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Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Israel, The United Arab Emirates, And Bahrain Will Establish Embassies, Exchange Ambassadors, And Begin to Work Together as Partners. "They Are Friends.".

Left California for Arizona. Leaving Arizona after a GREAT meeting with our incredible Hispanic community. Heard fantastic and inspiring success stories. Will be landing in Washington (D.C.) soon! Big White House ceremony tomorrow morning with Israel, UAE, and Bahrain.

HISTORIC day for PEACE in the Middle East I am welcoming leaders from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain to the White House to sign landmark deals that no one thought was possible. countries to follow!

After decades of division and conflict, we mark the dawn of a new Middle East. Congratulations to the people of Israel, the people of the United Arab Emirates, and the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain. God Bless You All!

The Democratic Republic of North Korea has not remained on the map because of The United States of Americas eternal love for the communist nation. Neither is The State of Israel flourishing in the middle of the Middle East due to the affection from the Arab states around it.

For those saying it is no big deal because Israel has never been in a shooting war with these two countries, now do Kosovo and Serbia.
I'm reporting from the walls of Old City Jerusalem the Capital of Israel, as a Jew this moment in history is truly momentous, President realDonaldTrump has done more in just 3 short years what Obama couldn't in 8 years. Nobel Peace Prize!!!

.realDonaldTrump campaign launching coalition to galvanize Jewish voters Fox News.
One thing is very clear, the MAGA regime didnt broker any sort of peace accord between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain because none of them were at war. They did however thank Jared Kushner on National tv which could only mean its a money laundering fraud scheme. Pretty obvious.

This aged well. From Jan. 2017.
Yeah, too bad he can't save America, so why doesn't he run in Israel then. He's Doing a Shitty job Here. Go Run in Isreal!!!
As a determined supporter of the State of Israel, the election of Joe Biden & radical Democrats, there will ensure war in the Middle East. Trump is the only one who can deliver piece to this inflammable area. I'm voting Trump! Are you?

CNN Criticizes Israel, Arab Leaders For Shaking Hands In The Middle Of A Pandemic.
A new pro-vegan television advert - Israel's first - has reached 35% of the nation's population, by being broadcast during one of the country's most popular T.V shows.
Peace is good word! Why only Israel? Why not US? US on greatest threats on Covid-19 and Wildfires but one eyed by the WhiteHouse? realDonaldTrump & Dr. Fauci predicted 200,000 deaths by October-end but today's worldometer report is Coronavirus Cases: 6,787,285 Deaths: 200,163.

AFP: President Trump expects Saudi Arabia will join move to recognize Israel.
Another fascinating element of todays peace deal is the rejection of the previous Administrations efforts to center the Middle East around Iran. Given a choice between greater Iranian influence or greater Israeli influence, many Arab nations pick Israel. The times are changing.

President Trump has helped broker peace between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. Joe Biden gave a speech in a field and slapped at a huge bug on his neck.
Its not a peace deal. Its an arms deal. UAE and Bahrain worked covertly with Israel. They never fought. Both UAE and Bahrain sold out the Palestinians for weaponry. IE: F-35 and missile systems. Ppl this is not a peace deal its an arms deal cloaked as a peace agreement.

His predecessors could never do it but Trump did ! President Trump on Tuesday celebrated the signing of the Abraham Accords, a peace deal between Israel and Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates brokered by the United States.

THREAD realBobWoodward says realDonaldTrump is "the wrong man for the job." The entire Middle East disagrees.
Israel-Saudi peace is the big one. These peace deals are clearing the hurdles for that moment. Not sure we're there just yet, but it's within striking distance. Once thought impossible to pull off, now within scope of possibilities.

I support Israel But Israel needs to do some soul searching as it pertains to cozying up to trump This can't sustain.
Thank you President Trump. You have unequivocally stood by Israel's side and boldly confronted the tyrants of Tehran. You've proposed a realistic vision for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And you have successfully brokered the historic peace that we are signing today.

This is no Middle East Peace Agreement. This was some brokered campaign deal between two compromised and friendly neighbors, Israel and UAE because they've been at war since never. The Deal does nothing but agree to sign the deal. Next week, Israel and the Bahamas.

