Im Having a Really Terrible Day so I Messaged This Guy Who Ive Been Talking to For a Couple of Weeks And- .

Monday 28th of November 2022

Im Having a Really Terrible Day so I Messaged This Guy Who Ive Been Talking to For a Couple of Weeks And- .

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Or we can look at this as she dodged a bullet because he revealed his true colors.
I love how we give women no agency anymore. How do we know she isnt down for some sex? Shes on tinder and messaging a guy first.
I had a guy repeatedly message me basically demanding sex and that I answer sexual questions. I was bored so I replied a few times, i figure if he's gonna waste my time I can waste his and he can get his hopes up for nothing. At one point I said "if you had tried to get to know me, taken me on a date, and treated me respectfully, I would have fucked you, but I have zero interest in you now that you've continued to treat me disrespectfully" and he got an attitude and replied I should stop mouthing off to him but also said "what else is that mouth good for." He got blocked lol. The bar is in the mud and still...

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Dude for real. Idk if guys have always been this bad at self sabotage, or if it's just the newer generation. All I can say is that its rather impressive.

Seriously, I once stayed over at a guys I was interested ins house. Was ready to go, if you know what I mean, when he suddenly adopted this weird, boys2Men, stereotypical accent. He started saying weird shit and calling me baby girl. I asked him to stop but he claimed he didnt know what I was talking about. My libido was suddenly no where to be found. Nothing happened that night. I once chatted with a lovely guy online for a month and agreed to meet him. We decided we wanted to talk on the phone first. Thats when I realized he was a TALKER. I mentioned how if the weather did not change (snow) I was going to go postal, he replied thats so funny my uncle works for the post office Launching into his uncles life story. I could not get a word in. The call lasted 3 hours. At one point I put my phone down, went down stairs to grab an orange, peeled it, came back and he was STILL TALKING.

At the very least he raised his red flags so OP didn't have to find them later.

So many guys torch their chances by just not being considerate. A few weeks ago I overheard a girl complaining to her friend about a guy she was into and how she had agreed to hang out and hook up with him but homeboy scheduled a basketball game around the same time of their hookup, so his plan was literally to kick her out once the sex was done to go play basketball. Not even considering that she might be feeling used after that.

As a guy who is working my ass off to try to find a partner on dating apps, to very little success, it pisses me off. I cant blame women for getting frustrated and alienated by apps until they just give up. I see interactions like this one and think its not just annoying and frustrating, its gotta be downright hurtful and probably violating. I guess the only positive to take away is at least you didnt waste anymore time on him, but I imagine its just as exhausting running into guys like this as it is not getting any matches at all.

And here I am. 5 years on Tinder. And not a single match. Then I'm constantly seeing these guys burning bridges right off the bat. Wtf is wrong with me.

Well, as I recall a recent article of women just choosing to be alone because men are by and large atrocious, low value, depraved pieces of shit... I'm not surprised.

It's almost like lots of women are fond of brain damage.

Dont think he cared. He said Ill see how I feel after work meaning he doesnt want to put effort into meeting her The next text is just him trolling She said theyve been talking for two weeks. If he wanted to ask her out he would have already. He isnt interested in her. Saying I need a hug was an act of desperation and he went with it.

Chances are, the kind of guys that "blow" their chances like this have enough other options and don't care.

Thats prob what he didnt want. He wants a hook up. She wants a relationship. He said that line on purpose b/c its easier than having a real conversation with someone about how youre not looking for anything serious and just want sex. By no means am I justifying it, its trashy behavior, but he did it on purpose bc hes scared to be vulnerable and real. If it had worked and she just wanted sex we wouldnt even be seeing this post as theyd have hooked up. But in the context of two people looking to start a relationship, yeah this is fucking weird. No person would say that.

I mean he probably just hooked up with a different tinder chick.

What kind of fodder... ??

Looks like he got tired of texting after two weeks of... Just texting and he got a chance and went for it.

And then the majority of men will never get a message like this, pure hell, old is just a symptom of society though.

But are guys on dating apps to be therapists to the needy and mentally ill ?

Lol u think he wanted to cuddle.

> He was less than 2 sentences to from being cuddled on a couch with you. Doesn't seem like he was interested in that.

I don't think this guy is on tinder for cuddles or hugs. What "chances" do you see here? If OP doesn't have friends to give her a hug, some random internet stranger was a poor choice of backup, as this post demonstrates.

Looks like he'll be having another stroke after bombing out with that line.

"Salty jabronies" has just entered my vocabulary.

Ill give you a stroke if you can stroke my giant- jk Im a woman.

Its the classics.

You keep using this word Jabroni, and its awesome.

Its autocorrect. The letters are really next to each others.

Obviously not OP but this is one of my favorite GIFs <3.

Kinda stupid but that funnily enough made my day slightly better.

Awwwwwww i'm not having a bad day and i'd still love it if someone sent me this.

They dont respond to positivity my friend. They never do. Ill take that hug for them.

Talked with a guy from hinge for a few weeks, we made plans for a first date and he made the choice to reschedule to a week later because he had lost his job earlier that week. I said of course I understand, thats fine! So we reschedule to next week and then a day or two before the date, he ghosts me. This was back in July, but last month I stumbled upon him on my Facebook people you may know page and did some lurking. Saw that the day he ghosted me he also posted on Facebook Ive been so down lately, I lost my job and my girlfriend left me :( blah blah blah lol. Obviously I didnt know he had a girlfriend, so that was news to me. But I assume the reason why he ghosted is because his girlfriend saw our texts and/or his dating profile and dumped him, which he deserves.

