Is This a Joke? I Have to Grind 8 Months For One Legendary Skin in The Shop?

Wednesday 5th of October 2022

Is This a Joke? I Have to Grind 8 Months For One Legendary Skin in The Shop?

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Jokes on them then, class="u-nolinkc" href="">I only spend class="u-nolinkc" href="">money on devs class="u-nolinkc" href="">I like. When class="u-nolinkc" href="">a game is super generous, it puts me in class="u-nolinkc" href="">a great class="u-nolinkc" href="">mood with them. And the few times class="u-nolinkc" href="">I see something class="u-nolinkc" href="">I class="u-nolinkc" href="">REALLY want from them, class="u-nolinkc" href="">I say fuck it. They've been cool, I'll splurge some class="u-nolinkc" href="">cash on this, class="u-nolinkc" href="">why not. When class="u-nolinkc" href="">a game is greedy as fuck like this? Fuck them lmao. class="u-nolinkc" href="">I aint giving shit.

That's... not going to happen. :) Not for class="u-nolinkc" href="">a single skin. if they actually offered more for the money, then yes.
Yep, class="u-nolinkc" href="">this is the hook. It's free to play, so you start playing for free. You enjoy the game, but there's things you want. You have some self-control for class="u-nolinkc" href="">a while. Eventually you decide it's worth it to pay them. You come up with class="u-nolinkc" href="">a justification, you buy the cosmetics. Two years down the road, you've now spent more class="u-nolinkc" href="">money on the game than you care to admit. You can't stop playing or you miss the latest thing. The developers are fabulously wealthy. Someone on class="u-nolinkc" href="">Reddit gets mad at you and insists class="u-nolinkc" href="">this is class="u-nolinkc" href="">a consumer friendly model and is objectively better than class="u-nolinkc" href="">a single class="u-nolinkc" href="">price buy. EDIT: class="u-nolinkc" href="">I said "developers" referring to the company as class="u-nolinkc" href="">a whole, for brevity because class="u-nolinkc" href="">I don't overthink class="u-nolinkc" href="">Reddit comments. class="u-nolinkc" href="">I don't need 1000 class="u-nolinkc" href="">people clarifying in the replies... class="u-nolinkc" href="">I follow gaming news very closely, class="u-nolinkc" href="">I know the deal. Thanks.

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But instead people are going to say fuck it and uninstall the game.

This is a valid complaint imo. Battle pass currency is a great incentive for actually participating in the paid content at a "discount" so to speak. If anything they should add this feature and people would probably complain less.

That is actually fucked. Every single game that has a battle pass that Ive played gave me more coins than the cost of the next battle pass. Like warzone gives 1300 throughout each pass. Never had to actually pay for one since the very beginning.

No better way to ensure if you want the new stuff you absolutely have to keep spending money. Even tho history has proven that if people have currency sitting they will most likely spend it and just buy the next pass anyway. Ya know give them the choice they spend money make them feel like they have to and they revolt.

Hoping it will be readjusted as time goes on to give you more but knowing Blizzard instead of 8 months it'll take \*gasp\* 7 months. lol.

Fortnite was incredibly huge, and it gives you enough for the next bp some more. Warzone is huge, same situation as Fortnite. No idea why they can't just copy 2 of the most successful games to ever have this system. Not like it hurt those 2 games. Hopefully the community puts enough pressure on them, so they'll have to rethink this.

I dont want a fkn voice line every 5 levels i want some currency, why do they think people actually want voicelinew.

They want you to give them money every 9 weeks for the battle pass.

Wait, you don't? So you legit have to pay for each battle pass out of pocket? Lol. Man if I ever meet one of these folks who get upset when we criticize this battle pass, I swear imma slap 'em. I don't mind a battle pass but this fucking sucks bro.

Founders are not even getting the battle pass. Didnt play for 2-3 years and wanted to try and just received 2 skins this game is doomed.

Im hoping people are loud enough about this one that they change how it works in Season 2.

If you did every weekly challenge, you're getting 60 a week. If the battle passes all last 2 months, that is 480 per battle pass period. This means even after 4 months you're 40 away from the next battle pass, or unlocking the one you're currently on. This is definitely by design. If you got to the end of the second battle pass, with 960 coins, and the season is about to end, you might want to unlock that battle pass you had grinded to get coins for. But this means you have to spend money to make up that 40 coin difference Of course, that leaves you with 460 coins leftover (presumably for the next pass), and the cycle continues. This is why, unlike in other games, you can buy EXACTLY the right number of coins for the battle pass.

