Monday 30th of January 2023

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No Trebek tho :(.
Big fan of British panel shows with a tongue in cheek game show format, like QI and Would I Lie To You. They've been on ages and are still great.
Nowadays SpongeBob dont spark like they used to do.

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>Modern family definitely got less funny towards the end.

Season 1, 2 and 3 are better then all the other episodes after the SpongeBob movie.

Yesterday I saw a clip of a recent episode on Twitter, they do weird exaggerated faces every two seconds It would be better if they did it only occasionally like in the early seasons, but it is too overdone now.

New SpongeBob makes no sense compared go old SpongeBob.

Its a decade old, thats long running.

Thats the joke bro.

That's the joke.

Id say south park did a good job at keeping the same general quality and theme for the 20 seasons. I just binge watched them recently. Edit: did.

Its always sunny.

If that were true, there would be no good long running TV shows, yet there are few..

And, Im just wondering what counts as long running. I mean Its Always Sunny is filming their, what, 16th season? Bobs Burgers is on 13 or 14. Thats pretty darn long for a series when compared to most. Maybe not insane long like the Simpsons or Days of Our Lives or something, but pretty long.

Or you choose to end when you're done telling the story you want to tell, and retire a hero. Like The Good Place or Bad.

Brian Cranston once said in an interview that its better to leave them wanting more than for them to be wishing it would end regarding bad.

I hate that this is true First time a single digit wow.

I say this all the time. Thank you for the validation.

Family guy.

It's getting 20 more episodes this year.

And it's coming back once again!

Yeah it ended perfectly! I'm very worried about the reboot...

I never liked most of the revival episodes. Im glad others appreciate them more though.

Unironically, you're using irony correctly.

Dads name is Luther vandross?!

Last few seasons feel a little more Hollywood than the rest, and IMO the budget feel is superior but thats just the nature of show business I think. I still love the show lol.

I was looking for this comment, this show is creative, funny, interesting. Its got everything.


Plus Curb Your Enthusiasm is pretty great.

Thank you! Came here for this. Such a great show.

I'm honestly more of a fan of the early seasons by far, where the camera still sucks ass and shit. But man the last seasons are still amazing. They will touch anything lmao, no holds barred. And they just started season 16 work! Can't wait!

I love IASIP but the last season to me was mehits sad seeing Dee transform into a Hollywood version of herself and Mac is doing the same. Theyre still funny though.

That show never got old.

The later seasons are starting to not hold up.

Longest American sitcom perhaps.

Idk I havent watched the most recent one but the two before that to me were pretty rough to get through.

It was great the whole time. And the specials on HBO max were good too.

It was great till the end imo.

And American Dad.

This right here.

Bobs Burgers is my answer as well. Its not nearly as long-running as some of the others in this thread, but its hitting 12 years this year.

Archer hits different without Mallory.

Seasons 11 and 12 of Archer are great. It was the coma seasons that weren't great.

Bobs Burgers found its niche and owned. One of the few animated family sitcoms Im still keeping up with season to season.

Bob's Burger, sure. Archer? Nah. They ruined it by putting in filler SEASONS. What is this, Naruto???

I was thinking of saying Bob's Burgers but wasn't sure if it had been running long enough to qualify. It's been what, 12 years now?

Archer isnt even close to what it once was. Bobs is consistently spectacular.

Bobs is really coming strong season after season, this most recent season has been spectacular.

Also Curb your enthusiasm has been going for 25 years.

I sure hope so. It felt like it fell off after Capaldi and I haven't had the motivation to watch it since.

Came here in hopes someone else knew Doctor Who was about to get amazing again. However, I never thought it was ever bad. There are bad episodes, but not bad enough to ever get me to stop watching.

I'm hesitantly optimistic about Davies coming back. The dude definitely made some killer Who series and managed to get enough traction to launch the brand out of it's niche and into the larger international markets, but he also led Torchwood, which was kinda shit if I'm honest.

They're no longer running tho.

Gumball was only 6 seasons. Consensus is that Simpsons went bad after 10.

Monkey! Beer please!

Yeah and the new episodes suck.

Im just happy were out of the dream seasons.

I actually dropped off watching it for some reason a few years back, think I might actually revisit it sometime if this is the case.

I was looking for this comment, Archer is still good.

And people in hell want icewater.

Hes getting better, at least!

Do you want to get a shitty fandom like Rick and Morty? Because spreading the word about archer is how you get a shitty fandom like Rick and Morty.

Family guy lost its flavour a long time ago imho.

Story is kinda mid.

Yeah recent South Park seasons are nothing compared to what they used to be... Matt and Trey said themselves that they wanted to stop making them years ago, but they are stuck in a contract. All it is now is basically a running social commentary of whatever drama is in the news that week, so the episodes are already dated by the following month (not to mention boring if you don't follow or care about any of that stuff). Whereas older episodes actually had creative original plots that will always be funny to watch.

The 2016 election broke South Park. Never the same after that.

