Friday 18th of November 2022

Is This Really The End of Twitter?

Social Media Says

this really Twitter, just know went with VIBES!
this really Twitter?
this really Twitter...I hope take thing with Mets lost.
this really twitter, like keep mind final thing before Cruz sucks.
case this really Twitter, here some very helpful instructions making yoghurt telephone. call anytime. (Just keep string tight.).
this really Twitter just want tell all, from bottom heart: this been colossal waste time
this really Twitter just remember BODYARMOR >.
this really Twitter, just remember thing Patrick Mahomes greatest ever live.
this really Twitter will miss cricket community here particular. memes, jokes, debates, weather reports always having company while watching matches hours. Thanks all!

Wellif this final tweets before Twitter dies, just that really hope after gone itll like Truman Show where cheer then change channel something else.

really happening? Lol Is Twitter really ending Woah crazy crazy might first last official tweet people seeing this thanks because everything wouldn't possible weren't byeeee.

think steelmanned version this that blockchains themselves aren't slow, clunky, expensive, user experience often really horrible functionally they *seem* such user. Thankfully that's solvable problem.

this really end...what most iconic Hockey Twitter moment? We'll start... (courtesy soIoucity).
this really Twitter would just like that self-manage your abortion, recommends swallow 200mg mifepristone, wait 24-48 hours, dissolve 800mcg pills) misoprostol between cheek gums.

this really Thanks all!! really loved being part twitter community.
this really Twitter, probably find here: have idea yet!
this really Twitter? Oh dont true..
this really Twitter, heres Apple getting cooked more time.
this really Twitter? Where Twitter bae?
this really Twitter then like South Africans remember that cult leader Julius Malema looted destroyed VBS. stole life savings widows, grannies orphans alcohol, cocaine designer clothing. Never ever forget this.

this really Twitter just like that never cared what thought about Gonzaga's conference affiliation.

What You Really Think

LOL, you wish.

Not the other Twitter but hopefully it's the end of BBC News bunch of f****** Liars.

Its not looking particularly great so far. Will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days with all the staff that just left and various issues going on behind the scenes. Plus the leaks from ex staff describing whats happening.

Probably not. But it will get a lot worse.

Wish the BBC was ended.

Hurting much ?

And now, the end is near, and so I face my final pile on.

It will go down within a month, guaranteed. It might come back up.

No it is the beginning.

Hope so - it is absolutely pants!

What's twitter ?

Are you still here.

When Trump returns it will be bigger than ever.

Why would he pay billions for it and then close it down?


No it's the end of public service journalism.

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