Thursday 24th of June 2021

So, Here's Jess de Wahls, The 'gender Critical' Artist Royalacademy Has Just issued an Apology To, Endorsing a Tweet by Antisemitic Conspiracy Theorist Jennifer Bilek (whom She Also Follows).

Social Media Says

Jess send love, absolute support Britney during this time. hope courts, family make this right live however wants live.
Labour Jess Phillips seeks apology from Boris Johnson referring questions about rape conviction rate "jabber" during.
Nothing, NOTHING, ever done good faith anymore. apologises Jess DeWahls, their comms manager admits it's 'performative'.
Well, already live house
four current five strike catering staff Royal London Hospital. strike over impossible rosters. Their message Barts Health Trust clear Serco out! Solidarity.

Good afternoon jess, happy thursday, have good day.
Gue jess.
Lessons from Jess Wahls saga: dont idiots make policy Twitter because customers will longer stay silent. Plus: wisdom Caitlyn Jenner communes. thetimes notebook.
Rico VEGA fucked raw by Bairon HELL.
have house with private beach?
Here your 2021/22 ErreaOfficial home sponsored ThomasGrahams what think?
already live House
Definitely house bring drinks snacks. have ebooks need library. Take long walks, comfy hammock garden read nosh snacks, repeat.
Morning, Jess! Be good today!
proud jess
Girls that cook with love get mad when you dont eat while its hot.
Good point! even think about that.
Someone in your life may be trying to reinvent themselves, and... More for Cancer.
Check Jess Piper's video!
that written Jess, Jessica, thought more than mail merge.
Jess serially offended nugget please stop Jess.
Your energy may be lower than usual today, so its okay to res... More for Aquarius.
Royal Academy Arts apologises Jess Wahls transphobia Royal Academy Arts Guardian.
Kes! Check out. Heres Past bordercollie family back 2001 spring winter snowdonia Long born. Thats Jess Sophie with human dad. looks funny balaclava mums furry hat. Dats Black rock sands were on.

Belated happy birthday jess!!! V.
isn't developmentally disabled. should have conservatorship. only because society infantilized grown business woman with kids, marriage while having mental health crisis.

GOAL[?] CharlotteEagles during their volunteer shmetrolina! They packed backpacks child hunger programs. Shoutout Food Bank team members Jess Ethan leading this project!

Also...I'm noticing area biden visiting today predominantly Hispanic black area. That Green Road community/apartment hispanic. thinks won't even there.
these called Christopher John Rogers Target collection "hideous" then this black woman like wait show works.
& ValdoSmithxxx wearing outfits from a ~ at AttackBarMadrid the full video on.
mixed couple Twitter names Sports Writer announcement yesterday, let's again: Liam Kirkaldy (LiamKirkaldy_), Emma Luck (luckyemms1), Emma John (em_john), Jess Holland (hollandjess), Steve Hill (HillyTheFish), Malcolm Jack (MBJack). Congratulations!

When call people back they dont answer.
JESS NOREY SIGNS First midfielder Jess Norey! Jess spent first part last season with U23s, earnt call first team Cordell Memorial Cup, making appearances scoring winner against Hackney Wick! Welcome back Jess!

House 4!!!
Thank you TT Jess.
Multi-level building collapse reported in Surfside, Florida. Multiple emergency agency's responding.
In the playoffs ? Really ?
just hydroplaned uber said wee...
So they bloody should apologise. Especially considering the violent, lecherous, racist men they've had no difficulty endorsing over the centuries.
When cops do...there are BLM riots, the officer is pilloried in the national media, rioters show up at his home stalking him and his family, then lawsuits are filed. This climate of BLM activism has sadly made them hesitate.

Has been the most articulate and courageous spokeswoman for artistic freedom over the last week or so. Bloody brilliant on Radio 4 this morning! Thank you, Jess!
having tell people that Mary Blige Toni Braxton VERZUZ isnt real.
Sigh, missed Jess.
Great shoot yesterday evening with Nick, Jess, Liam.
Woke coast.
mama says innocent wouldnt nuttin like dis. good that about start college.
JESS Happy Thursday Thanks have amazing well.
Dont forget that want borrow book, need reserve book book space collect book before visiting library pick check book that read book.

Drunk me Vs. High me.
morning, what methods have dreams based family. I person that needs more time. Tomorrow going.
feel incredibly honoured have been asked heatherwaters15 take part round table event today alongside some fantastic founders thisischichi gracevella8 industry experts helenoldham Loucordwell Jess Jackson from.

When youre your weird music faves accidentally start playing.
Good Morning Jess Dont start shit today...HAHAHAHA.
Receives their invitations to watch VirgilAblohs upcoming LouisVuitton presentation. Watch live on Thursday, June 24th at 9:30 pm (KST) BTS Xin An San Jue.
Jess baby fever.
Once upon time audacity.
Authorities South Florida were responding early Thursday "partial building collapse," Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said. scene Surfside, miles north Miami Beach.
Post lunch carenursevision kicks with CollaborativeLeadership Jess SSSCnews and.
make friends adult after college lmao.
Those mullet Jeeps really piss off. Wrangler front damn F-150 back!!?
explaining situation just made spot.
Guys love to be like have you heard about this thing you told me about?
Greece tough one, especially when comes islands, more optimistic future reviews moment! know some here quite optimistic this review, ministers arguing over Balearics, think Greek islands little later.

called pretty much that call ugly just hater.
would have taken house together! But, since this vacation I'll with house
Jess Phillips continues impress with integrity dedication. example colleagues sides HoC.
some perspective Miami Beach building collapse, everything left line gone.
Well done Jess about time someone backbone call out.
talk about when Black people arent bubbly energetic like their non-Black counterparts work, they take offense think youre being dismissive, defensive have attitude?

What You Really Think

Thats clearly a bloke.

The bangs were the first clue honestly.

Wow, I think Ive done it. I think Ive found the most pathetic desperation on Twitter ever. I didnt think it was possible, but Luke_Turner has turned out to be the most creepy, desperate and obsessive person on Twitter.

OMG did a woman do a follow on the twitter? Did she like a tweet about herself? Didn't check with a man first? Quick - send pitchforks!

You, sir, are a horror.

Bless, you just can't bear a woman being treated fairly can you little boy?

Without digging into it too much (these things are exhausting), I guess this is another incident like closing the CAMH clinic in Canada where someone had the right instinct about what to do, but it was done in a sloppy way, and then the blow back all lands on the trans community.

Yep, they absolutely seem perfectly rationale human beings. Not.

For more on Bilek's antisemitism and support amongst the anti-trans movement, see christapeterso's unsettling recent thread.