Monday 24th of August 2020

Sad. Jacob Blake Looks Like he Could Have Been Grabing a Gun. He Wouldnt Have Got Himself Shot if he Had Just Followed The Cops Reasonable instructions in Kenosha WI.

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Confirmed: Jacob Blakes 3 SONS were IN THE CAR he was getting into when KenoshaPolice shot him tonight. They saw a cop shoot their father. They will be traumatized forever. We cannot let officers violate their duty to PROTECT us. Our kids deserve better!!

Kenosha police shot Jacob Blake as he was trying to get into his vehicle. His children were inside of the vehicle. This isnt about bad apples. This is about a violent, murderous system with agents empowered and emboldened to shoot people in the back just because they can.

Thinking of Jacob Blake's family. Thinking of the Kenosha community. Thinking of Black folks across the country falling asleep to this news and those who will be waking up to it. Im sad. Im furious. Im tired of seeing this happen over and over and over and over and over again.

A Black man is fighting for his life after he was shot multiple times by police in Wisconsin. Gov. Tony Evers identified the victim as Jacob Blake. Blakes children watched from a car as he was shot, according to an attorney.

I am thinking of Jacob Blake, 29, shot 7 times tonight by a police officer in Kenosha. I am thinking of his children who witnessed this shooting and his fiancee and family. I am beyond anger at this point. We all should be.

An unarmed black man was shot seven times by police in broad daylight while trying to break up a fight in wisconsin today . hes now in serious condition. his name is jacob blake .
Arrest the cops who killed Jacob Blake.
Jacob Blake, the man shot by police in Kenosha, Wisc., has a history of assaulting police. He also has past charges for domestic abuse & a sex crime. There's a warrent for his arrest. BLM rioters are currently destroying the city to avenge the shooting.

This is Jacob Blake. He is a young African American man who split up a fight between two women. He was shot 7 times in the back for walking back to his car when police detained him. They couldve tased him or restrain him but they decided to kill him. Say his name.

Jacob Blake should not be fighting for his life this morning, and his children never should have witnessed that horrible action. Im praying for Jacobs recovery and for his children this morning. We must continue to fight for equality.

Non black folks: please please please do not share Jacob Blakes video. we can comment on the situation and express our anger without further traumatizing folks.
Instead of sharing another video of another black man being shot by the state, please share this. Praying for Jacob Blakes survival and his family. These children define him, not the Kenosha police.
It just keeps happening. I will not share the video. No one should have to watch that. But here is a beautiful photo of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, who was shot seven times in the back by police in broad daylight in Kenosha, Wisconsin. SAY HIS NAME.

This evening in Wisconsin, Kenosha police shot an unarmed Black father, Jacob Blake, in front of his children. Its a sickening, infuriating tragedy, and a symptom of the deadly disease of white supremacy and racism that must be confronted and defeated in our state and nation.

There were two police shootings of Black men this weekend where the police shot the victims in the back multiple times, at point blank range, as they were walking away from them. One of the men, Jacob Blake, is still fighting for his life. The other, Trayford Pellerin, is dead.

People have been protesting for months, for years. And now this. Another horrific shooting. Jacob Blake deserves infinitely better. His kids deserve infinitely better. So dont ask why people protest. Ask why politicians let this happen. Again and again and again.

This is 29-year-old Jacob Blake who was shot by Kenosha police. His fiance shared this picture with us.
Jacob Blake is still alive but is in critical condition after being shot seven times in the back by Kenosha PD last night. Lets lift him up in prayer. Vnulb.
To anyone whose had the audacity to ask why people are still are still protesting: Jacob Blake. There has been no justice, so there will be no peace.
He was trying to break up a fight. He wasnt armed. He was relieved police had arrived to handle the fight, so he went to get in his car and drive his children safely home. They shot him seven times. In the back. In front of his children. Say his name. Jacob Blake.

Another police shooting of a Black man in the US. The shocking video shows police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shooting unarmed and non-violent 29-year-old Jacob Blake in the back at least 7 times.
According to several reporters who have spoken with Jacob Blakes family, hes now out of surgery and in ICU, but still fighting for his life.
Our lives have so little value that ofcrs are using fatal gunshots as a shortcut to talking, negotiation, disabling vehicles. Its shorter; the ofcr doesnt have to get physically involved; and the result is guaranteed. The killing of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI. Again.

Police shot Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black father, several times in the back today in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He was getting into his car after apparently up a fight between two women. His three sons were inside the car and witnessed a cop shooting their father! Hes.

This is Jacob Blake. His fiance shared these photos with us. Hes 29 and a father of three. His fiance says he is a security guard.
Live, Jacob Blake.
Video shows police officer shoot Black man in back multiple times in Wisconsin.
A Black man was shot in the back by police. DJT Jr has nothing to say about that. No thought for Jacob Blake, his 3 sons who witnessed the shooting or the ongoing police violence. Just fearmongering.
Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrest (rape).
If you see this thumbnail, DO NOT PLAY IT. Its the video of Jacob Blake, a Black man who was shot 7 times in the back by police. For some reason people are posting his vid under random posts so pls turn off auto play if you have it on report any tweets with this video.

