Sunday 12th of September 2021

Niki Savvas Final Observation on Insiders.

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Niki Savvas final observation Insiders.
Despite lockdown measures that holding rather than 6.0, delta virus already opening these states. It's race between vaccination virus spread. Sooner over better we'll be.

critical point about Pfizer debacle just been made msmarto insiders. While dont know precise consequences complacency Morrison government, know they didnt try. They didnt try. And, pandemic, surely thats unforgivable.

liking Waleed again. insiders... Does anyone know just Liberal twat
Fri: 11am Press Conferences cancelled from Mon; youll info Health videos. Sat: Huge public journo outcry! deadly peak near? loses voters. Sun: didnt that! said wont fronting daily; still might days week.

Scott Morrison suggesting that, middle pandemic, Pfizer reaching Australia shits gigglesDo really think that most senior Pfizer people nothing else call chat?

forget that when received more vaccines it's NSW, it's purely SYDNEY. Vulnerable people REGIONAL their (and still are) having their vaccine appointments cancelled their vaccines sent Sydneysiders.

suspect Australias future rooted.
extraordinary Greg Hunt's best defence remains deny extensively documented reality.
McArthur, Liberal urged Josh Frydenberg provide support State during lockdown deduct support from share Happy COVID infected people cross border into electorate?

Morrison's option. Pfizer 2nd. It's just pure coincidence that several Coalition members just happened invest shares just prior Morrison's 'sovereign manufacturing' agreement deal made CSL. Amazing coincidence.

thing that been slowly dawning nation that Scott Morrison just smart enough job.
werent front queue. werent even queue.
didn't Waleed mention missed opportunity rollout fast with Pfizer.
Australians wherever they live want safety first response COVID failure Morrison Berejiklian release latest modelling tells shows disturbing consequences vaccination levels.

should church-goers free pass? Govts disproportionately stacked with politicians faith (compared population). They reflect attitudes their constituents. Churches have much influence SECULAR country.

Point being made, there's lack transparency ScottMorrisonMP Pfizer allocations. same issues sacked from Tourism Australia.
Wasnt Scott Morrison gifted seat that should have gone someone else?
Waleed moved over dark side exactly when?
anyone trust announcements from Scott Morrison.
shouldn't reopened until GladysB publucally releases modelling, just interpretation
Morrison Berejiklian Govts telling public they're following Doherty Modelling despite fact they're not... Then it's incumbent Prof Sharon Lewin from Doherty Institute loudly rebuke Premier, which hasn't done.

offered (incorrect) personal speculation that isn't matched data (facts). This where some journalists report federal politics full time immersed issues actually come front shows like.

mention insiders Being first government seat election opposition should garner some attention.
ScoMo Flies Entitled Skies.
Begging doses from other countries good look. Points incompetence.
peak cases coming. health system under increasing stress. ICAC sniffing around intervention $5.5m grant Maguire's electorate. Gosh, what could behind Gladys's decision suspend daily press conferences?

Plibersek: school students have horror years, they have missed learning, school formals, their social emotional well-being Speers: DATE. WHEN. Plibersek says safety first.

said this before that Chant reminds Hyacinth Buckets nervous neighbour always spilled dropped something whenever came tea.
Waleed, none that changes fact that Morrison told were front queue. lied over over.
When Australia decide that total lack transparency acceptable from governments?
Morrison Govt throw record amounts business during crisis? Yes. Morrison Govt skimp delay vaccine procurement? Yes. complicated. Details counterfactuals tril when compared clear spending priorities.

Niki Savva insiders final observation that, avoid perception that Prime Minister NSW, Scott Morrison should move family into Lodge. Thank Niki. applauded when heard that. Kirribilli House diplomatic VIPs, private home.

Good insiders take Berejiklian task abrogation responsibility middle Covid crisis. Morrison tainted association will able walk away from. couple awful people.

Found him!
Yes, some Pfizer brought forward Scott Morrison justify million dose difference between what gave million) million)? population double VIC.

Pfizer fiasco will haunt decades. cemented idea minds millions voters that they can't trusted manage health.
Time SquigglyRick insiders.
Tanya Plibersek says let's talk about vaccine supply before talk about mandating vaccines. Good Tanya.
bunch middle class people doing hedonistic things does speak lower socioeconomic, migrant disadvantaged communities. take comfort some aligned comms company overpaid many millions this.

