Israeli Ambassador UK Tzipi Hotovely Speaks

Thursday 20th of May 2021

Israeli Ambassador to UK Tzipi Hotovely Speaks to Krishgm About The Two-state Solution And Civilian Casualties.

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Israeli Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely speaks krishgm about two-state solution civilian casualties.

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Just can't listen to her truth-bending, how dare she talk about respecting international law, makes my blood boil, she doesn't even realise how much disservice in the long term she (and barbaric Netanyahu's regime) is doing to Jewish people, peace out.

Krishnan is great and tried his best there, but he could've fairly easily (although she is a nasty piece of work***) probe her more and called her out on so many of her brazen lies, I guess he's too civil to stoop to her level.

A devil in human form.

Please ask Hotovely whats the difference between Israel & Hamas. Israel also used terrorism; to this day it does not condemn but actually celebrates terrorist bombing of King David Hotel in 1946 - 91 killed 1/n.

Slightly disappointed there. why do interviewers let interviewee's get away with not answering questions and letting them spew their dogpile verbal diarrhoea without obstruction ?

Thank you for this thorough interrogation of too often repeated and unchallenged narratives surrounding this conflict . Channel 4 News going where others fear to tread .

Has anyone asked if remnants or evidence of weapons have been found in the rubble of the schools, houses and bookshops that have been destroyed? Alternatively is there footage by the multiple news crews there of any movement by Hamas of their cache of weapons?

Getting tired of TzipiHotovely interviews. Same responses on BBC, Sky News and now Channel 4. It takes TWO to cause a conflict. Get her off the TV.

Well done to have kept your calm, Krishnan. I wouldn't have been able to. This woman was just awful, the contrary of what a serious diplomat should be.

K you must do better and do some reading on the topic.

She is not a diplomat...she makes many valid legal points, but DIPLOMACY requires the recognition of humanity and needs of the other side in the discussion. If she wont recognise the other side at all how can she relate / negotiate ?

Same old tired arguments from an official for genocide.

All the time Israel has the unwavering support of the US government, which is terrified of the Jewish lobby there, Israel can do as it pleases and not be accountable.

I lived on Kibbutz Zikim in 96. 5 miles from Gaza checkpoint. The Palestinian people I met were always very lovely; made to do 4 hours birder crossing checks to come and work. Even in a peaceful period they were treated as 2nd class.

For some background: Tzipi Hotovely: a self-described "religious right-winger" In 2013 Hotovely rejected Palestinian statehood aspirations, supporting a Greater Israel spanning over the entire land of current Israel, along with the Palestinian Territories.

Your interviewer wasn't knowledgeable nor sharp enough to have this discussion. There's so many opportunities to challenge the narrative that were wasted. Please try harder.

I struggled to understand her English and her logic. Very toxic woman. You did well to keep the heid !!

Evil people excuse Genocide.

Its like she has a script and no matter what question you ask, she wont dete from it. Her language and attitude show contempt towards you and your questions because you are not toeing the line and wont let her spout her false propaganda.

What's the point of having shameless liars like Hotovely on?

Huge props for saying so damn professional and calm. She was just awful.

You should have grilled her more about the treatment of Palestinians on the daily basis and stop using Hamas rockets as excuses. If tomorrow Hamas is gone , do you really believe the Zionists will stop killing children? Its in their DNA to steal, cheat and murder innocents.

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