Yeah this will hopefully be changed or I ain't buying shit. 12$ for a BP seemed like a good deal knowing that if I played enough during the season, I'd get enough currency to buy the next one and get a streak going until I stopped grinding. Paying 12$ knowing full well I'll have to pay another 12$ in 3 months no matter how much I play this season? Nah I'm good. To me, giving currency in the BP was a reward for loyal/committed players.

Hopefully we'll see a change to this.

Surprised more people arent talking about this. Blizzard expects us to pay $20 for those laughably bad skins.

> Those Junker Queen legendaries are hardly even legendaries. Her epic looks more unique than her legendary skins. Zarya all over again, I see...

It reminds me of the launch legendary skins for new heroes in OW1, but that wasn't so bad anyway because you'd just pull them out of lootboxes. Asking for money for these skins though is insanity.

Same for Sojourn honestly.

Take a look at how ugly sojourns are. Real downgrade in the cosmetics department so far.

I clicked it last night when I logged in nearly all my heroes were suddenly locked from being played. I should have them all unlocked at the moment for being an OW1 vet. I didn't buy the Battlepass, mind you. I have zero plans on giving them a dime in OW1. I just thought maybe they had some stupid YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THE BP AT LEAST ONCE TO GET YOUR HEROES thing. Nope. It was just a server bug, supposedly. They actually put in the effort for a tutorial on how to use the Battle Pass.

My strategy is to never, ever pay a cent or spend a single minute trying to get a fucking skin. Even Reddit the other week was trying to give me a free custom avatar that normally costs something and I turned it down. The prompt was like Are you sure? This is your only chance for a free picture of our mascot in a goofy outfit? Yeah, Im good.

Dawg, that's smart AF!! Ill need to take a note of that.

Seriously. I played OW1 for 2 days after getting the watchpoint pack and got 500 coins in 2 days.

So THAT'S why they shut down OW1.

I saved 3000 credits, thinking that I could at least buy one legendary stock skin for each of the three new heroes... Nope, not even two.

You're getting closer to your goal of unlocking things, but further away from Blizzards goal of opening your wallet. :).

They do stuff like this in wow all the time. The idea is that people who no life it can still get ahead, but not super far ahead to the point where the casuals get mad. It kinda makes sense for character power progression, but doesn't make any sense for cosmetics lol.

The hint starts with a C and ends in REDIT CARD They are hitting you with the mastercard jutsu, fam.

Frontloading rewards is typically a good thing. The amount of rewards here is the negative.

I definitely dont want it reversed! Best rewards first, please.

What'd wrong with you? Do you not like the idea of playing 8 months to get the skin? The feeling of satisfaction and achievement you get when you finally get that skin? Pfft. Gamers are so entitled.

Even if you find time to only complete one, you get the best price. It's being considerate towards the playerbase that has a life.

This is the biggest issue I have with FTP games. They have killed the quality standard of the video game industry. Under this model games that used to be a 100 hours with tons of unlockables and fun multiplayer modes becomes 1-3 constant game types with rotating quarterly events and skins that cost $20 a pop with no unlocks.

Even if they were the regular 1000 it would still take over 4 months to earn a legendary skin without spending money. ~3 skins a year is laughable.

This is my biggest take away from this; They're over charging and under-rewarding players. The whole system isn't bad, but it really really needs to be adjusted. Overwatch 1 had one of the better end-user reward systems; You could earn yourself a randomized set of prizes every few games. It felt good to unlock stuff by just playing. You didn't have to invest hours on hours to get something (which could be a legendary skin) given to you. OW2 expects you to pay money OR play for over half a year to be able to earn a single legendary skin. In that game time OW2 could have rewarded you with multiple. OW2 is NOT rewarding and doesn't respect the players time. It doesn't feel good to unlock stuff. Adjust the system.

Rub it in the face of every single "but it's free" commenter and others who defend this billion dollar company's decision. I'm being genuine: Can't stand those who put up with this filth.

I havent played yet, are my OW1 skins carried over to 2?? How about currency?

Considering what $40 gets you now, I don't blame you. I'm still mad that they're locking heroes behind paywalls or grinds that you can't save up a currency for at least. Paid players deserve SOMETHING.

Yeah. The FOMO you must play everyday thing sucks.