So funny yall mention Palestine. What does the Palestinian Territories have to do with the agreement? they arent part of israel, theyre separated and have their own government. yall think ur so educated.

Trump expects Saudi Arabia will join move to recognize Israel.
Our stance is very clear from day one and Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had said Pakistan can never accept state of Israel until the people of Palestine get rights and state, said ImranKhanPTI.
It was not only a great honor to be at the White House for the signing of the Abraham Accords between Israel-UAE-Bahrain, but a truly historic moment to witness as President realDonaldTrumps efforts are leading to a peace in the ME most (myself included) thought was too elusive.

"Today what we did was we shattered an amazing barrier," Jared Kushner said. "Bringing the Arab countries together with Israel hopefully marks the beginning of the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict.".
Historic day at the WhiteHouse as leaders from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain sign landmark peace deals! Thanks to President realDonaldTrumps bold diplomacy, these agreements mark the beginning of a new era toward peace in the Middle East.

As someone who grew up in the UAE and saw my textbooks redacted of any mention of Israel and my family prohibited from visiting Israel, reporters downplaying the agreement b/w Israel, the UAE, and Baharain out of fear of having to give Trump credit are hurting their credibility.

"Experts" predicted carnage if Trump moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. "Experts" predicted nothing would result from Trump's Middle East peace efforts. Now "experts" down play the magnitude of the Israel/UAE/Bahrain deal because it makes "experts" look stupid.

Reagan playbook. Peace through strength. The tough stance with Iran, the strong rebuilt relationship with Israel and oil off the table with American energy independence l..and a backdoor effort to build a middle east coalition. Thats foreign policy.

This is pure, unadulterated bullshit. In the latest large Arab public opinion poll about Palestine/Israel, people who opposed Israel were asked to give their reason. The majority didn't say "because we hate Jews". They said "because Israel oppresses the Palestinians".

Saudi - Israel deal is impossible to overstate the significance of this. True legacy work.
This day is a pivot of history. It heralds a new dawn of peace. For thousands of years, the Jewish people have prayed for peace. For decades, the Jewish state has prayed for peace. The people of Israel well know the price of war.

Make no mistake, the gravity & impact of this historic deal between Israel, UAE, & Bahrain would be plastered all over liberal media outlets if it were Obama in the middle of it. But, because the Trump administration is in office, youll only hear about what it doesnt do.

UAE and Bahrain sign historic diplomatic normalisation accords with Israel.
Israels national anthem played at the Burj Khalifa Dubai.
The Abraham Accords are not only a huge achievement for Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain but will serve as an example of what can happen when you put past conflicts aside and set your focus on creating a future of peace and prosperity.

Incredible. Netanyahu and Trump say 5 or 6 more Mideast countries are ready to make peace with Israel.
"Trump administration orders Al Jazeera to register as foreign agent." Shameful bit of pandering to Israel and UAE. If Al Jazeera is a foreign agent then every U.S. Media outlet should be forced to register as such in every country abroad where they work.

"Without the Palestinians, Israeli normalisation is still beyond reach" - My latest for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace ]CarnegieEndow] - without adhering to international law, Israel's position in the region remains non-normalised.

A historic day here at the WhiteHouse as POTUS works to rebuild trust with our regional partners in Israel, UAE & the Kingdom of Bahrain, identify their shared interests & move away from the conflicts of the past.

God told us in 2011 that the relationship between America and Israel would be stronger than ever before! ....
So well done the way you exposed how *Trump spent a billion dollars! No successes to claim as his own! Even had to sell arms to U.A.E. to get them to sign treaty with Israel! Touting stock market ad our Fed dumped almost 3 1/2 trillion dollars into it!

If Trump's elected he's gonna start a warnulb Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem means warnulb Killing Soleimani means war in the Middle Eastnulb Today's News: Arab nations UAE and Bahrain sign a historic Peace Agreement with Israel, at the White House.

From 2017 Kerry: Trump moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would lead to a Mideast explosion. Ah...John...wheres the explosion? I think the explosion is inside your head(figuratively speaking libs). The comments sure didnt end well for ]Kerry].

