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Monday 13th of April 2020


A Prime Minister who nearly died gives heartfelt tribute to the NHS workers who saved his life. Po Ling, Jenny from New Zealand, Luis from Portugal ... Nothing will be the same after this crisis. Our national debate about the contribution of migrant workers will change utterly.
Very poignant video by Boris Johnson shot shortly after being discharged by the hospital.He also thanks all doctors and nurses who saved his life, especially nwo nurses who stood by his bed for 48h: Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal..
Words are cheap, .If you really are grateful to Jenny from New Zealand, for saving your life, end your governments hostile environment, that makes her - and all migrants - every encounter with the Home Office a stressful, ghastly, demeaning experience.1/4.
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A good model for free and fair elections..
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BREAKING: Trump just attacked all US Governors, blaming them for the lack of widespread coronavirus testing. Trump wants testing "perfected" by Govs, "no excuses!" Trump is to blame for test shortages, not Govs. Trump should be arrested for his coronavirus fraud and negligence..
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He can stage every bullshit presser. He can let OAN fly up his ass. It wont stop tens of thousands of US citizens from dying due to his negligence..
The left attacking Boris for showing appreciation for Luis and Jenny. They would both be here under a points based immigration system.Are commies really this thick? A points based immigration is NOT the same as wanting all foriegners out no matter how much you claim it is..
To and all the and the frontliners, a lot of aroha and arohanui from the other side of the globe.
The Republicans are going to do everything they can to use this crisis to tear down America and rebuild it in their own fascist image..
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Happy Easter !.
Id like to thank Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal. Please show your appreciation now, because our immigration policy wont allow their sort in after ..
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Boris Johnson thanks Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal. Migrant nurses who stood by him at his greatest hour of need. The very people his government has put off coming here..
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"I hope they wont mind if I mention two nurses who stood by my bedside for 48 hours. They are Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal.The reason my body did start to get enough oxygen was because for every second of the night they were watching".
Definitely. When you listen and show some empathy, you can be an ally for change..
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An Easter surprise from West Voe beach where Helen Moncrieff found a poorly selkie this afternoon. Will and kindly brought it north. Its got alopecia and bad lungworm. Were letting it rest and will treat it in the morning. Fingers crossed..
The two nurses that saved are Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal. Both are immigrant & Luis wouldnt have been here, had already hapoened; think on that, Bojo, you want to deny the right to live & work in the UK to the guy who saved your life..
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Its that special touch! Boris Johnson, the PM has it in spades! What a brilliant, genuine and heartfelt personal tribute to the NHS and especially to Luis & Jenny. There is no one in politics better at rallying the flagging spirits of our country..
Excellent job Jenny. Kind of cool you were mentioned by Boris but I am sure you would give excellent nursing care to any of your patients. Thank you for making NZ proud.
Thank you for acknowledging Jenny from my hometown of Invercargill.
Happy Easter, friends. Lets get this show on the road!.
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For nfld suffrage theres Jenny Higgins/Jennifer Morgans Agnes Ayres ABC of Amazing Women which includes many suffragists. Also this site Ive had a blast doing suffrage activities with first years that could easily be translated down to 10+ Id say..
Im so glad Shannon aint tuck his tail and fold like Stephen A. Smith would have when Jenny started talking. Hes 100% right..
You just had to turn it all back on to Boris did you not? Dont think Jenny would think much of your comment..
I have to say, you and Carl are like Jenny and Forrest. He will be missed so much. Did we miss a tribute to him?.
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Boris Johnson, not a big fan of migration, thanking Jenny from N. Zealand and Luis from Portugal for saving his life, just beautiful.
Scared to go back to normality now.
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I actually have a lot of sisters, they live in other towns and theyre all called IsabelleJust like Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny.
I asked about Luis specifically because he is in the EU, and am curious about the EU-UK arrangement post-Brexit. New Zealand is a different matter. I did not forget Jenny..
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Jenny, can we test all returning travellers by the end of 14 day hotel quarantine period to detect asymptomatic cases. asymptomatic case can be infectious, as shown in recent super spreader case involving a Melbourne hospitality worker..
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Kiwi nurse overwhelmed after British PM credited her for saving his life.
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"Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal - stood by his bedside for 48 "if he doesnt get it nowhe never will..
Revealed: Hero NHS nurses Luis from Portugal and Jenny from Invercargill who saved Boris Johnson.
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This poem is called "Last lines of emails Ive received while quarantining," inspired by and in response to the poem written by . Thank you for your beautiful work, it touched my heart..
The tongue really is powerful. Speak your blessings into existence, manifest, pray ..
Coronavirus : British PM Boris Johnson thanks Kiwi nurse Jenny McGee, NHS for saving his life.Boris also singled out a nurse from Portugal. The irony is ge wanted to privatise the NHS and actively keep foreigners out of the UK. Hmmm..
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For every second of the night, they were watching. Good wishes towards the prime minister. And Jenny & Luis, the immigrant nurses who kept him safe..
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Happy Easter Jenny and everyone!!!.
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We appreciate the Prime Minister calling out Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal, nurses who stood by his side looking after him in intensive care.Two of the many migrants - from nurses to shop assistants keeping the country running during ..
Heuuul yeah Jenny from invercargill..
The story does resonate with us, too. & yes, unfortunately not everyone is like Sarah. Genuinely listening is the key to understanding..
Finally a top politician cunderstands the vital role of expertise! Huge thanks to RNs Jenny and Louise and the millions of Nurses around the world for your: Knowledge, Compassion and Courage!.