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Tops The Oricon Singles Chart in Japan With Their Brand New Summer Bop KITE While Spotify Honours The Band With Major Billboards in New York City, LA And Tokio!

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"We must never allow this painful past to repeat itself." Japans officials offer prayers and flowers to mark the 75th anniversary of the world's first atomic bomb attack in Hiroshima reYun [?] [?] .
Hiroshima: Japan marks 75 years since first atomic bomb.
Tops the Oricon Singles Chart in Japan with their brand new Summer bop KITE while Spotify honours the band with major Billboards in New York City, LA and Tokio!
Popular JAPAN suggest video - Altria Pendragon-FGO (Mie Hu Jue Zui Rang Xian -Fate/Grand Order) 2020 32nd Week Recommended Image 49843-Fate/MMD Firework Artoria Pendragon (Ruler)3.
Daiso in Japan are selling Kirby Gummy in 2 flavors: peach and grape! Each pack costs 100 yen.
I see. So Japan was imperialist so it was ok to vaporize hundreds of thousands of their citizens who had no control over their gov. Those japs are just a statistic. But Al-queda responding to american imperialism is totally different, and American (not all) lives actually matter.

Ong Seongwu Japan Fancafe Update "Today I feel as good as the blue sky, have a nice August." Hui Gong Gao Tui Subashiri _Zi E Xian San _zax.
So, don had a moment with a splinter in a turtle tank, leo had it when they fought together in the Battle Nexus, and Mikey had it in a hidden city. Raf's moment with his father will be in the new episode, in his memories. In Japan. Can't wait.

What in the hell kind of chips do they sell in japan whatisitcalled food lasvegas butseriously tranlation ? Summerlin.
U.K.-Japan trade talks progress, with both sides eyeing deal by years end.
Japan has a cultural TV channel NHK World. Really interesting.
China warns Japan a TikTok ban would affect relations - TBS.
Oh boy oh boy you are going to be so mad when you look at Japan's history.
.BTS_twt's Certifications in Japan (RIAJ) "Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey" is BTS' FIRST Triple Platinum RIAJ certification for an album (750k units), as well as the first for a foreign male group in history!

"Map of the Soul: 7 ~THE JOURNEY~" has now been certified RIAJ Triple Platinum! (750k units) BTS_twt are the FIRST foreign male group in history to achieve this in Japan!
I think people really just think japan is great because of anime but i understand now why that youtuber thought why she thinks Ph is better than japan haha. They have a lot of social issues that needs to be addressed.

If Japan joins the "Five Eyes" alliance (an intelligence pact among the Anglosphere countries), it would mark a tectonic shift in the Indo-Pacific region, given India's strategic repositioning following China's brazen aggression in Ladakh. Such a move could help to rein in China.

US, UK and Japan are not an easy bet. its diffcult to secure chart rankings there because of the huge music industry and also rookie groups don't have 1 in 50 countries so that can be taken into account cause that ain't easy to do.

Then Japan can make some good stuff too.
]MY GO Help ] ONEUS JAPAN DEBUT 1ST ANNIVERSARY GOODS Pin Badge - RM 38 Key Holder - RM 85 Trading Card Set - RM 46 Transfer Fees Included nulb 2nd Payment Needed nulb Deadline : 19 August 2020 : Mid/End of Oct 2020 DM US cherreika TO ORDER.

BTSs Map of the Soul: 7 ~The Journey~ has been certified TRIPLE Platinum (750,000 units) by the RIAJ>nulbTheyre the 1st Foreign male group with a TRIPLE Platinum (3P) albums in Japan! This is their 1st Congrats, BTS_twt !!

As India opens up for business, we are making strong policy decisions to help investors take advantage of growth opportunities. I look forward to further increase our cooperation and working together with Japan to meet the global requirements of the future.

On the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing, I reflect in the IndianExpress on a visit there & the triumph of life over death. But memories must be preserved if we are to ensure this tragedy is never repeated.

Our leader has been discharged safely from hospital and he is okay now. He is home. > Thank you Toru ONEOKROCK_japan, welcome back.
In the midst of all this remembrance, I also recall that Japan still struggles to apologize for its WWII aggression and atrocities across Asia. Personally, I've always followed Mrs. Elizabeth Choy's words: I shall not forget but I shall forgive.

In 1973 Kim Dae-jung was kidnapped and almost killed in Japan by South Korean intelligence forces. After years of imprisonment and exile he was elected president of South Korea. He was the first Korean to be awarded a Nobel Prize when he received the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize.

It was not necessary or justified to use nuclear weapons against japan. it was a reprehensible crime.
Remember when seventeen made kcon japan 2018 their own concert.
"Anime is so unreal and dumb" Japan.
China warns Japan a TikTok ban would affect relations - TBS Article ]AMP] Reuters.
Why call India South Asia. India is India and Indian-Americans should be referred that way. Media doesnt refer China or Japan with the designation East Asia; and definitely not heard East Asians as reference.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, so I don't know about hiatus for pkmn, but it'll be a soft lockdown, requesting people to avoid unnecessary outgoing.
Less than one month after it's release, MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7_THE_JOURNEY has now been certified RIAJ Triple Platinum (750K units) in Japan! BTS_twt are the FIRST foreign male group in HISTORY to receive this certification! Congratulations BTS & BTSARMY! (c)nulb.