Bold of you to assume he has a reason other than he's just lonely and stupid.

The more attractive you are the less it matters what you say.

Constantly see posts on this subreddit where men ask for sex in first couple messages and they get applauded when it works.


Im not going to defend what the guy said, because its a gross thing to say to another human. But as far as expecting it to work outif someone has been chatting with me for a couple weeks but hasnt wanted to meet up, theres zero chance it works out anyway. The only time I had a situation like that she was extremely cautious and guarded the whole time and had unmatched me by the time I got home, so I really dont think I had a chance at anything (no complaints, it was a perfectly pleasant few hours hours out chatting with someone). And looking at it from OPs perspective, I was having a shitty day so I finally decided to meet up with someone for some company doesnt really sound like she was really all that enthused anyway. In that sense, I guess he figured he may as well go for a high variance thing.

>407 comments my 27 old wife..gets these message on instagram from unknown 20 year old chaps.

Very dumb guess. Top % gets tons of matches every day. He has a wealth of girls messaging him every single night. She thinks shes special but shes been spending weeks chatting him on hinge, not even text. shes a face in his various dating apps that hes going to forget the second she unmatches. If you want to become emotionally involved with a person texting them in hinge isnt the way to do it. Going on coffee dates with your matches and talking to someone face to face is how you do that.

I'd guess he's on Tinder and is very much not interested in things turning platonic/getting into a "I like you but there's just no spark you know? Can we be friends?" deal, so is willing to torch a few possibilities as long as he keeps his distance from anything that might go that way.

Nah he actually thought that gave him an out because he could play it off as a joke somehow.

Yeah like why is he laughing? Is it because he knows he just fucked himself lol.

Jk... Unless...

Solid gif for most situations lol.

But oddly not surprising :/.

Reality is often.


Exactly what I said.

It's so absurdly unnecessary.

Yeah *he blew it and now hell be blowing himself.

Woah woah woah. Don't be so quick to judge. There's still a .000000001% chance that dude is getting his dick sucked as we speak.

Dug up and spit on in this case.

Seriously, if hed just shown up for the hug and not been gross he mightve had a chance of getting to that.

So true. Endless stupidity on the part of guys like this (and there are way too many of them).

Over the past few years I've realized I'm my own worst enemy. I know it sounds cliche, but that realization has helped me to work on getting out of my own way. Turns out life gets a whole lot easier when you stop acting impulsively and think about your words and actions.

Seriously. Treating women like people has had great results for me. Edit: so I reread my comment and the comment I replied to and I don't want my comment to get misconstrued. By great results, I do not mean sex or blowjob. I meant that I met some great people and have gone on a lot of fun dates.

This is what I used to say when I was still dating. Like, as a dude I dont know, they have no clue as to what Im like when Im comfortable and willing to be sexual. And as soon as some guy does something like this, they never will know.

It's called a wisdom wank, and most men say things when they're horny that they would never ever say otherwise. Occasionally they'll attempt to hit up an ex, or coworker - and in all cases they could avoid the shame that follows by a little post nut clarity.

Guy here, recently on dating apps. There are many more men on those apps so on the whole nothing is going to happen regardless of how you behave. If anything the turnover for hookups is higher so it makes sense to steer things that way. In this case they seem to have been talking for weeks and at that point I would assume its going nowhere and break contact.

It shouldn't be something that he should expect to happen. I may be doing it all wrong but I think being a friend first is always important.

Thats what i was thinkin. Like just be patient. That guys an idiot.

If someones intent is purely detatched sex and then they make an effort to appear that they're interested in more than that, that's not ideal or honest. I've been on the receiving end of this from real-life girls I've met. While it's not something I desire there are girls who respond to this/operate in the same way. There's no actual issue with this, it's effectively a preference.The issue is when guys are not self-aware as to how this behavior only attracts a very small amount of women, and get frustrated/entitled in response.

Hopefully someone with the emotional intelligence of a big spoon.

I love this insult I need to remember to use it. My current go to insult is smooth brain because it just works so well.

Youre not a failure, or a burden to those around you. Youre a gift to them.

Lots and lots of men.

And he probably could have had this happen if he kept his damn mouth shut lol.

I havent blocked yet and Im lowkey tempted.

The man I'm married to drove two hours one night when I had a bad day and wanted to just be held. We just cuddled that night but he never left and now we're married with a house and baby on the way. He was also a tinder match!

Dude thats what Im saying. I wouldve been like hell yes I need a hug too lmao.

Negative. A douche has felt the inside of a woman before.

Why is Gamora.

Who are men?

Take your time.

Some of us are doing our bests, we just get associated with these idiots.

*dont* fuck this dude.

May I join the hug session as well?

She's gonna see this, bro.

This is still a douchebag mentality. The problem isn't him getting laid or not, it's that he obviously doesn't regard her as human enough to deserve decency.

It's not about "bagging it" and what he could have done better to accomplish that goal. It's about having an actual human connection with an actual human being.

>higher chance he can bag it. Dude. No.

LMAO I was dating this guy a few years ago and wed been together like 4 months, and I found out my dad had cancer. I called him crying and he goes at least you have great tits. BRO.

Nail on the fucking head.

Think she was just looking for an excuse to meet up. She said elsewhere in the thread she'd tried setting up a few dates but he was always "busy".

This is wisdom.

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