Saturday 3rd of July 2021

In Case They Wanted to Know.

Social Media Says

Compared to other calls they might get, a little kid saying his mom is doing much better probably makes them a bit happier.
A few years back I dated a 911 operator, and even though of course the privacy of people who called was important and she completely respected the necessity of it, she often wished she could find out how things turned out with people she dispatched services to. You shouldn't make frivolous 911 calls of course and I'm not trying to encourage it, but I know she'd have been absolutely delighted to get that call and find out someone she helped had come out okay.

Well thank you sweetheart, you can hang up now, I'll tell them for you.

What You Really Think

In Soviet Russia, Hospital goes to you!

I assume they mean emergency responders but thats pretty funny.

Was the kid hoping the police will arrest her or was it more like a poison control call? Or maybe she burned it and firefighters were needed? So many possibilities, each more hilarious than the last.

Hope you're doing better now, that sounds like a nightmare.

I aslo had that its not that bad.

Yeah hes been skating for 5 years.

Jeesh dude.

You can beat my ass daddy UwU.

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