Tuesday 30th of May 2023

Boston Fans Outside Jaylen Brown House.

Social Media Says

Boston fans outside Jaylen Brown house.
Jaylen Brown should open bakery with them turnovers. handles AWFUL.
Jaylen Brown bout $300 million dribbling like that.
Jaylen Brown: This end. Weve better give. better basketball play.
Made series Jayson Tatum Jaylen Brown 18 Caleb Martin Tyler Herro* *did play.
Jaylen Brown: Dont game
Jayson Tatum Jaylen Brown when series line.
Jaylen Brown Jayson Tatum after quarters Game
Jayson Tatum important Celtics extend Jaylen Brown: extremely important. best players this league.
like thank Jaylen Brown single-handedly make want work handles today.
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Brown 3rd, some spare parts will thrilled Lets done! Dame Jaylen would special.
Jayson Tatum signing Jaylen Brown extension: extremely important. best players league.
Steph Curry when first Championship. LeBron James when first Championship. Michael Jordan when first Championship. Kevin Durant when first Championship. Jayson Tatum Jaylen Brown 26.

Jaylen Brown: failed. failed. whole city down.".
Jaylen Brown dribble package.
Cant believe didnt want jaylen brown lmfaooo.
Jaylen Brown far.
Jaylen Brown tonight's performance: "Don't Game 8.".
Celtics Locker Room after they find Jaylen Brown.
Jaylen Brown after Tatum rolled ankle.
Jaylen Brown game
Jaylen Brown: Just terrible game when team needed most. Said after Tatums injury, team turned make plays, etc. came short failed. give credit Miami just terrible job.

Well anyways, Jaylen Brown, MIAMI HEATLE next year!
Tatum Jaylen Brown extension possibility this summer: "It's extremely important. He's best players this league.".
Jaylen Brown splits.
Should Celtics offer Jaylen Brown supermax? Hell
failed. failed it's hard think about anything else right now." Jaylen Brown following Boston's Game loss.
Jaylen Brown generational seller. what Tatum thinks about sometimes.
Yall keep talking bout Jaylen Brown aint super star. super star wasnt touching ball straight possessions wasnt trying
Respect Jaylen Brown playing like hurt one!
could possibly more wrong, maybe Book instead jaylen brown.
said that Malika. Jaylen Brown where tells Taylor Rooks that hell have rings time right with
Jaylen Brown needa work ball handling summer turnovers crazy.
Jaylen Brown dribbling package.
Jaylen Brown Come Home.
Jaylen Brown been most disappointing players this postseason run. Terrible shooting Terrible shot selection Terrible handles Terrible ball defense Terrible ball defense Leads playoffs Turnovers Leads playoffs Fouls.

Jaylen Brown after getting SECOND Team NBA.
Jayson Tatum importance Celtics signing Jaylen Brown extension: extremely important. best players league.
Jayson Tatum importance signing Jaylen Brown extension this summer: extremely important. best players league.
have GOOD SUCCESSFUL meaningful levels team with Jaylen Brown your second best player? Absolutely. evidence more than ample. title with Jaylen Brown your second best player? think answer this point obviously no.

Could Mavs Jaylen Brown after horrendous playoff skid?
Jaylen Brown there playing
this even tatum? outplayed butler series. difference jaylen brown being 8-10th best playing court.
Boston Celtics fans Jaylen Brown right now.
Jaylen Brown year left rings.
Jaylen "2nd team NBA" Brown 46.5 TS%.
Jaylen brown: don't one Heat:you have have home.
Jaylen brown Atlanta Hawks.
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Jaylen Brown asked about future with Celtics.
Jaylen Brown without Jayson Tatum carry him.

What You Really Think

Because LA has a great reputation towards blacks.

You a lie.

Have you ever been to Boston? The 'Boston is racist' joke is lazy. Use your small brain and come up with better material, this is low hanging fruit, fruit.


You ain't shit.

Vibe. (Insert joker laugh) wont effect their lives but them bit&hing for a year feels good. Hehehe.

Did they ever catch the whippersnappers that tagged LeBrons place?




Or you mean literal Lakers fans outside LeBron James house when he first signed to LA?

But he scored more than that pretender Tatum.

A white sports town = racist ? Cmon now.

I hate that I laughed.


Lakers got 4-0 can't b talking.

Yo is Hulk spelling out what Booker T called him?

Here they gooo.

Yo take it easy LMAO.

Didnt yall do that to bron?


That's fucking brazy.


Tatum Ankle had him off balance _.

Poor taste.

Not really.

Glad the Celtics didn't win, would have been rigged if they won, especially with all the "missed" calls they got away with in game 6.

Stop it.


You posting this like you didnt have fans outside Lebrons house graffitiing his house when he signed with Lakers. You are the definition of trash.

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