Indigenous Children Forced to Pray to God in a Residential School Ran by The Canadian Government And Catholic Church Between 1930 And 1970, Unknown Lo

Saturday 3rd of July 2021

Indigenous Children Forced to Pray to God in a Residential School Ran by The Canadian Government And Catholic Church Between 1930 And 1970, Unknown Location ]1000 X 783].

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Can you tell us about your experiences there?
Have you done an AMA? Would you consider it?
Apologies if this question is unwelcome, certainly understand and do not take any offense if you do not reply. I'm asking because I've really tried to find this information for years and otherwise and been totally unsuccessful. There's a lot of documentation, first hand accounts, and general understanding of what the schools were like, but moving forward through time the amount of information available is less and less. The sum total of information I've been able to find about most of the schools operating in the 90s is basically a sample list of extracurricular activities they offered (in some documents produced by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission) and a couple of basically unsourced references (in government documents) saying that the ones that remained open were generally due to the areas they served protesting their closure. What decades were you at Gordon at, and if it was the 80s/90s, what was it like (generally, I'm not trying to get too personal)? Was it still a boarding school? How did it differ from any other public (non-residential) school? What was the community perception of the school at the time? Was it really a situation as it's been claimed of "our community needs a school, don't close it--let us take control and run it for our community"? Was it "here's business as usual, just with slightly less corporal punishment and ostensibly less religion"? Was there an active genocide happening in the 90s? Again, apologies if I'm way out of line asking. I'd just really like to understand what the hell some of these schools were still doing open in the 90s, and information has been fairly hard to come by.

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She already was a demon.


She was. beating/starving children was a daily thing.

They should remake that shitty movie The Nun and have it be about this shit. That would actually be terrifying.

~~demon~~ Religious extremist.

What do you think her kill count was?

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Apologies if this sounds ignorant as Im uninformed, but wasnt there an actual genocide of indigenous children as well at the hands of these schools? I remember reading somewhat recently about mass graves sites found at a school, wondering if that has any ties with the photo?

This picture hits hard. I'm Metis. My family on my dad's side is from Moose Factory :(.

Anglical Church... so not Catholic like the titles says?

I mean I learned that it was genocide 10 years ago in school. I'm happy knowledge is becoming more spread and it is disgusting what happened. Just want to point out most educated and willing to listen adults know this was complete genocide for years now.

The fact that these existed, and that the Canadian Government is STILL lying about them just shows how corrupt a nation can be about it's past. These schools were terrible creations and were state certified too. It's horrific to think that people could be betrayed by their own government, especially the children. Hopefully they can finally rest in peace knowing the injustices have been shown to the world.

Wdym finally realizing? if youre canadian and were unaware of residential schools youre just ignorant.

I think it was closer to 40%-60% mortality rate. So probably about half of them didn't go home! .

My dad went to Catholic school. The teacher told the class 'If you ever think if a girls chest you'll burn forever'. After the class the boys all agreed that when he said that they all thought of tits so they could go on in life and sin as much as they liked. My dad was pretty successful in that endeavour.

What a way to pass the time. Lots if respect for you due to these simple sentences.

But praying 5 times is the standard? No less, no more?

Erm, Shia prays 3 times a day. I find this comment made up because of this one simple mistake.

I loved the Canada day this year, so glad I live in a country where you can challenge the national holiday without fear of retaliation.

That residental school is where my grandfather went to. He went in, his dad was alive. He left, he was dead. My great grandfather is one of those graves. The effects of residential schools have been passed down through generations. I feel them through my dad. My dad felt the pain my grandfather felt.

Its well over 1000 now at multiple locations.

So far that 751 is an outlier, so if we assume an average of 150 bodies at each school that's 20,850 dead children total. If 751 is not much of an outlier however, and the average is closer to 250 per school, that total is 34,750.

Is it actually thought that these Canadian nuns were **killing hundreds of children**? I could totally imagine nuns whipping your ass for not praying, but youre insinuating they systematically murdered almost one thousand children. Isnt it far more likely these kids died anytime in the last few centuries from sickness/starvation/cold etc?