Fuck was the point of that or Garrison as president, I love South Park a lot but some things are dragged on way too long for me to find them that funny, I think they can pull some funny episodes or moments every now and then though, but you can tell the show really shouldnt have gone on this long to the point it is what it is now.

As a hardcore fan having watched South Park about 5 times back to back (except newer seasons), with a heavy heart I sobbingly state: now, it fucking sucks.

I like weed and cant stand the tegridy farms thing. just seems lazy.

Supernatural went on longer than it shouldve, Id think although, I suppose they just kind of stopped when they reached the highest level of villain and the conclusion was about as satisfying as it couldve been. So it was a good way to end it but that show went on for so many years it was insane.

Yeah, was gonna bring the GOAT anime too. Some people are truly unaware of how much food TV there is in the world, and think their options are the ONLY options.

I think anime and manga are in a completely different realm from TV casted with actors and is written from week to week. Most anime are adapted from source material. The author/mangaka has a direction they wish to take the story. There are a boatload of long running good anime because of this, but not as many western TV shows. It's the difference between someones passion project being turned into an anime vs writers creating something out of hope for ratings and profit.

Id say one piece has at least five years left. wano has been going on for almost five years at this point and we still have another arc or two until its finished.

Based answer, nakama.

I had to scroll way too far to find one piece. Easily the best show on here imo.

Yea but supernatural sucked toward the end. I think Modern Family is a good recent example.

Glad I scrolled to find this instead of commenting myself.

THE ONE PIECE IS REAL!! (I havent seen a single scene of this show).

And keeps getting better. I love seeing characters grow. Except Big Mom. She grew too much.

Hoping someone would say this.

Howard Hamlin told me it's real.

Fellow Dadder!

Maybe baby.

American Dad has had several high points and low points. Within the past two years I think Ive binged it on Hulu like 2 or maybe 3 times? There are noticeable points where Ill be like 3 or 4 episodes into a season and I realize I havent even laughed once, none of these jokes are landing but there are seasons and seasons where its like the humor is tailor made for me lol I think it definitely used to be more original with how they developed characters. Showing Stans soft side, showing Francines wild horse side, Steves coming of age stories always kill me and Im a huge fan of the episodes where Roger is supposed to learn a lessons but he just doesnt.

Roger is their X factor, I think. What some shows tend to do is abuse their meal ticket and end up jumping the shark.. I havent kept up with American dad for a while but I hope they arent overdoing the Roger.

I think American Dad is actually getting better every season. They keep diving further and further into the non sequitur humor and it's amazing!

American dad has imo gotten worse and also changed a lot, but it's still a good show I think.

The cool thing about Doctor Who is that there are always new writers/actors/producers with new creative ideas theyre passionate about. Even if the show has a massive drop in quality a new golden age could be just around the corner.

I don't know, it might be getting back on rail with RTD coming back.

Doctor Who goes in cycles of good and bad.

Idk the current era kinda mid.

The Chibnall era was oof. But RTD is back. I have high expectations! Plus, now that Disney has International Distribution rights, the BBC have a fuckton of Funding. They can finally make new props instead of relying on the same 5 Daleks.

If it wasn't for 13 I would agree.

I see we have a fellow clone wars fan in this comment section.

Id say Bobs Burgers has only improved over the years.

10 seasons.

The 8th season though was unfortunately terrible.

I don't think House counts because it started almost 20 years ago and ended over 10 years ago.

My husband just had me watch Blackadder with him, and it's hard to believe House Hugh Laurie and Blackadder Hugh Laurie are the same guy. That is **RANGE.**.

I keep hearing how the show had a lot of filler and bad arcs as well. It has great ups though. I've also never watched an episode.

Seasons 1 to 5 are amazing, after that not so much.

Its kinda went downhill in the last few season IMO.

Didnt phineas already had an end?

Phineas and Ferb has sadly ended. Edit: ITS BACK APPARENTLY! im kinda worried about quality tho.

Archer had a dip during the coma seasons, but its good again now.

Phineas and Ferb doesn't quite count as long running.


The one piece is real.

Eyyy! I've been watching their content since 2015!

The creator Stephen Hillenburg didnt want the show to continue after his death but as always, corporate greed ruins another classic.

Seasons 4, 5, 10 and 11 have good episodes.

Can we get much higher.

This comment is exactly what I was looking for.

Movies dont count silly.

The simpsons aren't exactly bad but their quality sure has decayed recently.

Simpsons and family guy are textbook fall off, they are definitely not as good as the earlier seasons.

Family Guy has been bad for years.

The Simpsons' golden age were first 10 season and next 5-10 seasons are decent enough most of the time (but you can see quality steadily declining). Beyond that it's just trash and rather than being funny it's just coasting on old glory expecting people to like it because it's *The Simpsons*, duh!

Thats okay. You can be in the future.

Had to scroll a lot to find The Simpsons. Has sucked for more than a decade now.