This will surely build your faith in God! A newborn baby was pronounced dead by Doctors, but the Mother lifted her voice and cried to God. The baby jacked back to life... Hallelujah! Never underestimate the power of a praying Mother.

Were here this afternoon to change the course of history, President Trump said as the UAE and Bahrain signed agreements to normalize relations with Israel.
I want to congratulate Israel, U.A.E., and Bahrain on signing the Abraham Accords. This is a monumental step for peace in the Middle East. The Trump Administration worked hard to get this win. Lets continue these great steps forward!

I cant believe you fall for that bullshit. Give you head a wobble. "Shooting rockets out of schools and hospitals" which schools and hospitals have direct line of site to Israeli land? They're voting for a government that stands for them. The terrorists are the brainwashed Israel.

Congratulations to President realDonaldTrump for refusing to follow the foreign policy so-called "experts" who have failed again and again and go in a new direction. GO TRUMP nulb.
Arab states are tired of Palestinian fantasies, Israel is tired of their violence.
For those who need to hear this, an economic deal between Arab countries that are not at war with Israel and leaving out the Palestinians is not a peace deal, stop calling it one.
HISTORY: Israel, UAE, Bahrain sign accords normalizing relations at The White House.
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Four countries, not at war sign a "peace agreement" to normalize the illegal occupation & apartheid of Palestine by Israel, increase trade/tourism, and the sale of weapons of war. A win for human rights violators worldwide.

Historic! President Donald Trump, Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Bahrain FM Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa & United Arab Emirates FM Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan sign historic peace deal for full normalization of ties. One may not like Trump but he has truly achieved the unthinkable.

After today, Trump deserves that Nobel Peace Prize. Historic day for this country, Israel and the UAE.
Up To 9 Additional Nations Could Join Peace Deal With Israel, Including Saudi Arabia, Trump Says.
Yes they're unelected, and yes they are fiefdoms, and yes, they are autocratic- I know this deal is an arms deal essentially, i get the criticism, but if Israel can't make peace with unelected regimes, exactly who is it supposed to make peace with?

Trump was just on Fox & Friends talking about how the UAE/Israel peace agreement, other Arab countries want to join. Palestine will be left out & should also want join. He wants to end ridiculous wars like prior tines, we could be entering out longest peacetime since1935-40 DYKT?

I guess securing Israel so they can continue to commit war crimes, steal land and genocide the Palestinians is more important than bringing peace to our American cities.
Today is a historic day for peace in the Middle East. President realDonaldTrump has achieved the first two peace agreements for Israel in a quarter of a century.
Im Jewish and a supporter of Israel. That being said, this treaty signed by realDonaldTrump & his brother in corruption Netanyahu and Bahrain, is a complete piece of phony trash meant to distract. Netanyahu desperately wants Trump to stay in power. Its a worthless document.

Plus the USA is selling Bahrain new and better fighter jets. How the hell does that compute with any Damn Peace? Anyone wanna chime in? Nothing up their sleeves!
Did Barack Obama ever even go to Israel? What a POS. Worst President in U.S. history. Am I right?
Abraham Accords Peace Agreement: Treaty of Peace, Diplomatic Relations and Full Normalization Between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel.
Most emphasis is on bilateral aspects between UAE & Israel. Science, technology, healthcare and water all get mentions but final status issues between Israel & Palestine dont. Different from agreements in 1978 and 1994, shows focus shifting from Palestinian-Israeli issue.

What You Really Think

"As Israelis celebrate, Palestinians decry disgraceful UAE and Bahrain deals.Abbas: No peace or security without ending occupation; hundreds gather at several protests in the West Bank and Gaza, two rockets fired into Israel from Strip during DC ceremony.

198,385 dead due to the Trumpvirus as of 9/15/2020 pm. RESIGN.

The recent Payroll Tax Suspension will severely impact Social Security and Medicare or defund it completely. You can find many news articles using Google on this subject. No matter your party it would be insane to give up the most valuable benefit you have to be able to retire.

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I'm trying to figure out where trump plays into all of this?