Thinking about the possible scope of this kinda makes you glad we're circling the drain into a black hole.

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O cuz they were subjugated with beatings, rapes, and murder. Seriously.

Saving them for Sweeps.

I can't stand Reddit and it's shitty, overused jokes. The least you could do is actually let this space be used to talk about the photograph...

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Sadly so did the Australian government. They'd kidnap Aboriginal children and put them with white Christian families.The Stolen Generations lasted almost 70 years.

Did the children die like they did in Canada? Legitimately asking, not trying to be snarky.

Unfortunately this was very common in the 1800s right up until the mid to late 1900s. It was seen as humane and progressive when it first started since the previous "solution" was to just kill indigenous populations if they didn't leave.

The secretary of the interior just released a memo and press statement stating that theyre going to be looking into all the American Residental Schools; > The Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative will serve as an investigation about the loss of human life and the lasting consequences of residential Indian boarding schools. The primary goal will be to identify boarding school facilities and sites; the location of known and possible student burial sites located at or near school facilities; and the identities and Tribal affiliations of children interred at such locations. ]Source]().

Sweden also did the same with the Sami population.

Yeah we know man. I learned that in school and it was sad and awful and should always be remembered. The difference is that the US isn't presented on reddit as the world's perfect country. Some Canadians need to come to terms that their own history ain't so sweet. (which I am sure many have).

Or you know what China is doing right at this very moment.

I have a friend who's grandfather was brainwashed into thinking that being native American was a dirty thing at one one of these American schools. It wasn't until he was an adult that he realized that, and re-embraced his native heritage.

-Post about children in Canada He did anyone forget about America for a second? America exists.

There's a movie called Indian Horse that's about a native boy forced into one of these American churchy hell holes. Broke my heart then and is even more disturbing now with the recent atrocities in the news.

Ah yes, but you forget that the Supreme Court ruled that they cannot own land because the land is uninhabited, and the inhabitants have been fairly compensated by their exposure to Christianity. Yes, the court majority said uninhabited, and then inhabitants in the next sentence. But systemic racism is a myth.

Is this the WHATABOOTISM I've been hearing soo much aboot?

139 schools have been recognised. However, this number excludes schools run without federal support, such as those run solely by religious orders or provincial governments. At the system's peak in 1931, it is estimated that there were about 80 schools running. ]This map]() by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada lists 63 schools run in conjuction with Roman Catholic organisations. Source.

You can upvote a post or comment and not agree with the context. It feels more like a newer Reddit trend, especially with younger people coming on, but you can upvote things for the visibility and not because you agree with it.

Yeah it's a strange feeling but I remind myself that I'm upvoting for visibility and not as a sign of approval.

Upvote is for relevance and visibility. Its not a like button. Otherwise things with negative things in them would be burried. Your comment explains the strange upvote/dowmvote patterns tho.

What they're finding in Canada right now is probably not even the half of it. Shit like that happened in the US and elsewhere in the world too, and the church has been complicit in it or helped cover it up. Read up on some of the twisted shit Mother Theresa did, she was actually pretty shitty and they canonized her. Her and her charity left a pile of corpses in their wake too.

Only very recently was it history. The last residential school in Canada only closed in 1996. They are just now finding tons of unmarked graves of Indigenous children throughout Canada. A lot of people essentially canceled Canada Day to mourn the lives lost that were only recently discovered. I believe they found the first one (that Im aware of and that sparked the search throughout the country) in mid June. Many many more have been uncovered since and its become a huge issue here. Its very much still not history.

History, yes, but the ramifications still affect our communities to this very day.

Its not, there are millennials who were taken from their parents like this and are still alive today to talk about it. The last residential school in Canada closed in 1996.

Join us Canadians in solemn revelry. Revelry in the fact the *we are horrified* by the discoveries. We have changed a lot since those times, but they're more recent than we think, and there is still much work to be done. By us, and our children.

This particular picture shows a school run by the Anglican Church yet the gov in Canada loves that all the blame is being deflected to the Catholic Church as if this was their ideaall these churches were implementing government policy as agencies.

What is a Methodist death camp?

