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Is it ok That I Date my Boyfriend? We Started Dating When I Was 17 And he Was 16, Im Now 18 And Hes Still 16 And Will be 17 in a Week, People Get Really Mad at me Jokingly That its illegal And its Wrong. Were 1year And 2 Months Apart in Age. He Makes me Very Very Happy.

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My first class="u-nolinkc" href="">girlfriend and class="u-nolinkc" href="">I had class="u-nolinkc" href="">this age gap her parents brutally ripped us apart enforced no contact made her read our dirty sexting out loud Infront of her family to embarrass her She ran away on the bus to my house,we called the cops because we knew...and sure enough..soon as she was discovered missing the cops got class="u-nolinkc" href="">a call class="u-nolinkc" href="">I had abducted and was raping her Obviously class="u-nolinkc" href="">this wasn't the case,we were watching TV Fucked me up so so so badly for my first real human connection to be ripped away as it began,probably solidified my BPD.

If age divided by 2 7 > SO's age, = creep. If equal to or smaller than SO's age, != creep.
Its not about that, if they have sex and the age of class="u-nolinkc" href="">consent is 18 in their state, the guy can basically fuck the girls life up in class="u-nolinkc" href="">this class="u-nolinkc" href="">situation if he chose to.

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Morally it's absolutely fine. Sex may be illegal depending on the state, like actually. I personally think that should be changed. It's ridiculous. My state, Pennsylvania, has the most fun. The Romeo and Juliet laws make it legal for teens above 16, or a 16 and lowest 14yo, to have sex. But the second you turn 18 they can slap "corruption of minor" on you for being 18 and having sex with a 17yo. Absolutely absurd. But it's fine if nobody reports it (ex: their family doesn't like you and finds out).

*16 and 18 yo dating* Some people : "Thats too far apart! Youre too young for that!" *50 and 25 yo dating* Same people : "Awww so cute!" Thats some people's thinking &x200B; Edit : Some people may not find the 50 yo and 25 yo dating cute. Most people find it repulsive, but it depends on the person's view.

Its an absolutely understandable age gap. Only illegal part is the sexual aspect (depends on consent age of course) but these guys are just too adorable so Im certain theyre mature enough to know their limits.

Iirc even a sexual relationship is ok in some states, if they started it before she was 18. Well I live in the EU, where in many countries you are free to go at it since you are 15 or 16. Tbh it makes much more sense to me.

Now I could be **EXTREMELY** wrong but I think its something like this. Its illegal because hes still a minor and if they have sex its statutory rape however in states like mine we have something called the Romeo and Juliette law which allows 3 years I think? in age difference if they were already dating prior to one turning 18.

It really depends on where you live. What are the laws in your area?


Thank you!

Theres laws for that?

Depends on the country/state.

Yea but only a few states have r&j laws.

Not in california.

Not all states have these laws and for those that do there could be differences.

These laws are written state-to-state and we don't even know what country they are in. This is classic Reddit Lawyer if I ever saw it.

Not every country has the same laws...

To all those wondering in Romeo and Juliet Romeo was 17 Juliet was 13 So there use that information as u please.

Depends on the jurisdiction.

Not every state has romeo and juliet laws. But I still think they should be fine.

Not every state has Romeo and Juliet laws. Some states draw a strict line at 18.

Depends on the country and or state.

It depends on the state I think.

Not all states have Romeo and juliet laws. But every state allows them to date. They just can't have sex and the underage party shouldn't take nude photos of themselves to distribute.

That depends on the state only 24 states have that law.

*depends what state theyre in.

I have that card in my wallet for moments like these too. I understand you bro. Roll out boys!

This is very much state by state. I wouldn't be telling people if you're having sex but I already wouldn't worry too much.

Each state is different though so it may not fall under that law unfortunately, depending on where they are.

That depends on what state you are in, these things vary by state.

They live in the UK where age of consent is 16 anyway.

Thanks!! Ive had that before, definitely a huge compliment.

I was thinking you look like Daisy Ridley!

Yeah, same here, just a year and two months between us. We met when I was 16, and they were 17, like 2 or 3 months later, they turned 18, and I was still 16. Just kept jokes to a minimum, as they were a bit bothered by it, but now I'm 17, and they have almost 6 months till they turn 19, so we're chilling.

These comments have made me feel better lol, its just because my friends have been making fun of me a lot, saying that hes my boy toy and that its gross/illegal but when i was 17 literally 2 months ago it was fine ://.

In this case, probably don't. But age does matter most of time.

Were in the UK so my friends (who i no longer speak to) were just not happy we were together for some reason.

Ive liked him since we met 4 years ago but i out it off until we were older to even think of him like that properly, i waisted a lot of time. Go for it!

This. Theres literally nothing wrong with this, a 14 month age gap is no wheres far from the average.

Totally. But it shouldn't happen, people have the right to be happy regardless of their sex or orientation.

Well, not necessarily. There's rules against being in relationships with minors, and also people who aren't capable of making decisions or thinking for themselves, like people with extreme mental disabilities, or babies. So that would still be extremely illegal.

Romeo and Juliet laws ?

They're in the uk, aoc is 16.

Sometimes even 5 years where I live, But rarely.

Yes, romeo and juliet law is 4 years between a minor and an adult.

If i'm 18 and i date a girl who is 17, is it illegal?

Yeah, theres a few just calling me sweet names and others asking if me or my boyfriend are single.

Redditors when they discover female lol.

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