Heres my screen recording from before produce 101 japan happened of hikari inayoshi's likes which consist of halo (ofc since they were gonna go on pd101jp), oneus, pdx trainees, seventeen, guanlin, got7, onewe, iz*one, wjsn, infinite & treasure.

The movie "Umibe no Etranger," produced by Blue Lynx, will be out September 11th, 2020 in Japan! Here is the subbed version of the new PV that was just released. The movie is a love story about two young men who meet at a beach and reunite three years later.

Household spending data signals recovery in Japan from spring coronavirus slump.
Good thing japan does not listen to you fuckers.
Get well soon !! JeongyeonVnulb.
Its all relative, I believe in strategic (long term) policy not sheer politics (sort term tactics)! You can only grow so much on stolen IP... and BTW tech superiority isnt everything: Japan taught us that. World leadership matters, values matter, culture matters.

TOP TEN ASIA AWARDS GOT7 OVERALL STANDING: 1. Thailand 1 2. Vietnam 3 3. China 8 4. Philippines 9 5. United States 13 6. Japan 14 7. Indonesia 17 8. Malaysia 19 9. Taiwan 22 10. South Korea 27 - Prelims End: 08.10.20.

Yeshh but im still gonna watch the special episode today . sucks that it's only available for Japan and korea TT.
There was no military justification for using the nuclear bomb against Japan 75 years ago. MElmaazi speaks to Professor Peter Kuznick in this revealing interview.
One thing being missed re: UK-Japan negotiations is that emphasis on speed is coming from Japanese side. Japan trying to bounce UK into signing an FTA quickly, on Japans terms. UK wouldnt mind negotiations going on a little longer if it means more UK interests addressed.

The easiest recipe.
Gorgeous Acoetidae scale worm, id'd as Polyodontes kuroshio from Okinawa Japan. Id by Exogone1 Great photo by Robert Bolland! Species described just last year by Naoto Jimi!
A guy who's probably never been to Japan.
]Preview nruDi ] 190520 Fromis_9's Lee Saerom Gimpo Airport back from Japan leesaerom Mie Wei Cheng fromis_9 Ze Dan Bang Da Lu cr. Romsae_Luv.
Cute promotional posters from JR (Japan Railways): "When things calm down, come see us." A bit more elegant in the original Japanese but still.
Britain and Japan stand together on Hong Kong, pandemic: Raab.
S The then U.S. President Truman, Democrat, knew that the Japanese were searching for a way to end the war; he had referred to Togos intercepted July 12 cable as the telegram from the Jap emperor asking for peace. (Continue).

EYE CANDY FLOWER BOY>nulb 0909 JUNKYU HBD project coming soon 2020.09.05-09.09 [?]i[?][?]n [?][?]Ko[?]r[?]e[?]a , [?]Ja[?]p[?]a[?]n.
Show some love for RRReol, our new Japan ArtistOnTheRise ! Subscribe to her channel, and watch her music video for Wu /"THE SIXTH SENSE".
]] 200807 Official_fromis_9 Weibo Update with Nakyung Ze Dan Bang Da Lu fromis_9 *^*>*.
I want my girl with me 24/7 thats my problem ***nulb.
Yes okay.
IZ*ONE Sakura about NiziU: "The group NiziU is really popular in Japan. I've listened to their debut song recently and IZ*ONE members are addicted to it. We did the jump rope dance together".
'Fanfare' is now certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan for selling over 250,000 copies This is TWICE's 10th consecutive platinum release in Japan. Congrats.
Sushi this week!
At 8:15 am, 75 years ago, on August 6, 1945, during World War II, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, resulting in an estimated 140,000 deaths and untold injury and misery that continue to this day.

My dad was a low level attack bomber pilot prepared to invade Japan. Their instructions were that anything that moved was a target. Anything. The invasion was to be nothing short of total and overwhelming annihilation. The bombs saved countless American and Japanese lives.

.JYPETWICE "Fanfare" is now certified PLATINUM by RIAJ for selling 250,000 copies on Japan! This is their 10th consecutive release to be certified by RIAJ.
Japan to ban unauthorized drone flights over 15 U.S. military sites.
Wait but the standard of living seems so high in like korea and japan like everything looks so clean and modern.
"Why is it so hard for Japan to say sorry? Last surviving Chinese woman to sue the Japanese government for sex slavery suffered during WW2 died last week. Yet instead of a sincere apology from Tokyo, Japans leader chose to honour countrys war criminals.".

Haruto: We are receiving a lot of support from Japan. We still can't believe it because it was unexpected. I want to say thank you very much.
The sheer ignorance and racism... there is a bloody cultural reason as to why most manga/anime are set in middle/high school. In Japan, your young years (Ao , seishun) are called Springtime of life. They are the best years of your life and the reason is because when you reach .

Map of the Soul: 7 ~The Journey is now TRIPLE PLATINUM RIAJ CEIFIED in Japan. This becomes BTS_twt FIRST 3X Platinum RIAJ certification. BTS is also the FIRST FOREIGN MALE GROUP ACT to achieve this Certification.

It looks like there's no banner and some events are scheduled for next week. This is most likely due to an upcoming holiday in Japan. We did get the raid event which looks to have 4 bosses! Super excited to play this. A step in the right direction. Let's hope for more of this.

Korea never feel sorry for the racism against japan ki sung yeung did and radar problem but support it. how can you say korea is not wrong?
Watching a live Oomori Seiko playlist on YouTube and getting a little sad I wasnt able to see her one last time before I left japan :(.

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