember a single teacher I had that year except for that one. I couldnt tell you what math we were doing that year. But I wont ever forget that day in her math class.

I was in my third year of my enlistment in the Army. Thought I was skating towards some easy GI bill money. Then boom, I'm going to Afghanistan.

I'll make you feel young. I was at work. Full time corporate job. Most people older than you are probably sleeping right now.

If OP started kindergarten in September 2001, she must have been 5 years old, so she would have been born probably in 1996. That would make her about 25 years old now. I was born in May 1998 so I was 3 years old when 9/11 happened, though I don't really remember it. I'm 22 now and turning 23 next month. People born in 2001 would be turning 20 years old this year. Those turning 18 years old this year would have been born in 2003. Basically, there are now adults who were not yet born when 9/11 happened. There are no more kids who would have been alive back then as they've all become adults by now.

I had just graduated college, and was working my first "real" job - for a firm that did jet engine design for GE Aeronautics. Needless to say, we were all out of work within 24 hrs.

I was a freshman too. Remember walking through campus early in the AM and dozens and dozens of students crowded around a tv in one of the main buildings watching it go down. Was a surreal day.

It was my junior year of high school. Also, it was yearbook picture day.

I was a senior in high school. Woke up that morning and watched a recording of "Let's Bowl" from comedy central the night before when my friend called asking if I was watching the news. I turned it on and it took a few seconds before the chopper shot moved and I could see both towers ablaze. I watched the first tower fall live. I heard the second tower fall On the radio right as I was being dropped off at school. I walked into choir where our teacher told us that, while this is a tragedy, we still had a concert to prepare for. The next class I went to, theatre arts, had the tv tuned to the local news. We sat around it as I tried to comfort a friend who knew people in NYC.

I'm 30. I was in 5'th grade.

I guess I'll step in and help you feel younger. I was 5 years out of high school.

I was already out off college. Got you beat on the old status.

I wasn't even born yet.

I was still a twinkle in my parents eye for another year at the time of 9/11 I am just finishing my first year of university Do with that info what you will.

I was but a glimmer in my father's dick.

-2.5 when 9/11 happened.

Junior in High School. Went to school 4 blocks from the twin towers. Insane day for me to say the least.

Same here. My school had many international students and some were later harassed. Yay alabama.

I was 2 days from starting art college at 16 in the UK. I remember seeing the union jack at the museum opposite the college at half mast when I arrived on my first day.

I was 28, at home with an 8 month old, nearly 3 yr old yr old, and 4 yr old.

I was a Private in the Army.

I was a sophomore in college. Woken up by a call from my girlfriend in time to see the second tower hit. An hour later Im off to work at a sporting goods store. One of our department heads, former Marine Force Recon in Vietnam, was pacing back and forth in the back, just SEETHING mad. He wanted to kill someone so bad. It was an interesting reality check for me. Then we started selling those No Fear, These Colors Dont Run t-shirts and couldnt keep them in stock. Nothing says America like healing our grief by always taking advantage of an opportunity to make a bunch of money.

Haha I was almost 3 months when it happend.

I too was going to college close to LA at that time, it was second semester of my freshman year. My calculus professor (an Iranian gentleman) came in and told us what'd happened. It was surreal. Class wasn't cancelled, though :-(.

I dont want to disclose my age or anything but the event in question feels so far yet close at the same time. There are people not even born yet whore practically young adults at that point. Yet, this event has been recorded and recreated to be to the point where you can experience the event yourself.

I was nine months old lol.

Oh wow. Thank you kindly!

You beat me to it.

I always wonder what happened during my September 11, 2001. I was also in 3rd grade at the time but have no recollection of that day. It didnt stand out significantly for me, and my first memory of a time when I did know what occurred isnt until a couple years later. And I lived near an air force base so the military was a big thing in my hometown.

>Afterwards, the first time I ever saw a $2 price of gasoline. When king size candy bars stopped being $0.89. My how the world has changed since then. Curious question, how did 9/11 lead to these changes? They seem so minor and irrelevant.

Interesting. Here on the east coast, I was already in school when the news hit (second grade I think?). We didnt get a clear story until after school. All we were told at school was that we couldnt go outside for recess.

Median house price in the US was $150k back then, now $350k. Unfortunately for the most of us salaries haven't been growing at similar rates.

We were so innocent back then.

3rd grade for me also, our gym teacher told us the news .(east coast).

I was in third grade as well. Already was at school when the news broke and I was walking back from the bathroom when I noticed a giant commotion in the teachers office. I curiously walked up to see a building on tv(I just assumed it was some local Dallas building being demolished at first) and then noticed that almost all 20ish teachers were crying and frantically talking. Once one teacher noticed me, they all stopped suddenly and simultaneously looked at me standing in the doorway. That moment was eerie and Ill never forget it. They didnt get up right away to move me away or close the door, just sat there for a moment and hopelessly stared at me with this shared look of despair. It was as if they were all contemplating that this moment was going to define our childhood or that we were too innocent to understand what was unfolding. About 20-30 minutes later, we were being ushered onto busses back home and the parking lot was already filled with parents picking up their kids.

