Thursday 21st of May 2020


You love her Trump videos, youve never heard her real voice, and you know you need to know more. Its on getting nervous hes starting to make sense to her:.
This scene is boarded by and Jess Zammit, directed by , edited by , and written by !
And to the fans of The Thank you for supporting the show and us for all these years. I never would have guessed that this job would come with an opportunity to meet so many great and inspiring people. A real pleasure. May we meet again.

Boy I could really go for an ice cold glass of Being In A Restaurant right now.
Id say they became extremely successful because of the work ethic instilled in them. Its not because Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc decided that less than 1% of the worlds pop. should rule over all people lol. Theyre leaders in their fields, but not many are world leaders.

If I do block u is jus so Ill leave u alone.
Not gonna lie, I love the prison tiktoks. Reminds me of the place I don t wanna to back to.
The people who think kids wearing bullet-proof backpacks to schools w/ metal detectors & armed guards & are subjected to active-shooter drills is just "the price of freedom" & the people who call having to wear a mask for 10 min. inside Walmart "tyranny" are the exact same people.

We waiting to fly back to Doha to our family. When is that happening from mumbai to Doha.
Thursdays are for Pacha.
I guess yeah, but people have managed for 2 months now, surely its not worth the massive risk to minimum wage workers (I personally have never seen a McDs kitchen that looks big enough to social distance in) and idk I think the gotcha tone of the tweet rubs me the wrong way.

I m done with my second year atm, the only thing to stop me would be immigration tbf :((.
Hi Jess I promise I will listen to your podcast!!
Another Jess a can t.
the fact that paul s real name is james just doesn t sit right with me.
I m a really nice person but i harbor a lot of rage 90% of the time. I deadass think Jess is the only friend who s seen me scream and get into a fight because I try really hard to stay chill.
Anyone considering deferring uni to 2021?
John Ward has hit the nail on the head in saying Parliament has attracted more & more chancers of unscrupulous ambition and counterfeit values. They re not so obvious now that Parliament is in virtual mode but wait until the likes of shouty Jess Phillips get going again.

I need some of his energy without having to drink caffeine.
I miss my team so much.
It s early lol.
nur als jess im not good with nicknames hahaha.
it s so funny how sincere be so hype in the mornings.
Virus u been watching too much pornhub.
Im sorry Im really struggling with all this.
Thank you for sharing Jess.
Jess is the most precious soul ever, we must protect her at all costs.
Jess has made a massive rainbow cake for her act of and gone delivering to her grandparents .
Stand up & challenge this nonsense please Jess.
Im not saying the likes of Tom Watson, Lisa Nandy, Jess Phillips and Wes Streeting were in cahoots with the blatantly anti-Corbyn "whistleblowers" on Panorama, but their respective Twitter responses to the programme are entirely consistent with that hypothesis.

Jess, I think old Henry has totally lost the plot. He should have a lie down.
Honestly I am a little hurt that you think I lack empathy. Im merely pointing out that if you express an opinion its normal for people who disagree to make their disagreement known. I dont see how thats.

On this date, May 21, 2000, defeat Kennesaw State 3-1 to win NCAA Division II National Championship Outfielder Jess Christensen made a catch for the ages Michelle Wiest 2-run double Julie Fromm two-hitter.

But Jess babs Philips is donating PPE to them Socialism, "for the many not the few".... get the fuk outa here.
jess how did you not know this-
Nasa: discovers a Parallel Universe where Time goes Backwards. Every Classic Rock Stan:.
Stroking my big daddy dick.
Try and convince me that Jess isn t the sweetest soul.
100% Jess!
Thank you jess.
Well damn!!! Okay!
New Bareback clips with straigth curious fucked bareback by his friend with FIST FUCK Hardcore Get the full clip and more 800 Here : And here and Here.
Sadly this is pointless, all armed forces must be dismantled, there is no other.
This is Hudson and Nancy!
thank u for this art share im jess and im an aspiring graphic designer n illustrator:") i love drawing cute girls n old lookin stuff.
it s impossible to go somewhere new, to become something new, without first acknowledging where you are.
We re about to experience an Excitement!! Are we ready??
People can accept me up to figure out a sleep person. I fly by licking my achilles heel.
Here are more videos from friends & colleagues who share their memories of Jess Jacobs curated by w/.
Jess, They are doing Pasties by Post So you could get some delivered!! xx.
Yay! Congrats!!!
I ve been called a lot of names & accused of a lot of things by ER patients but it s surreal to have a patient accuse me of falsifying their COVID result - bc they don t believe the virus is real - as I m actively trying to keep them from dying from multi organ failure from COVID.

*squints at Amazon* Cant see you in the reviews, Jess. They must have made a mistake again.
5. have just expanded their awesome Thank You range through to include masks, mugs, bags, hoodies. Heres mini Niven in her tshirt. One of my huge memories of this time is her demand for "MORE RAINBOWS MUM" Over and out.

