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Wednesday 15th of April 2020


Even as Italy has clearly bent the curve and brought new daily cases down considerably, it continues to post just awful awful daily fatalities more than a week past when it hit its peak..
Seventy-five years ago today, I was wounded in the hills of.
Mumbai will turn in to next challenging times ahead for them they needed a strong leader and a task master like.
It is so peaceful to walk around Lake Bled with the Julian Alps in the background. The capital Llubjana is worth a visit as well. I luv scenery and next up is Lake Garda in Italy.
Why yes.Yes we are about to connect Italy and the Mafia to VenezuelaFirst, lets name who the mafia is.
| A few timezones for the streaming party of for today! UK - 5pm France - 6pmItaly - 6pm Germany - 6pm Belgium - 6pm Turkey - 7pm Dubai - 8pm Pakistan - 9pm India - 9:30pm Bangladesh - 10pm Indonesia - 11pm Philippines- 12am (16/4).
EU that treated Spain and Italy so poorly and had them questioning the purpose of the EU "gifts" Nigeria 21 Billion naira cash, 51 ventilators and several other medical paraphernalia to boost our covid-19 adding up, HOPE THIS IS NOT A TROJAN GIFT?.
BREAKING: Adjusted for population, COVID-19 deaths (fatalities per million) are lower than every Western European country -- including Britain, Spain, Italy & France -- except for Germany. And USAs testing rate per million is higher than Britain, Spain, France & Switzerland.
What are three things on your bucket list? Probably live somewhere overseas. The USA, Italy and in that order..
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Dozens of men, women & kids are stranded in makeshift boats in the Mediterranean facing worsening weather. & must comply with their international obligations & take these people to a safe place where they will be subject to the necessary quarantine measures.
: Illegals aboard German NGO migrant ship moved to quarantine.Italian Transport Minister said "we asked the NGO to behave like passenger ships, that is to report to their country of That would be Germany..
Your country (Italy) is notoriously very racist, so I expect nothing less than what youre saying right now. Fuck you bitch..
Canals in Venice, Italy.
In Italy there was profound, extreme reluctance to close economically vital areas, including symbolically vital icons on finance, despite dire warnings of contagion. Half-measures were imposed, fingers crossed. Today, Italian officials beg other nations not to repeat their errors.
I dont have the rona, bro. But if I did, Id take it over Vents & ICU. The same physicians are recommending. The one that saved the life of the MI Rep (D) with many other Americans. Same one saving thousands of people in France and Italy.Here - read up.
Scientists like us said lock down earlier; we said test, trace, isolate. But they (government) decided they knew better. If this was Pakistan, or Nigeria, or Italy, the British would (rightfully) demand justice. But because its us & America, its OK..
Greece learned from Italys and Spains mistakes and used rapid response to keep its virus deaths low - The Globe and Mail.
2011 ucl final. Where pep ate saf tactically. Or 2012 euro final where Spain left italy helpless.
Fiat Chrysler Finds a Way to Say Stay Home for Every Brand Adweek.
Please be aware there are skin signs of covid. Purple red papules on the fingers and toes. Looks like chilblains/ pernio. May have no other covid symptoms. Seen in young people. Images of pernio like changes of Covid-19 from Italy.
Trevi Fountain. Rome, Italy.
Lovely man. On our last day in Brussels he came over to us and said God save the Queen..
Some countries have been proactive (Germany, New Zealand Taiwan, South Korea, etc.) and kept the number of cases and deaths to a minimum. Some countries (Italy, Spain, USA, etc.) have been reactive and the number of cases and deaths have been higher. The UK has been asleep!!!.
When will you get it in your head the government wont consider an exit strategy until the peak is coming to an end? Why give us false hope. Just because Spain and Italy are lifting restrictions doesnt mean we have to..
6,243 Saudi physicians and doctors from Saudi Arabia in 27 countries to fight Covid-19:115 Saudi doctors in South Korea70 Saudi doctors in Australia25 Saudi doctors in Italy6 Saudi doctors in China.
Italy, China, Russia, UK and all other Countries around the world are combating this virus from a national level. With Trump as President we have had each State have to act like their own independent Country with blue Stares getting no Fed assistance and Red very little..
Bruno Fernandes: "I know Paul [Pogba] from Juve, because I played against him in Italy. And believe me, its really hard to play against Paul its really difficult to play against Paul, because he has power, he has technique. [mu].
UK, France, Germany, step up and the fill the $ gap in WHO funding created by the wounded narcissism and spite of President Trump.USA do the entire world a favour and remove President Trump. His actions are insane. Use the 25th Amendment..
City council severs China relations over death and destruction across the world with COVID-19.
New COVID-19 cases per million population, last 7 days.Sub-State regions of Spain and Italy..
Exactly!! My students and I were discussing this today, that JP politicians are truly no more hampered by the JP constitution than a mayor in Italy or a governor in the We dont aim to be a dictatorship. So why is the media portraying the situation so weirdly?.
Cuba has sent a second medical brigade of doctors and nurses to Italy to fight on the frontlines against the pandemic.The team is made up of 38 general practitioners, epidemiologists, resuscitators, anesthesiologists and nurses specializing in intensive care..