Where have you seen anyone use this as an opportunity to promote evangelicals?

Wasn't it Cecil Rhodes who said that?

I think that it means the picture was taken during those years. And yeah, the assimilation and shame really worked. I tried asking my grandmother about her native language and her culture, and she always seemed awkward and rarely really answered. I don't think that she even remembered her native language...

This is not misleading. The range given are the years that this photo could have been taken. I can see where the confusion would arise. Let me uno-reverso on you though. Your statement is a bit misleading. Compulsory attendence for indigenous children existed from 1920-1948. Now, before 1920 the government used their discretion to decide when it was necessary and obviously culturism meant they thought it was necessary most of the time. So it was as if it were compulsory before 1920 too. After 1948 the the government still ran schools the and parents who went through them and were thoroughly brainwashed might have chosen to send their kids there to learn about Jesus. Injustices at the schools continued to occur but because it wasn't forcible it arguably was no longer an element of the continued genocide. There was the adoption controversy known as the 60s scoop, that really occurred from the 50s to the 80s, but it's tough to claim that all these indigenous children could have found indigenous adoptive parents. Canada is still trying to figure out what to do. 21 years ago in 1999Nunavut was formed to allow for an Inuit government. Obviously not all indigenous people are Inuit, but point is, we have definitely come a long way from 1948, from 1996, whatever your reference point. Canadian people are not turning a blind eye.

Im kinda guessing thats when the picture was taken because I could not find any info on the video photo.

You cant say what their beliefs are due to.

Most people are religious because of brainwashing/indoctrination. Get them at a young age before that cognitive thinking develops. Straight up child abuse.

Every good country has a past of genocide.

It is explained in a higher comment. This specific school was closed in 1976.

This is an Anglican school.

> Im a catholic myself but I dont go to church have nothing to do with the pope or any of their nonsense. What exactly do you feel a Catholic is?

Theyve found 1,200-1,500 DEAD CHILDREN in just 7 Churches. Theres about 130 left to search.

Look, I understand all the qualms people have with the Catholic Church, but you really need to rethink your definition of Terrorist Organization if you honestly think they fall under that banner. It's basically on par with the circlejerk of calling the US a terrorist organization on leftist twitter or some parts of Reddit. It's pretty clear you're just venting and not actually saying anything constructive. Just for full transparency as well, I'm Catholic too.

I dont think you know what terrorism is.

Found it weird people only focus on the church. The gov also let it happened.

Yup. People have been vandalizing and burning down churches. Theres quite a lot of anger surrounding this issue, but rightly so. Everyone thinks Canada is great, but we have some ugly stuff in our past too. The last residential school closed in 1996 I believe, so its still very fresh, and an ongoing issue. Id just like to add: The schools (I use that term loosely, they were hardly schools) were operated by many different kinds of churches. Im pretty sure they were run by the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, and the United and Presbyterian Churches, at least. (Someone correct me if Im wrong!) If you want to about residential schools, this is a good article to get you started.

This is an Anglican school. But yeah, everyone is attacking the Catholic Church.

4 churches burned so far.

Hahah unintentional pun?

You could put it that way, yes.

That isn't true. The Church is growing outside of western countries especially in African countries and China.

Thankfully more people are seeing pictures and reading real history like this.

I understand your point but as a technicality this sub considers anything 20 years or older as history.

Children are forced I only see people wanting to get into religion when theyre much older.

If it was the headquarters of a cult where people were brainwashed, teenage girls refused contraception then forced to carry pregnancies to full term and their babies given away for adoption, and children were abused, you'd have no hesitation in that building being burnt down. Most people are brainwashed into thinking that organised religions are somehow "better" than those cults.

I'm all for a good church burnin', but imagine all the evidence about these residential school burials that is being lost in these fires.