Researchers culled through more than 200 million tweets since January discussing the coronavirus. They found that about 45% were sent by accounts that behave more like computerized robots than humans.
I don t even have a crush rn, that s how single single I am. But I m not complaining, it feels amazing.
4. If you usually put a few bits into the food bank collection at the shop how about donating online instead? Again a big shout out to where you can add a donation onto your usual online shop.
3. Some businesses are open now and would appreciate your custom. Loving seeing our little high street burst cautiously into time for a lunchtime sarnie from Ramekins caterers who are missing out on corporate orders.

2. Buy dairy products that support farmers. does a For Farmers range which guarantees the proportion of cash that goes direct to farmers other supermarkets offer similar ranges but youve got to look for it!

1. Buy a box for a lucky dip of at least 3 clothing items for 35 and support factory workers, making use of stock that would have ended up in landfill. (You can request clothing size/style and mens/womens available) Blimmin love a lucky dip.

Realise this wont apply to all but if youre out there and feeling fortunate that youve got a job and find an extra couple of in your pocket ( 25 return train ticket to London plus posh coffee!)... here are some ideas to help others. Feel free to RT!

Todays episode (ep. 5) of Break The Silence features the Sao Paulo concert 6 will most likely feature.
Hi my loves and Happy Fathersday for All Daddys if you,are bored on this day So come and join in my 18 years old gfs honey_maryjane s room on chaturbate and have a lot of fun with her/ us follow just her link: Greatings your Jess ps: I hope we see us.

Oh my,hell You would be perfect for this part!!
Jess, no.
I think its a very particular thing, like theres people with autism who will only eat a certain brand of waffles. So the mcdonalds nuggets/chips would be their specific thing that they eat.
0 empathy.
Ha! I d throw her some cash too!
oi nah jess don t ever come @ us about our spelling you fucking bitch.
im between poh and jess.
Great work Jess.
What!!!! How have i never seen this!!!
Its like the state of NJ trying to take over the world lol.
12 Years Ago Today: John Terry slipped and missed his As won the 2008 final in Moscow. An unforgettable night.
Top Hits music. Now Not Letting Go (Featuring Jess Glynne) by Tinie Tempah on.
I love this challenge so much. Reece and Jess running around in the background and Poh just calmly plating her damn lobster.
Actual footage of Poh and Jess cooking for immunity.
THIS morning, on , national security expert and candidate for NY-17 will be on with & ! Tune in to 7A-9A Eastern!
Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others.
A SECRET IN ONYX is LIVE I thought the worst thing that could happen to me was the apocalypse. I was wrong.
thats cool, Spain is one of the places I would love to go to, you been to Barcelona before?
Jess is playing Train Sim World and Im not sure I can handle the excitement!!
These Jordan 1 s are beautiful.
jess if you see this on the tl, go to sleep. it s 8 am.
My brother has kept his contracted position with the US military simply because no one else can run the ancient programs they use to train the communications enlisteds.
Only 20 something away from 7K! Wow! Thank you all for continuing to support me and my work! Feel free to RT if you love, like or enjoy my work Ahhh!
Hello, my name is Jess and I am a Graphic Designer based in Buenos Aires, Love any form of Design and i do my work with great passion and you give me an opportunity you wont regret it.
It traumatises children and teenagers so doubt it will be but sure whatever.
Well done Jess. Who s snapped you up? X.
Senior thank you Jess and Kacie for everything you ve done for WHS, our community, and the softball program. You two will be guaranteed successes in everything you do moving forward! Know we are always here for you.

Yeah many times.
Is that Jess Phillips? Its definitely a Karen.
her mom is so beautiful, no wonder Krystal and Jess are queen beauties.
Wow that is great news I am very happy for you!!!!
Why is getting a car on finance so looked down on? Tell me how it is any different to getting a mortgage on a house.
You are so lovely and sweet so Id say 3 but I think if pushed far enough you could be an 8.
oh no way thats so cool, Im guessing you live in Valencia? You ever been to their stadium?

What You Really Think

She can t stop. She is needed. An essential worker if you will ..... I wish she could do one a day!

Sarah, I know it s hard to give him credit but you are doing an amazing public service and since he s using need to use him as well. Harness his evilness, transform it and cast it out in the world as your firefly light. You are a humor alchemist.

Omg I don t recognize you with your voice!

- thank you for the comic relief!!

Please don t stop, it s the best thing we all got right now.

The best bit is POTUS hunched over a laptop trying to lip sync her.

Much better voice and looks than Trump, thanks for your happiness and regards from canary islands.

Nice to hear Sarah s voice.

I luv her!

She is definitely providing a much needed public service and should take as many breaks as needed.

God bless Take all the breaks you need.

You give me much-needed laughs with every video you post. You deserve all of the attention you are getting! Carry on!

She is fantastic,.

I love what is doing, but I do NOT want her descending into trumps madness. If she needs to stop, she should. We have these videos. Theyll do.

I don t think I ve seen a better satirist than Sarah. Her facial expressions and body movements are brilliant.

I loved the videos but the whole "it was bad and then good again" part of this clip and understanding Nothing about his time at the WH has been good. Nothing at all.

I love her!!

1) I live for these vids. Shes the greatest 2) Omg shes got a real voice. How have I never wondered about that.

Shes really wonderful, and an actual human being. Theres a shortage of human beings in some quarters, *sigh*. ! Hail ! ! Fox !