Gen. Jack Keane is on with Maria B and says 3 Flights a week were going to Italy from Wuhan! What a disaster!.
MATCH DAY - 22:45- 23:05.
India HAS to prevent or at least delay/contain community transmission of so that our health system doesnt end up like s. Have all those who are demanding stranded workers be "sent home" forgotten this? Or are they ok with millions infected/dying in remote areas?.
43 BC In the Battle of Forum Gallorum in the marshes of northern Italy, the forces of Mark Antony defeated those of the Roman Senate under the consul Pansa, but is then immediately defeated by reinforcments led by the other consul Hirtius and a young Octavian.
Michael Makhals online video featuring 12 of his orchestra members spread across India, USA, Italy and Hungary is dedicated to the medical fraternity at the front-line who risk their lives.
To the 38-year old man tha flew here from Italy:.
Fewer nosocomial infections and less spread in care facilities.It isnt a popular take for obv reasons, but the primary vector of transmission is hospital and care staff. Hong Kong had 0 nosocomial infections. Italy, thousands..
Al Qeida affiliated terror groups took over the entire coastline from Tripoli to the border. These terror organizations are supported by the President Erdogans and will now dominate the flow of illegal immigrants into and ..
New York seems to have emerged even more so than Italy in a demonstration of how badly things can go.10, 000+ and counting dead in one state almost half the total number of deaths in all the US.Theres definitely a need not to wing it or downplay how bad it can be.
Chanel 4 news " lets look around Europe " Spain , Italy , Austria , France what about the elephant in the room SWEDEN !!! does it not exist ??.
fact we do have the most cases but based on population the percentage is dramatically less then most countries. Its common sense that we would have more cases than have 60 million citizens and we have 334 million. Based on every 1000 Italy is higher..
Germany is able to borrow money under excellent conditions on its own behalf. Unfortunately, for Italy this is not the case. Please consider how a vision of a human-minded could determine the course of its history..
Every member of the should be allowed to borrow money from the (best available conditions) to pay for an health emergency AND its direct economic consequences. In the case of Germany: ....
Italy has been taught as a friend in Turkish curriculum, this was proved when Italian air defence systems took their place in Turkey against Regime threat. I am glad my country responded Italian call for help likewise. May the friendship go on forever..
A trial in Italy with heparin has started..
Tell that to Italy - how soon did WHO tell them to stop flights from China again?.
What tourist boards and experts have been saying.
The Italian government has ordered that migrants rescued by NGOs at sea must spend a period of quarantine aboard a ship, without disembarking on land. The decision unleashed controversy, with associations denouncing it as a measure against NGOs..
There are thousands of cases in America,Italy ,spain and many other countries but no is linking it to any community and race but in India they are blaming and bashing Muslims for the outbreak of Corona in India.Indian media is a puppet of Modi and RSS.
Thank you. They should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity for what theyve done this time. China should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity. China needs to pay for the damages done, worldwide. Did they threaten Italy if Italy didnt accept inbound travel? Power grid?.
Clearly isnt political. The response is. Failed to learn from China or Italy. Guilty! Failed to listen to Experts. Guilty! Failed the with PPE. Guilty! Totally insufficient Testing. Guilty! Resorted to Blame Game before the crisis even peaked. Guilty!.
Schools arent back in Spain or Italy.
is a key player in the fight against . Not only has it taken early measures to curb the spread, and distributed masks free of charge, it has also provided medical equipment to 30 countries, including the UK, Italy and Spain..
Jennifer Lopez Plans to Have Italy Wedding With A-Rod After Coronavirus Ends.
NHS ready to cope with COVID peak unlike Italy, they say. Well, if you leave people in care homes to die, of course you have available beds in hospitals..
The submarine Leonardo da Vinci sank 17 ships totaling 120,243 GRT. It was the most successful non-German Axis submarine in WWII. Commanded by Italys best submarine ace, Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia, it sank in a depth charge attack on 24 May 1943..
So is Italy.
Today in history, 1452:Leonardo da Vinci is born in Vinci, Italy. He would go on to paint some historic religious scenes, most specificallyThe Last Supper,as well as the iconicMona Lisa.He is widelyconsidered to be one of the greatest artists in history..
Masks ordered from China prove unfit for hospital use Finland disappointedNot just Finland. Spain, Italy & even the UK had substandard equipment from them too.China is an utter disgrace!.
Incorrect. India is Chinas neighbouring country with land borders with huge travelling population. So we should have had the epidemic sooner. Also, if u know anything abt epidemiology, pls explain why India has R0 of whereas UK has 6 and USA 6 ?.
[AD-Book Review]5* An enticing mix of friendship, humour, romance and sightseeing..
ROME, ITALY - MARCH 8: A couple wearing protective face masks check their phone in front of an advertising display at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport on March 8, 2020 in ROME, Italy. (Photo by Fabrizio Villa/Getty Images).
Take these morons to New York and Northern-Italy I would If they get sick deny them any breathing apparatus. They should be able healing themselves after getting billions of dollars from clueless people as a faith healer..