Jacob Blake. I'm leaving Portland to now cover his story in Wisconsin, a story that feels all too familiar.
Tw // police brutality, murder, death - - - - jacob blake has just been pronounced dead. the police shot him 7 times while he was unarmed for trying to break up a fight and his two children were in the car.

Three boys just saw their father shot 7 times in the back by police. No gun. No struggle. He was just walking away. Praying for Jacob Blake to make a speedy and full recovery. The issue is systemic. The senate needs to respond boldly and humanely. This is why we scream BLM!

To anybody thats gonna attempt to absolve the police from shooting Jacob Blake 8 times, just watch this video.
Jacob Blake, the man shot by police in Kenosha, Wisc., has a history of assaulting police, also past charges for domestic abuse & a sex crime. There's a warrent for his arrest. BLM rioters destroying the city to avenge the shooting.

Here's a video of the shooting that happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This video shows the shooting of Jacob Blake from a different vantage point.
As of 50 minutes ago, the father of 29-year-old Jacob Blake posted this on Facebook. Other family members are also confirming on social media that Jacob is still alive, fighting.
If you see the video of Jacob Blake being shot and your reaction is "why did he do this" or "why didn't he do that" you need to take a good hard look & dig deep, figure out why you're trying to justify an unarmed man walking to his vehicle being shot 7 times at close range.

Tw// racism and death this black man a father of 4 children was shot in front of them in my town kenosha wisconsin he was shot by my school officer for no reason.PLEASE SIGN SPREAD THIS.
Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in front of his kids.
This is Jacob Blake and his children. He is 29-years-old and walked back to his vehicle to check on these same kids. For doing so he was shot multiple times by police. He was unarmed. Black Lives Matter We need change now!

Jacob Blake was shot by POLICE. hope he wont succumb to his injuriesYou hope Kenosha Police arent successful in their attempts to murder a black man? Your words are empty. Youve deployed police in riot gear & declared a state of emergency.

Jacob Blake was clearly unarmed. He was clearly not posing a threat to officers. They shot him anyway, in front of his children, in broad daylight, also putting them at risk. The widespread distrust and anger towards police continues to be justified. Where are our leaders?

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers on the shooting of Jacob Blake: "Tonight, Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times, in broad daylight, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kathy and I join his family, friends, and neighbors in hoping earnestly that he will not succumb to his injuries.

Everybody please call Kenosha PD at (262)656-1234 and demand officer Luke Reitruoc/Courtier be arrested and charged with the murder of an unarmed black man by the name of Jacob Blake!

What You Really Think

You belong in the deepest circle of hell.

I've always said that the media is racist for airing this kind of stuff to brainwash people into believing that all blacks are bad. And by doing the same, you're no better than the MSM. Think I'm wrong? Look at these comments.

Unfortunate. Totally avoidable. But the suspect was not cooperating.

Looks like he was going for a gun.

He was going to protect his kids. Imagine up a fight then the police try to blame you for whatever reason. They could've shot him in the foot once. Not 7 times in the back. They attempted to kill Jacob Blake.

The cops were called because two women were fighting. He was caught in the middle trying to break it up. They pulled their guns in him because in Policing101 black man scary.

He was a threat. Police lives matter. If he did what he was told he would not have been shot. Sick of these criminals destroying lives and cities.

As soon as you reach into a car... that's it. The cops can't see what you're getting now. They have to assume it's a weapon. Just PURE stupidity. Perhaps he was just suicidal and wanted to be shot. If not.. then yes.. REALLY stupid!!!!

Clearly he had switched to not caring anymore and was going to get a weapon of some kind.

Blacks are 5x more likely to carry a lethal weapon. Theyre more likely to engage a police officer as well. Blacks represent about 11% of the population yet commit over 50% of the crime. Blacks are not shot by cops disproportionally when compared the other races, its likely less.

It's sad, but what this guy did was incredibly stupid. If someone with a gun tells you to freeze, don't just ignore them and reach into your van for an unknown object. They aren't going to wait and see if you pull out a gun or not.

Those cops are fucked.

He was not a threat in the video, but the question to ask if he was white would they have shot him or tried the taser first?

Why didnt Jacob Blake just follow directions?

Dude thinks he can just randomly walk around and reach into a car with firearms drawn on him? Wow.

Look at what happens right when the camera zooms in. All three guys respond to this man for some reason by moving away like he already had a weapon on him. Even the guy whos not a cop.

I can hear them screaming drop the knife as he is walking to the car intently. The way he went into the car head first tells me he was reaching for something. Possibly a gun.

This generation was raised to not respect elders, authorities and law.

Stop making excuses for people who dont know how to listen. Easiest way to not to get shot? 1.Dont commit crimes 2. Comply. This is easy shit.