Because they are most all catholic? In Canada Catholicism is a minority so they can scape goat a mysterious organization (definitely not good or guilt free tough) instead of seeing the whole country as complicit. But in many LATAM countries its been a long time since the church in general was seen as an other. Plus, Its just not the same when there is one big religion. Since both sides in that centuries old do indigenous people deserve rights? conflict are both part of it, raised with it or go there to get mass. But backlash is not unheard off. You just havent heard of it yourself All countries are different of course. For example, in Bolivia the church will probably get in trouble for not staying impartial in the recent coup. And in Mexico most clergy where killed or exiled during one of the revolutions (not really done by native groups tough). In Colombia the church seems to have sided with the largest indigenous protest group recently(but they always have been officially two faced and switch sides). But I have never heard of a church being burnt or attacked BECAUSE of being Catholic. Since its not like there where any other churches for most of history. The closest thing would be settlements being burnt or attacked. But that was the whole thing, not just the church Its indigenous peopless religion too . But dont believe that there werent/ are any backlashes or attacks or protests.

This is an Anglican school. But it's easier to blame Catholics right now, while pretending that those Catholics weren't also Canadians.

Most religious people have never read the bible. They go to church and have the preacher/priest/pastor read it for them. Brainwashing the congregation as a whole.

Mother Teresa was no saint herself. She prioritized penance and suffering over adequate medical care.

No country is without its negatives and to think differently is foolish at best.

You do realize the cultures these kids were from had their own religions right?

Ive been curious about them for a while. I dont know of sources that synthesize the history well, and Ive only seen some overviews when I look. Do you recommend a book, author, podcast, etc?

Yeah the genocide of indigenous people sucked and all, but do you know who the real victims are? White people.

You forgot the part where they said they were going to raise 25 million for natives, yet when they reached 4 million. Built more churches instead.

Thats interesting but could you maybe provide your source of info?

Fuck. Right. Off. The church agreed to pay $25 million for school survivors in a historic settlement in 2005. The deal obligated the church to make "best efforts," and launch a fundraising campaign similar to that of a university or hospital. After seven years, less than $4 million had been raised nationally. The church's lawyers argued in a secret court hearing it had made those best efforts and a judge agreed, absolving the church of further fundraising. The results of the hearing were published months later. That is $0.30 from each Canadian Catholic. But they can find tens of millions to build new fancy churches. Barely more than a quarter each. Thats what Canadian Catholics found in their hearts and wallets for a century of abuse, murder, and neglect.

Here comes the Catholics trying to wash their hands of the crimes committed by their church in this cultural genocide. Over 50% of the schools were run by organizations of the Catholic Church. Physical and sexual abuse were common at many of these schools. So now youre using the excuse that they were poorly paid and not given clear directions? So in the absence of these conditions you get the green light to beat and rape children. Is this what your priest tells you to say on these forums to try to justify these atrocities? Disgusting.

You are willingly taking part in a genocidal organization. Rethink your life.

"The Catholics were the nice rapists and murderers.".

You forgot to add that these schools often farmed out students to nearby farms for labor, the children never saw that money. Throughout the 70s and 80s these schools were actually funded through the education department of the Canadian government. Lets not protect the abusers and murderers by blaming the system for insufficient supplies. Poor funding has little to do with whether or not you have the urge and willingness to fuck children. Additionally, to cash in on that $60 million you had to be sexually abused, and sign away your right to sue in court for the abuse.

Blind eye? Who do you think opened the schools? This wasnt exactly the churches original idea.

Our past is coming to light this last couple months. Seems our foreign policy over shadowed our darker colonial history and rhetoric.

Wrong. The Canadian government is responsible, and it is genocide. And a lot of children were kidnapped after 1948.

> This is not a Canadian govt or genocide issue - Catholic school abused children in many countries I mean it is both those things it is also about Catholic School abuse which you are right occurs in many countries. >Attendance at residential school was only compulsory between 1920 and 1948. This is ignorant of the reality of the situaion. "Child Welfare" placed kids in these institutions from reservations and the practice of taking children from their parents because they lived a native lifestyle continued well into the 70s and 80s, for example living off fish, game and berries was considered child abuse even if the children had no sign of malnutrition and was grounds for taking the children and placing them in residential schools.

This is a part of the genocide, when you kidnap kids and drag them to schools with rampant abuse high mortality and to destroy their way of life.

It would be less of a cancer if people kept it to themselves.

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