Enjoying Waleed Insiders. Measured, considered intelligent. left call Liberal stooge right communist which means clearly well balanced.
Prime Ministers Health Ministers refusal meet with Pfizer bureaucratic delay? bureaucrats took meeting, Coalition ministers that slowed things
case Insiders forgets devote much time catastrophic failures government speech Queensland premier last week, brief overview: Berejiklian lost control people eastern Sydney virus western Sydney.

"No-one denied that South Wales didn't receive extra doses. They did. There contest there. That's slam dunk." WATCH: Niki Savva whether there secrecy around South Wales receiving additional vaccine doses.

Hunt Morrison didn't take Pfizer seriously. They thought that mRNA vaccines were experimental gave them priority. Australia brushed Pfizer off. Other countries thought differently, placed orders. This 100% fault LNP!

GladysB, today's your last presser before away hide like coward are, make most take opportunity resign, it's what citizens (and Australia) demand.

Failure fully vaccinate First Nations bloody disgrace. Something also done much better Sarah.
schools? teachers vaccinated ASAP, protecting kids below everyone around them vaccinated ASAP. Same message have contact with elderly. COVID vaccines working well elderly, immune decline with uneven risk remains.

Dear HonTonyAbbott, As volunteer fire-fighter, think people should "dob-in" arsonists cause bushfires?
unconscionable that Morrison Govt failed pass recommendations. Womens safety simply radar.
while Berejiklian took ball went home after ignoring hospital strain, mounting deaths, people socialising beaches fronting ICAC, flew home Fathers after prioritising still failing vaccines quarantine, insiders focuses Keneally.

Credlin insiders Vaccine Rollout Scott Morrison's biggest ever FAILURE??
Dan's comments vaccines have nothing with leadership change with Libs. Massive stretch from Waleed make such suggestion.
announce...that peak coming then that won't there every think that really mistake part." WATCH: Niki Savva cancellation daily COVID press conferences NSW.

What You Really Think

Absolutely spot on. I said exactly this to my husband last week.

Only Howard and Morrison haven't lived in the lodge, tells you something about both of them.

He could then see his family every day wouldnt that be nice!

Hear hear. How much does it cost Taxpayers to provide security, staff, jets, etc to TWO bloody PM "private residences", which seem to accommodate the extended family & various hangers on. ENOUGH!


Do they have a nutjob fundo Xian school for "the girls" in Canberra?

Yes I thin Savva was just making a point. I dont think she expects he would move.

Very subtle burn it'll be lost on Smirko though.

He absolutely should do that & should have done that. I assume Kirribilli is not in his electorate so he had to move his family anyway. That said, it won't play well with his "Canberra bubble" rhetoric & it will be harder to see the Sharkies play live...

I think the Jen likes to live closer to her church .

Surely home is where he built the chicken coop etc which residence was that?

Its too little & too late for Scomo to mitigate this damage - his goose is cooked! But there needs to be a process for the future that PMs understand that they live in the Lodge for the duration of their tenure or cover all costs associated with the 2nd residence.

Bit late to move now with election looming his children are settled in Syd and they need to come 1st.

Why are taxpayers paying for two homes for Morrison? If he has to have his family living in Kirribilli he ought to pay for it, or use his own home in his own electorate. It is another rort, and further cements the trope that he is PM for Sydney.

No point for less than a year left.

Wasteful use of public money.

If you want the job of PM then it stands to reason you will need to relocate to Canberra. If its not stipulated then it needs to be written into the job description. The taxpayers expect this.

No Pentecostal schools in Canberra !

A better option is to move lock, stock and barrel to Hawaii.

Niki Savva unleashed from the constraints of Murdoch Corp is a different journalist altogether unsurprisingly.

But The Lodge doesn't have harbour views now does it...

Scott prefers harbour views.

Good onya Michael and the ABC, hitting the big issues with your usual biases.

Get them the fuck out of the country.

Hopefully hell be moving out of both very very soon. And as far as Im concerned not soon enough. I want democracy back.

Yeah. But when has Scotty ever put duty before self indulgence?