Yep, the instant they announced F2P, I was out. A hard-to-swallow pill of "at least the lootboxes are only cosmetic" was one I took for OW1, because "buy game, own all gameplay elements including updates" is a compromise I was settled for. Now they aren't even trying. OW2 will now openly and without being abashed ask you for money and time, when all you want to do is play a video game for entertainment. Such a disgusting trend in the industry these days, and I cannot fathom why so many (especially those who played OW1) are just okay with this or actually call it an improvement (barf).

In OW1, even with the lootboxes $10 would typically give you a legendary and a BUNCH of other stuff.

Tryin to squeeze what they can out of returning players before the game inevitably dies again lol.

>BUT WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE WTF Because of this >I honestly don't mind the skins costing currency.

So far the only way to get Coin in Ow2 is either buy via Store or scrape them off Weekly Challenges. Thats its. Cash or hard grind for 60c a week.

No, you either buy them with real money, or you grind ALL 11 weekly challenges for 60 coins per week. After 1 season (9 weeks) that's not even enough to buy the next season Pass. 540 earned, pass costs 1000 coins. This is by far the worst battle pass system I have ever seen.

Its the only way to earn the currency, none in the battle pass, the only other option is to pay :/.

Yeah thats insane, it makes me wonder like when Blizzard hired a new money guy, he was probably like holy shit youre like giving away these skins once a year during Halloween? We could make a fortune!!! Whats the matter with you all? Letting players enjoy the game? Shame on you! They have to payagain! All he had to do was, ya know, make the players feel like shit. Edit: of course the game is still playable and enjoyable, but a skin that was essentially free becoming $20yeah its not a shocker that people are gonna complain about that.

What's fucked is if you bought OW1 and didn't unlock a skin, you now have to pay for it. Even if it was one the game shipped with.

I got on to see what the deal was... saw the prices and instantly got turned off played a match and got to experience the new graphical overhaul (puke) ... got play of the game, MVP, 3 quests done in a single game -- then uninstalled it if i could revoke my license for overwatch so i could get this game off my blizz account i would in a heartbeat.. infact i have a ticket open right now.

With 3 skins you could buy the original game at launch.

Yes, exactly.

Cause they want you to play the game like it's a subscription service like WoW. The quality of battle passes for every game have just gone so downhill its pathetic. Fucking filler everywhere. Low quality skins marked as legendary. Then make other skins insanely overpriced cause they put 5 more minutes of work in over the BP ones.

Same tbh. And Im someone from OW1 who loved to collect everything. I just cant justify spending money on things I should be able to earn.

Including new heros.

Same. I feel like the Battle Pass is almost always a fair deal and - although I hate to damit it - gives me a few more reasons to keep going and offer progression, besides just fun. But if its this predatory to begin with, in no fucking way am I buying the Battle Pass or anything else from the store.

Same here, I was willing to give the first pass a go but it's very greedy and grindy plus no ingame currency to get the next pass afterwards.

Yeah its like even with a game pass the game is unbearable.

I had the same mindset in OW1 before I fully grasped what the monetization scheme there was really like: I won't spend any money on loot-boxes, I'll just use the default skins or the recolored versions to better suit my tastes: "Ashe looks good, but her Tansy (blue) skin is better; Soldier:76 looks too 'Cyberpunk Capt. America,' but his Jet (black) skin is perfect." I didn't want to use the epics/legendaries or even care about having them until I had enough coins from duplicates that I could just buy them outright. Even then, it wasn't out of some desire to have them; it was more for the sake of having a complete set.

To be frank, when I logged in and saw, that a pass is "just" 10 for 9 weeks, I was like: "Hm yeah okay, let's get it". It was only after I bought it, that I realized, that I get no currency from it, I can't play to earn my way to the next Pass and there is NO WAY to get voice lines, sprays, emotes etc. without paying real money. (Old Legacy coins aside, which will run out eventually) I feel disgusted for having paid 10 to this trainwreck of a monetization system.

Yep, I was kind of annoyed at myself for wanting the BP because of how much I love OW anyway. But then I saw the contents and went "huh, now i'm not even tempted". It's just a weak one over all imo.

People say this about every F2P game and they always end up making billions. Valorant sells $20 gun skins on top of having a shitty battle pass and locking heroes behind a paywall (or hefty grind), and it prints money and has for years now. The average gamer sees nothing wrong with predatory monetization. Particularly the younger generation who have grown up with loot boxes and battle passes.

Banshee Moira <3. But thats for us who got in OW1. Really must suck for new players.

>David Bowie lookin ass skins this is exactly why those skins are my favourite, lmao.

1900 for a legendary skin, yes.

