Tuesday 28th of July 2020

This Song Made me Feel Like Singing tn Enjoy This Bootleg illegal Duet.

Social Media Says

So disgusting to watch Twitters so-called Trending, where sooo many trends are about me, and never a good one. They look for anything they can find, make it as bad as possible, and blow it up, trying to make it trend. Really ridiculous, illegal, and, of course, very unfair!

<thread> Sec. of State Tillerson told Trump no, and said it would be ILLEGAL interference in an ongoing investigation. AmbJohnBolton called it an obstruction of justice. New Halkbank Timeline from me and DaniSchulkin. Just in time for.

This song made me feel like singing tn enjoy this bootleg illegal duet.
It's not illegal to make fun of trumplethinskin. But TREASON is illegal. And Obstruction is illegal. And Abuse of Power is illegal. LIES that cause the deaths of 150,000 SHOULD be illegal.
Something abt this feels illegal.
NEW VIDEO Trump thinks it would be ridiculous, illegal, and very unfair if this video blew up and trended.
Videos from a concert held in Southampton on Saturday show egregious social distancing violations. I am appalled. The Department of Health will conduct an investigation. We have no tolerance for the illegal & reckless endangerment of public health.

Waaaaaahhhh!!!! I dont like how I can make fun of everyone, but when it backfires, Im gonna cry! Its illegal! Waaaaahhhhh!
We need your help. Trump thinks our ads are illegal. We are just getting started with this criminal. We have placed six-figure buys on TV. Help us get 1,000 contributions before midnight.
DMPD & the Polk County Sheriffs department just threatened to use chemical agents & arrest us because we were using sidewalk chalk. This is completely illegal.
Not illegal or unfair. Go back to sucking your thumb, you act like a spoiled baby, not a President.
The President of the United States, who has insulted everyone you can think of, wants you to know he thinks it's illegal to make fun of him on Twitter. So let's trend trumplethinskin. Break out your best memes, folks.

NEW VIDEO: Trump is the promise everything, deliver nothing President. He also thinks it's "really ridiculous, illegal, and, of course, very unfair!" that we can make LyingTrump trend. You know what to do.

Using the Oval Office for GRIFTING is illegal.
If trending hashtags were illegal, Trump wouldve stopped us, but he didnt. Because its not. ImpeachTrump RemoveTrump TrumpResign.
Thinks its illegal to voice our opinions TrumpleThinSkin does NOTHING but bash people regularly here on twitter TrumpleThinSkin is a racist, narcissistic impeached *danger to America TrumpleThinSkin needs to RESIGN TrumpleThinSkin NOVEMBER IS COMING.

Spread it far and wide MeidasTouch: NEW VIDEO Trump thinks it would be ridiculous, illegal, and very unfair if this video blew up and trended.
He is the expert on illegal. ***nulb.
Not illegal. Totally fair. We dont make it bad. Your actions do.
By declaring that its illegal for anyone to make fun of him on Twitter, Trump is effectively declaring that our First Amendment no longer exists.
140,000 Americans are dead & the President is having a breakdown on twitter claiming that hashtags are illegal...(?) Mr. President, the only illlegal thing happening here is your gutless-grift.
More than 148,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus and the president is on Twitter complaining about Twitter. And he's lying about a Twitter feature being "illegal." It's not illegal.
What happened was the people there were being evicted coz of illegal occupation of the land, so thd giy ran away and webt to the roof with his baby so that police wont demolish his shack. So he was not killing the baby but had to throw him to those standing down there as the pic.

Contraband implies those items are illegal, which none of them are. What is illegal is you stopping the citizens of Portland exercising their 1st Amendment rights And destroying medical supplies is a war crime under the Geneva Convention...

The Victim-in-Chief is mighty upset about DictatorTrump, SaudiTrump and TrumpCantKeepItUp. It would be a shame if we kept 'em trendin' where realDonaldTrump can see 'em.
Deep State Corruption: SidneyPowell1 says the FBI targeted Gen. Michael Flynn over fears he would have exposed the deep states illegal spying on realDonaldTrump & other Americans.
How the FUCK do I have 93 Spanish assignments due between today and August 10. I feel like that should be illegal.
"Such misrepresentations are not only unfair, they are potentially illegal and fraudulent. MattGaetz files a criminal referral against Mark Zuckerberg over "materially false statements" Gaetz alleges Zuckerberg made to Congress.

