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Thursday 19th of November 2020

It Does Feel Like Police.

Same bitches that would remind the teacher of homework at the end of class.
Damn it's a shame that the whole Texmex Fastfood places aren't a thing over her in Germany.
I stopped going after they told me it was going to be 6$ extra for a quesorito. I thought he was messing with me. Nope then he was the manager or something and was like so you want it or not. I was like no thats bull shit it doesnt say anywhere in the store 6$ and he said we got a corporate email about it. I was like yeah bullshit never again. Havent been back since.

What You Really Think

They dont fuck around. Goes hand in hand with their whole restauteur program and manager benefit incentives. I dont hate it, being out of there now, but its a lot of pressure for the workers. And if you aint working towards management youre just kinda there, busting ass and chasing perfection. Prep work all perfect, line all perfect, grill immaculate at the end of the night etc. cant really fault em for the system theyve created because Ive seen it work. I like the idea of very clear goals and procedures.

This nigga got double chicken money! Jim Jones ballin ass.

I fucking felt that.

When you want double meat, don't say it up front. Let em put the meat on, THEN, say "do that double" Fuckers out there try to make one big scoop be double.

Ask for half of two things, if your polite /friendly to the person and they don't care you're getting about the same!

Ain't seen a Qdoba since like 2009.

I think the queso is pretty good at qdoba but overall I prefer chipotle. I didnt know the guacamole was free though!

If you ever run across it, try Pancheros. It's the midwest version of Chipotle/Qdoba. &x200B; A Qdoba and Chipotle both tried to move in near one of our Pancheros. They were both out of business in less than two years. Pancheros is better than both. &x200B; They press the tortillas to order and make the dough in-house. Then they mix all the burrito ingredients a few times so you get a little of everything in each bite. Their queso is also the only place I know of that actually cuts blocks of cheese, adds peppers/tomatos/milk, and double boils it. It's not just a bag of frozen cheese sauce that they reheat. &x200B; All the ingredients are fresh af, just like Qdoba/Chipotle. &x200B; The secret sleeper is Pepperjax Grill, its a Philly Steak place that's kind of coming on up in the midwest, but they also have burritos. And unlike the other three, they cook your meat TO ORDER, and mix in veggies/spices/etc to your meat while they grill it infront of you. Of the three options, they have the best meat by far because it's not just sitting in a steam table. Goes from raw to cooked just for your individual burrito/bowl/nacho whatever. &x200B; Full disclosure: I used to work at Pancheros. The company is GARBAGE to work for, but the food is good.

Then if you have em, Freebirds is still over Qdoba. Both are better than Chipotle.

Qdobas chicken is unparalleled! Hands down.

Free guac? This is the first I heard of it.

Qdoba is trash.

You just reminded me that I have one near me, and now that's what I'm getting before work tonight. Thx.

Qdoba's chips are fucking good.

This is facts oh how I miss Colorado the closest one to me now is Nevada and its gas station one which is sucks.

I miss Qdoba, overall I remember the quality of ingredient being a little worse but I really liked the ground beef burritos.

T flats is better than both of em.

Yeah, this. I had some pretty strict dietary restrictions for a while so I could figure my shit out, and the guys at the Chipotle by the theater where I worked had figured something out for me that was off-menu, but edible. I always paid for all the "extras" on it and tipped well. Fucking district manager or something was in one day during tech, all I want my 10/12 is my Chipotle, and he tears them a new one for trying to keep me as a customer. I didn't eat there again because I couldn't. I hope they all found better jobs and flipped that guy off on their way out.

I always want extra cheese (which does NOT cost extra at chipotle) and its always the middle aged women who are on a power trip who refuse to give it to me. Why?? It doesnt cost extra! Give me my cheese!

Lol this reminds me of 2008, smoking in the car at midnight with a friend one day, just vibing and chilling. A pig pulls up behind us and we're both really nervous, never been busted for possession before. We're out of the car sitting on the back bumper and the cop asks us "So how much did you pay for this gram?" My buddy in a stoned panic says, "I don't know, ask him, he's the drug addict!" lmao We eventually got let off with a warning (after the fascist confiscated my pipe and ground my weed up on the pavement with his boot) but I gave my buddy a stern talking to when we got inside. Edit: lol at the downvotes. ACAB, especially whichever dumb cop you're related to.

Dang, they caught you giving away double guacamole or something?

Not quite out of salary, just harassment down the chain and screwed out of a bonus thats near impossible to be eligible for anyway. Youre absolutely right about the weighing tho.

Capitalism is a bum ass mf.

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