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Monday 8th of June 2020

Remember When Issa And Molly Knew How to Use Their Words?

Remember when Issa and Molly knew how to use their words?
Nathan: *talls shit about lawrence* InsecureHBO Issa.
Molly is a bitch. Issa need to drop her and Nathan lol.
The amount of sex Lawrence and Issa having is truly disrespectful. I'mma cry.
And Issa is kinda Joan just without the coins... awkward af always gotta song for the occasion, corny sense of humor (which I like).
Lyive that Issa didn't grovel or give Molly anymore energy. That "okay" was all she deserved.
You ruined Issa's event, you cuss out your bf's brother, you refuse to listen to Andrew when he tells you you're wrong, you don't reach out, you apologize for nothing even after therapy AND you couldn't even get the damn Indian food?! I'm sick of it!!

Issa: Me & my ex got back together. Nathan: The one you cheated on? Me.
I love it so much ! I find Issa awkward and hilarious ? did you watch the Coachella episode ?
If Issa had a dick Molly would try harder. Ok.
If Issa is serious about being with Lawrence she needs to let Nathan go. They cannot be friends because feelings are still involved.
Issa and Molly is proof that friends outgrow each other.
Damn Molly said the exact opposite of what Issa said about this lil brunch date smh.
Issa need to leave Molly and Nathan in the dust and ride off into the sunset with Lawrence.
It kills me how Molly can't fuck w/ Issa unless Issa is fumbling & stumbling through life instead of winning ?
Andrew is Issa's biggest fan and Molly cannot stand it.
Poor Issa can never have all aspects of her life together at one time ?
How was she really expected issa to reply to that abeg.
Issa has had the most growth and good for her. Shoot. She's getting her life together!
Issa and Lawrence better not had gotten back together just for him to move to San Francisco.
Issa could have just been single and dated them both. She creating a problem where there doesn't need to be one.
Insecure always make me feel some type of way after each episode 2night I'm irritated Molly get on my got dam nerve she hurt my boo Issa thank God Issa know her worth.
Molly wanted Issa to beg for their friendship???
Just good old colorism.
Issa Sunny D Light.
Issa is way too eager to see Molly.
Molly wanted Issa to beg and that shit irked TF outta me.
Issa: Approached Molly first ?? Paid for reconcile brunch ???? Gave in and hung out with her ?? Texted Molly instead of embarrassing her in front of Andrew/Nathan?????? And Molly still was a whole asshole ??????

I claim myself cute in the mirror but when I take selfies, issa prank HAHAHAHAHAHA.
And then running back to Issa cause she alone and miserable.
Why does Lawrence and Issa together make me so happy.
Nathan: talks shit about Lawrence Issa.
TBH I thought Issa was dreaming then the episode just started. But seeing her and Lawrence together again had me like.
Molly wanted Issa to convince her the friendship was worth it.... welp.
Issa was the bigger person and tried the make the friendship work but that damn Molly.
Molly is in her therapy session telling Dr. Rhonda that she misses Issa and that thats her best friend but when she gets the opportunity to talk to issa (with issa reaching out first ?) she on some different shit.

Just got finished watching Insecure. I like Issa and Lawrence together but now I lowkey like her and Nathan.
When we all found out that Issa was NOT dreaming that entire intro with Lawrence........
A word! Something about the way he hung up the phone with Issa has me hesitant to fully trust him though. ?
Gotta give Issa her flowers. She knows her worth and won't take less now.

What You Really Think

Awww...I miss them. I hope they can work it out. Issa opened the door, Molly just needs to walk thru it.

I member.

Aww that was low key beautiful. I hope they make up tonight.

I knew that shirt looked familiar Issa was wearing it this episode.

Issa tried and it is fine to move on!

I miss your friendship talk it out?

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