Why does Daddy Scomo not want his family living at the lodge with him?

If The Prime Minister of New South Wales did that he would only be there a few more days til the next election.

Nicely said.

U must really enjoy her comments against Liberals. U are the reason I no longer watch the leftist leaning ABC. U are suppose to be impartial, but U are not.

I beginning to think that Niki Savva does not like Scott Morrison very much. samanthamaiden latingle michellegrattan Lisa_Wilkinson TamePunk BrittHiggins_ HonJulieBishop juliahbanks KellyODwyer tanya_plibersek KKeneally sarahinthesen8 SenatorWong MSM will turn soon.

Would have been a good idea At the start of his term Niki. But doing it now hed barely have time to unpack before moving out after the election.

He will always be the PM for NSW for us Victorians Cant wait to vote them out I was a Liberal supporter NO LONGER JoshFrydenberg Treasurer for NSW as well.

Totally agree with Niki. Scott wanted the job. The job is in Canberra. If Scott doesn't want to move for his job, Mr Speaker, then HE. MUST. GO.

Nikki hits the nail on the head , she has a 'radical' way with words LoL.

Morrison won't move his family to Morrison's eyes he's done NOTHING wrong...he's only done what he believes he's entitled to...its all about him...

Couldnt agree more. This total waste of taxpayer money maintaining two residences, plus the cost of transportation between the two. The US President & UK PM would not reside anywhere but the WH or No 10.

Two words: He should !

It's not a radical move. It's in line with the LNP mantra of people having to go where the job is. The practice, started by Howard and also an LNP mantra, is do as I say, not as I do.

Where is the Moderna vaccines order? ScottyFromFunerals and GladysB are playing Eugenics in NSW in favour of the wealthy.

Not that radical, Canberra literally exists for this very reason.

A few months is better than nothing but too little far too late now.

Probably a waste of time now. Only have to move out in a few months.

Tell former Labor PMs this Keating claimed living away benefits.

Whats that about? him and his Mussolini jaw not wanting to live in the fuhrer bunker? anyway that will cost us and only be until early next year.

Maybe his wife and children also get a saythis just assumes that Morrison should dictate to his family what they should be doing.

Yes anything else hat might inconvenience the Pm and his family would be a good thing according to the prune and her followers.

Never forget that whilst all of the east coast of Australia was on fire...Scotty flew out in the dead of night to be M.I.A HAWAII. Returns to Oz with his tail between his legs, calls a press conference blaming "Jen and the kids" for the family holiday.

Who is Nicki Sava? Does the nursing home know its missing? Anybody claimed it?

I think its just another in his long line of misjudgments. Yes he has school age children to consider but if your worried about that dont put your hand up for the job. Plenty of great schools in Canberra.

Moving to Canberra isn't going to save him.

Canberra is the Capital and PM should respectfully live in the lodge - show us Victorians that he is PM of Australia and not only belongs to Sydney.

Shes so bitter. Doesnt add anything useful.

Insane. Have you seen the lodge, its like an outhouse compared to Sydney property and the Sydney PM residence is one sweet crib with views of the Opera house and the bridgelets not drop standards for the PM.

Good point. I think Howard started this.

Oh yeah play straight into a leftist trap imagine the wailing, why does the PMs family get to move out of lockdown More ABC rubbish.

I reckon one thing stopping him will be lack of suitable Horizon type dingbat, indoctrinating schools.

Exactly. How much extra is it costing the taxpayer? Its not on. Is it because of the cult schooling for Scott Morrisons children at the expense of the taxpayer?

And true but I assume maybe hs wife wants to stay in Sydney.

Maybe he thought his PMship was just a temp job/short lived & not to disrupt the kids with the move(they're probably ok with it; he blames them enough for things he does).

Unfortunately the Lodge doesnt have harbour views or those lovely sea breezes.

Yes but he never will, will he.

Lady Bloody Muck has no right to advise where Scomo and his family should live.

Is there a Pentecostal school/church in Canberra?

Hard agree.

Way too late. All the costs of moving them for the summer holidays, then out again after the March election ejection?

We all know he was sent to do gods work as PM so why are you questioning what he does? This fictitious being is above all you earthlings.

Radical would be him moving to Melbourne!

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