Monday 19th of April 2021

Jaslyn Adams, 7, Died in a McDonalds Drive-thru in Chicago on a Sunday Afternoon. Her Father Was Hospitalized With Multiple Gunshot Wounds. The Killer is Still on The Loose.

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A 7 y/o girl was shot multiple times in this car at a McDonalds drive-thru at Roosevelt & Kedzie. She died at Stroger Hospital. Family gave us this photo of Jaslyn Adams. Chicago Police say she was with her dad who was seriously hurt. More on cbschicago at 10.

Jaslyn Adams is identified as the girl shot and killed on the West Side Sunday. Her family tells WGN she loved to dance, make Tik Tok videos and eat McDonald's. Story.
Jaslyn Adams, 7, died in a McDonalds drive-thru in Chicago on a Sunday afternoon. Her father was hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds. The killer is still on the loose.
I drove past this crime scene earlier today. This is heartbreaking. Where is BlackLivesMatter when you need them? 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams was shot 6 times. Chicago police say the shooting is believed to be gang-related. Will we fight for her justice?

Jaslyn Adams Say her name!!!
Jaslyn Adams was a child. Adam Toledo was a thug.
7y/o Jaslyn Adams has passed away. She was shot blocks away from where we joined community members for healing. This baby should still be here! These child killers need to be brought to justice! & chicagosmayor & others hoarding resources need to go! DefundCPD PeaceBook now!

Sad but true. The media, politicians, actors & athletes will continue to obsess over 0.1% of the problem. They wont care at all about Jaslyn Adams but Jacob Blake will be on their t-shirts. Obama could make a difference in Chicago but he doesnt care either.

This 7 year old girl Jaslyn Adams who was shot today at the McDonald's drive thru in Chicago, is one of the worst stories I have read about in a long time. It's heartbreaking.
How is Jaslyn Adams not trending right now?
Jaslyn Adams Praying for the family.
That is indeed the hill they want to die on yet I introduce you to Jaslyn Adams, 7 who won't live to see 8 because she was killed at McDonald's in Chicago Unfortunately the story doesn't fit the racist narrative, so you won't hear a peep out-of BenCrumpLaw or.

Does Jaslyn Adams life matter?
GIRL KILLED: 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams was shot & killed after the car she was in was shot up while in the drive-thru of a McDonalds restaurant in the 3200 block of West Roosevelt, West Side. Her dad was critically wounded and is in surgery. Our condolences.

WHAT'S HER NAME? JASLYN ADAMS 7 years old Shot and killed while in a car at McDonald's drive through in Chicago!! Will that matter? Will she be protested for? So F***** sick of the damn double standards in this country! WHAT'S HER NAME?

Jaslyn Adams is identified as the girl shot and killed on the West Side of Chicago Sunday. Someone fired over 50 rounds into the car where she was with her father.
If Lori Lightfoot is caught in a sex scandal and it breaks tomorrow, can her ass. Jaslyn Adams is worthy of our thoughts and prayers. Then get rid of the mayor.
My heart goes out to the family of Jaslyn Adams. 7 years old G!
RIP Jaslyn Adams, 7 Killed at McDonald's today Sadly BLM won't SayHerName, Democrats won't speak of it; doesn't fit their racist narrative Apparently not all BlackLivesMatter No rioting in the streets of the windy city, just another day, another black on black murder.

Wonder if they will meet to remember Jaslyn Adams? You know, the 7 year old gunned down at McDonalds today?? I guess it doesnt fit the narrative.

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Waiting for outrage, protesting, looting .crickets.

Blm anyone anyone anyone ??????

Thug Life Culture.

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