Monday 13th of April 2020


Dear ,Utterly horrified you gave a platform to the on the issue of the crisis. This IPA are NOT medical experts. This organisation views profits as more important than human lives or the health & safety of the community..
No Australian life should be expendable And no spokesperson - valuing profits above life - should be welcomed on .Such views have harmed billions. Surely lets see that?.
We dont yet have a treatment OR a vaccine for . By campaigning for an end to the lockdown, the is putting profits above human lives, ignoring the expert medical advice. Providing them a platform on the ABC gives legitimacy to their dangerous views.
At least the interviewer took him to task about it. It was however dangerous and divisive. Usually poisonous IPA What they were in effect saying is we dont give a fuck about the community business investment is loosing profits baseline disgusting, heavily INFLUENCING the LNP.