For real? That really is a funny image. I can think of several people I could interchange for your mom as I try to picture it.

Even in the 5th grade i think i still understood my town was too small and insignificant lol i hear stories of schools being canceled but whos gonna bomb an elementary school in the middle of nowhere. We didnt even have a stop light.

How was the (internal) military reaction to it. Was there like a fear that some more military bases/ objects might get hit? Or was it more a "what the F, there will be much to do"? I just can imagine what was going on.

For real, this stuff got me feeling older than even my multiple sclerosis.

There was still more than 5 years until i wouldve been born when that pic was taken.

I watched the first collapse and the second plane fly in after waking up to get ready for half day kindergarten.

It was evening in australia and my mum called me to tell me to turn the telly on. I still remember the way she said 'America has been attacked, this could be the start of WW3'. We switched it on just before the second tower was hit. I'll never forget the horror of realising those falling dots were people choosing to jump rather than burn.

My son started preschool that morning. My partner was out of state on business so it was up to me to handle this. I remember being terrified and sickened with grief, but was doing my best to shelter him from something I wished he would never have to know about; mans inhumanity towards man. When I arrived at his school, all the parents had the same forced smiles and terrible pain behind their eyes. We all shared a steely determination to shelter our kids from what had happened in New York, and Im happy to say we succeeded that day. Years later, when he was old enough to understand, I read a book to my son called, The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. Its a childrens book based on the true story of Phillipe Petit, an artist and tightrope walker who in 1974, illegally strung a tightrope wire between the Twin Towers, then spent about an hour up there walking back and forth and dancing. At the end of the book, the author explains that the towers are no longer there. Which gave me an opening to talk to him about what happened. Being a parent means you get to break a lot of bad news to the beloved, innocent children you bring into the world. Explaining 9/11 was my first test of introducing the concept of real violence and evil to my son. I wish I could say it was my last.

I actually do not know tbh. It was taken at my grandparents place so it may have been the film from their camera.

It's called style. Lol I actually thought the same thing.

It blew my mind to have co-workers that where either too young or didnt exist when 9/11 happened.

Thank you.

Was looking for this comment.

Ok. That's kind of funny. After the memories relieved, I needed that chuckle.

Sadly. I wish we would go back to the way it was.

Yeah but you also dont remember how awesome it was before then.

Lol. I remember both.

Haha wtf????

That's sounds a little like this Onion headline: ]Not Knowing What Else To Do, Woman Bakes American Flag Cake]().


I was in Sydney, Australia watching the late news as it all unfolded, sitting on the couch by myself, crying.

Grand parents house.

Finally someone said it! Im seeing so many comments about teachers putting the news on for students to watch. What on earth??

I did for my photography class... In college. The film is easy to work with. Fucking hell I am old.

I mean american schools haven't had a lot of room for innocence with the active shooter drills since columbine.


Oh thank god its not just me, lol.

Same here!

Grandparent's house, probably an old camera. OP explained in one of the comments.

Digital cameras were a fairly new thing back then and had the option to add effects like black and white, sepia, inverted colours and so on.

Not in your narrow world maybe.

Talking about eating the rich in another thread but has not fucking idea what real life is like lmao. Internet lefties summed up perfectly.

Youre fucking stupid. Color cameras existed but they were expensive, it was definitely more common for the lower-middle class to have cheaper B&W cameras at this time. In 2001, you still had to give your camera to a service to get any pictures developed lmfao. Dont come in here all self-righteous, when youre clearly talking out of your ass.

It's probably a B&W film. Digital Cameras were pretty uncommon then (and expensive).

Dude. It was the most deadly terrorist attack in history. I'm all for making fun of my fellow Americans for their quirks...but this isn't one of them. We "dramatize" 9/11 because that's how it fucking was.

American here: personally, I think we should let it go, because itll be 20 years soon. Population wise, only 3000 died so it was a drop in the bucket, but it shook NYC to its core. I would say it shook the nation too, but I honestly think the anti-Muslim viewpoint the Bush administration was piling on was gonna work whether or not we were attacked; 9/11 just had exceedingly convenient timing for our politicians and their goals. Spoiler: with the exception of right now, I keep my mouth shut so that the people who were affected can grieve. I hate it as part of our national identity, I dont think that unaffected people should care about it anymore, but people had friends and family die so I keep quiet for them. It costs me nothing to keep that small % happy, so I do it. I also get ever more cynical on the anniversary as people dont care about the 500k COVID deaths, but last year we still lost our minds about the 3k from 9/11. I just dont understand how we as a nation can cry over a paltry 0.0009% population loss EVERY YEAR, but not the 0.15% loss from COVID in a single year. Ridiculous.

Only a kid who plays Valorant would say such a thing . Bo3 means best of 3 btw.

Upvotes given -15.

Student of history here.

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