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Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

Where Jamal Murray Pulled up From For The Dagger in Game 3.

Where Jamal Murray pulled up from for the dagger in Game 3.
Jamal Murray is officially on my Steph Curry/Damian Lillard "when he's on fire, only an asteroid hitting the earth can make me change the channel" list.
Jamal Murray. Game. AGAIN. This dude is unbelievable.
Jamal Murray pours in 28 points and drops an NBA Playoffs career-high 12 assists, leading the nuggets to the Game 3 W and earning SAPStatLineOfTheNight!
JAMAL MURRAY: "We feel like we should be up 2-1 right now, to be honest.".
Jamal Murray down 2 games in a playoff series.
Why does praising Jamal Murray for being the youngest Canadian to ever shine as bright as hes shining in the playoffs bring so much What about Nash? Insecurity to my TL? Why does raising somebody up mean Im putting somebody down? Relax. Nobody is threatening your Jesus.

Before I go to bed Jamal Murrays playoff run is better than any playoff run Westbrook has ever had in his career And thats a tough pill to swallow.
Jamal Murray rn.
Jamal Murray Year 2: 16.7 PTS, 45.1% FG, 37.8% 3P, 3.7 REB, 3.4 AST, 2.1 TO. Cavs Collin Sexton Year 2: 20.8 PTS, 47.2% FG, 38.0% 3P, 3.1 REB, 3.0 AST, 2.4 TO.
People overrating Jamal Murray need to learn the definition of sample size.
From inconsistent to good, from good to great: Jamal Murray is making the leap to stardom for the Nuggets in these NBA playoffs, writes JeffZillgitt.
We know Jamal Murray was playing this last night prior to the game.
Jamal Murray had 28 points, 12 assists and eight rebounds and the Denver Nuggets beat the Los Angeles Lakers 114-106...
To everyone who had ever gotten on the ESPN trade machine and created a trade that involved Wiggins to Toronto, its time for retribution. We need you to create Jamal Murray to Toronto ones now. The time has come. Just as before, no sense or logic is required.

Kuzma pump faked a wide open 3 in crunch time and missed then Jamal murray hit a contested 3 on the next possession.
Bout to get the third part of this video with Jamal Murray shimmying I cant WAIT.
Jamal Murray when the Lakers took a 2-0 lead.
Lmaoo I forgot some laker fans hate Jamal Murray because of what he did to lonzo.
Jamal Murray can make all the bucketsbut when you do that dirty shit it undermined your win so of your skills I'm one person it's 50 million twitter users a month I'm sure other 49 million feel different I'm a stand alone my opinion is not the only 1 that matters.

Stephen Curry watching Jamal Murray do everything he does AND dunk.
Jamal Murray is on a whole new level right now. Unstoppable.
Jamal Murray and Jerami Grant carry the Nuggets to a 114-106 Game 3 win over the Lakers Murray: 28 PTS, 12 AST, 8 REB Grant: 26 PTS, 3 REB, 7-11 FG.
Jamal Murray is averaging 26/6/5 On 50/47/90 shooting splits this post season. Thats fucking unreal, dude has been absolutely about it.
Jamal Murray is mental for this shot.
Nikola Jokic on Jamal Murray: I really truly believe hes a superstar.
Nobody has boosted their rep in the bubble more than Jamal Murray. Dude epitomizes the cojones factor.
WHAT?! Jamal Murray just clowned the Lakers with that ridiculously deep three.
NUGGETS WIN! Jamal Murray led Denver with 28 points The series is now 2-1 Lakers.
NBA Best Plays 22 3 20 Dwight Howard niega el aro a Michel Porter Jr. Jamal MurraynulbJeremy Grant Lebron James Nikola Jokic sobre Anthony Davis Jamal Murrat drive and flying.
Jamal Murray can make all the bucketsbut when you do that dirty shit it undermined so of your skills I'm one person it's 50 million twitter users a month I'm sure other 49 million feel different in a stand alone my opinion is not the only 1 that matters.

(nuggets) recent hot streak has brought increased attention to OrangevillePrep. For boys like DeAverio, that means more collegiate attention and more chances to impress scouts.
Y'all still think Jamal Murray can't average 30 points if you put him in Harden's situation where he goes for 12-16 isos per game?
Steve Nash didnt become Nash until his 6th season and an all-star in year 7. In year 4 Jamal Murray is showing hes got plans to change the way we look at Canadian basketball. Hes barely left base camp but the climb doesnt seem as crazy as it did two months ago.

Jamal Murray was hoopin on them ngas last night.
Jamal Murrays bag is ridiculously deep.
Jamal Murray has arrived in these playoffs I had doubts, but hes here and respect to his game.
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I hate cliches But Jamal Murray is absolutely different.
Jamal Murray dagger on the Brow.
Jamal Murray leads Nuggets to big win over Lakers in NBA playoffs.
Im not making any wild player judgements based on these bubble games Jamal Murray isnt somehow jumping up into Lillard/Kyrie etc discussions Maintain this stuff into next season and we can talk.
Been thinking about it a lot. Jamal Murray's shifty yet bouncy athletic game, and ability to slice through defenses and rise up from any angle to square up a shot Reminds me of Brandon Roy.
"WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO RONDO DEFENSIVELY?!" *cut to video of Rajon Rondo holding both of Jamal Murray's arms simultaneously*.
Jamal Murray can flat out hoop.
The net doesnt even move on this dagger from Jamal Murray.
I really enjoy watching Jamal Murray play basketball.
Jamal Murray, Nikola Jokic show the Lakers that the Nuggets aren't going away.
Why was Jamal Murray warming up with corded headphones.
"We feel like we should be up 2-1 right now, to be honest." Jamal Murray as the Nuggets trail the Lakers 2-1.
Shoulda known Jamal Murray was gonna cook when he was warming up with headphones that have a wire.
Jamal Murrays clutch three was ridiculous.
With the Nuggets' season on the line, Jamal Murray continued to prove why he's one of the best young players in the NBA as he dropped 40 PTS in Game 7 against the Clippers. That's our NBA Performance of the Week presented by SkipTheDishes! Watch more.

Jamal Murray high school days (: CourtsideFilms).
No one Jamal Murray.
Nuggets' Jamal Murray sinks Lakers in Game 3 of West finals - NBA News .
Is it a hot take to say Jamal Murray is a top 5 point guard?
I really, truly believe that hes a superstar. -- Nuggets teammate Nikola Jokic on Jamal Murray.
Murray after win: 'We should be up 2-1'.

What You Really Think

I honestly dont think he was this far away from the basket, and in reality this just doesnt make any sense and would be physically impossible. sorry jamal you might be good but not this good.

Dah keliatan dari sophomore gaya mainnya kaya Lillard.

There is a World B. Free joke here...i just can't think of it.

I think Murray has moved up on wheres currently ranked. Dude has been balling lately.