There need not be a DNA test to confirm who my clients father is. lasisielenu U trained him well. Despite the intimidation, illegal parade and emotional distress over parental negligence & lack of attention. My client held his alternative dispute resolution skills. Suing!

Really ridiculous, illegal, and, of course, very unfair!
Trending hashtags are neither illegal nor unfair. What Manafort, Roger Stone and Michael Flynn did was illegal, unethical and unfair. Get it?
I guess its now illegal, for tech companies to use algorithms. I guess that makes the Trump campaigns internet operation illegal too then, right?
Whiny crybaby weakling Trump says it illegal to make fun of him I guess Im going to jail.
Its illegal for me to be this unpopular.
Trump just tweeted claiming it is "illegal" to make mocking hashtags about him trend. Well he's in for a surprise. Keep tweeting and retweeting TrumpleThinSkin so it becomes number 1 trending in the US - it is currently trending third!

Its illegal to look at someone elses mail ..return to sender???
A simple count of what people are saying about you. You think its illegal because youre psychologically broken and alarmingly unintelligent, but its not. Twitter doesnt *find* bad things about you, we - all the decent patriotic Americans disgusted by you - *provide* them.

Unfair and illegal describe your life and your activities. Ridiculous is pretending that you are anything but a hood/gangster/lowlife. You are projecting again - it gets so tiresome!
Only a complete idiot and whiny brat like Trump would say "trends" are illegal. Who agrees?
What does "contraband" mean in this context? If I want to carry around gasoline, I can carry around gasoline. None of these things are illegal to have.
It is illegal for me to be unpopular also.
Don't get used to police attacking journalists. They cover literal war zones and this doesn't happen. The police are willing to do anything to not be held accountable for their heinous, illegal actions.

Its not illegal to trend hashtags. Just FYI.
Abba Kyari, Ibrahim Magu, Mohammed Umar, Mele Kyari, all connived, concocted a security report against Ibe Kachikwu, got him kicked out as GMD NNPC, to conceal the $2.5billion secret and illegal sale of Nigerian Crude in China!

I dont believe trending is illegal.
Its already illegal for us to be friends when you look the way you do ye sexy bitch.

What You Really Think

Love you so much!!

Troye please check out this cover of FOOLS by Renjun from.

Lance isso oficialmente agora!!!

Can i know your birth time i need it in astrolabe thanxVnulb.

Can i know your time of birthday i want to check your star sign babybtw i Miss u.

Love u soooooo muchdaegdaegdaeg The best song is always the next(u'o-u)~[?].


TiSuo Zha Ao ]] daelsctototototo.

She shoulda had you on the track as a feature sis.

Hii troyesivan, renjun from the group nct dream just posted a cover of fools! pls pls check it out.


CAN U BOTH DO A COLLAB? Vnulb aaaaaaaa i love you both soo fucking much. both of ur songs save me and keeps me alive.

Duet the whole album and release it PLEASE.

Could you please watch Fools cover by Renjun of NCT DREAM?? Thank you.

Troye,what's going on between you and Jacob, some media say you broke up, but we don't believe it.Hope you everything from China.

Veja isto.



Fuuuuucking same.

Okay now lets make this fantasy a reality.

Collab with her pleaseee.

Plz do a remix with you featured.

I love youuu.

PLEASE DO IT. DO IT. COLLAB. taylorswift13 VnulbVnulbVnulbVnulb.

MISS TAYLOR MAKE THIS A THING taylornation13 do your magic.

Release it in full. Post it on soundcloud or anything idec. I NEED IT!

Here's a crazy idea: cardigan ft. Troye Sivan.

This is one taylor remix i actually LOVE and WANT.

Hey troyesivan, renjun from the group nct dream just posted a cover of fools! pls check it out.

I love this and u.

Ive made the discovery immediately and you hand us this masterpiece king.

Release it please.

Collab with taylor we are begging for it.

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