Weirdest thing is that you can pay for bunch of them with the legacy credits if you played OW1. I have like 9000 stored but honestly had I known it was going to be this fucked up I would have grinded the game for a month before the release. It's also a weird decision like there are definitely people with 100k legacy credits. Or more. How are those people ever going to feel the need to pay money? Such an incredibly weird system they decided to make... Honestly there should be two kinds of currency - the old credits that you still get after every game and that you can use to get the old skins and some of the less premium ones and the new currency that is real money paid and is used to buy you battlepass and premium skins... I mean that's a nobrainer no? Why did they make it so complicated and weird...

Nope, fortnite set this trend - many other games followed it, but some other scumbag greedy fuck ass cancer companies like Riot games (valorant) and some other companies mentioned in this thread, went like "lmao what if i gave them jackshit so they pay me another 20 bucks in a few weeks loool" and that is slowly becoming the norm.

Some games do it, others dont. I know CoD and Fortnite do it, but other games like Destiny give you an alternate currency to buy stuff in the in-game stores as opposed to the currency you use to buy the actual expansions and seasons. Then there are other games like Sea of Thieves and this which give you barely nowhere near enough to unlock anything so youre forced into buying more currency if you want anything remotely good.

I dont think this is the case for either leagues battlepass (though that one is very light on stuff in general) or the one for TFT.

You had a successful merge?

To make the BP look like a much better deal. Look, its got several skins in it!

Thats exactly what they want you to do. Just dont buy skins and dont worry about it. Done. Classic skins only.

> youre better off just doing your job for an hour longer and buying what you want And that is why microtransactions are a cancer.

But even so, this means that a single legendary skin is 19 in real world money. Outside of the battle pass, the price for cosmetics is insane.

Thats the motto for every p2w mmorpg ever created Why grind lesser wyverns for 10 hours in a chance to drop a weapon when I can stay at work 30minutes longer and just pay the cash shop for the weapon I want I think Gopher explained it perfectly when the Fallout 76 backlash only began to be a thing. When you purposely build your game to be counter-productive by playing it you already lost. Or something like that.

Also, better get 20 team kills in a week or you won't even get the max coins from challenges.

Watch a lot of people just suck it up and pay for the battle pass anyway.

The problem is people are fcking stupid and will purchase this shit. They have done the calculations I guarantee and determined that they would make the most money at this price point.

Activision-Blizzard. It is a carbon copy of Call of Duty's current cosmetic system. That's also why we now have stupid weapon charms and profile title cards.

I don't miss lootboxes at all, but I do miss them being generous. The problem now is not that they removed loot boxes and there's a BP. It's that the current system isn't as generous regardless of those things. They could include coins in BP, give more in the weeklies and/or whatever else and I don't think we'd see as many posts and criticisms about the new monetization.

Yea even without getting a single duplicate/credits in loot boxes, highly unlikely i know but for the sake of comparison it was "only" 40 or 120 games of flex picking. The difference is ridiculous.

I wanna buy reskins for my server error screen.

Halo Infinite is atrocious as well.

Diablo immortal says hello.

Allow me to introduce Halo Infinite.

/valorant disagrees with you but ok.

Valorant is even worse though , 0 currency to bp and free owners and they have like super low effort skins in there bp , the ones you consider epic skins in OW is all they have in bp. Though i really hope OW gives currency to bp owners but it seems unlikely.

Yeah. It really feels like this sub did a 180 from look at all the cool stuff in the battlepass! real fucking quick.

Look I think that blizzard sucks now as much as the next guy but saying they are gonna go bankrupt is just totally detached from reality.

Bankrupt after being bought by Microsoft? Eve alone the IPs they own will never let them go bankcrupt.

Maybe Microsoft can save them. Bring them to Game Pass!!

I don't think this is coming from the OverWatch team. This doesn't make them money, it makes Activision/Blizzard money.

That particular rule really does affect a lot of young players.

Had us in the first half ngl.

I think I'm about to be done with that one. It's actually not that bad since you only need teamkills done by your entire team.

Team kills are different in ow2. I have played the game and it is much more fast paced. Removing of a tank gets rid of shields and one player to kill. I have played two games and already got a team kill.

I played last night for a few hours and got 6 team kills lol.

Give it a few years and we'll see Overwatch Classic.

ALL cosmetics from ow1 purchasable in ow2, if you dont have any, cost over 12 000usd, tell me something about greedy blizard with diablo, this game is fucke d.

I'm pretty sure there was a warning in the final month of OW1 saying "this will be the last chance to buy skins with in game currency".

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