Thursday 18th of May 2023

Jimmy Butler is The FIRST Player in Heat History With 35 Points And 6 Steals in a Playoff Game ]?].

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Doubling jimmy butler doubling jimmy butler both always wrong answer.
Jimmy Butler FIRST player Heat history with points steals playoff game [?].
Jimmy butler Adebayo franchise players will ride with them, goodnight.
respect Heat. They opposite Sixers. They leave line every single time. Jimmy Butler great. they just can't match I've said from beginning only challenge will Finals.

Jimmy Butler second player Heat history with playoff game, joining Dwyane Wade 2013 Spurs.
Jimmy Butler leads seed MiamiHEAT road Game ECF! PTS 7 (Playoff career high) Game Friday, 8:30 TNT.
Players with multiple 30p/5r/5a/5s playoff games: Michael Jordan Allen Iverson Russell Westbrook now, Jimmy Butler.
Damn right, did. Damn right, did. best part about still don't care what none yall think dont care pick win. Jimmy Butler thought that Heat would make long playoff after Play-In.

there hoop, play basketball right knowing that always chance." Jimmy Butler East seed Heat lead ECF. NBAConferenceFinals presented
I've never seen anything quite like Jimmy Butler. Such crafty strength athleticism. Such high-IQ vision. Heat offense. best 1-on-1 defender. NEVER CONF FINALS TEAM BEEN DEPENDENT SINGLE STAR. HE.

"That's what anybody wants wanted, appreciated..." Jimmy Butler thanks teammates, coaches, MiamiHEAT trusting lead team high level NBAConferenceFinals presented by.

Jimmy Butler, DAGGER?! YouTubeTV.
Serious question, Jimmy Butler steroids?
Coke? called that one!!! thought same thing Jimmy Butler PumpRules Heat.
still don't care what none y'all think. Honestly speaking, don't care pick win. never have. never will." Jimmy Butler speaks after Heat's Game win.
still don't care what none y'all think, honestly." Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler becomes player Playoff history with multiple games PTS, REBS, AST, STL. list: Michael Jordan games) Allen Iverson games) Jimmy Butler games).

don't care pick win." Jimmy Butler always confidence that Heat could make deep postseason run.
Announce jimmy butler clippers.
Jimmy Butler Adebayo were best players court tonight.
Three franchises culture that fucking that they willingly Jimmy Butler leave lmfao.
Jimmy Butler Garden.
"That's enough us...we want another days." Jimmy Butler when asked about winning Game road team straight series. NBAConferenceFinals presented
Jimmy Butler player league higher.
Jimmy Butler wanting more then anyone else.
cant quantify Theres analytic Just feeling stability locker room Theres just settling effect that impossible quantify. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra speaks Jimmy Butlers impact team.

So... it's just Jimmy Butler's world we're just living
Jimmy Butler Sixers front office thought Joel Embiid was. What they dreamed Simmons would Instead just disappointing failures. Harden fatass isnt except either.
Butler closer Kobe then Tatum bro. Tatum this heat team they lose first round Milwaukee aint doing what Jimmy Buckets did.
Jimmy Butler tonight: PTS 5 REBS 7 ASTS 6 STLS HEAT SERIES LEAD.
"One premier, premier two-way basketball players this association." Erik Spoelstra with high praise Jimmy Butler following Game NBAConferenceFinals presented
Playoff games with least points, assists, rebounds, steals, less than turnovers: Michael Jordan, 5/13/1989 Jimmy Butler, tonight legend PlayoffJimmy continues grow.
Jimmy Butler dagger three game reach late fourth quarter, commentator Kevin Harlan perfectly amplified moment.
Kyle Lowry Jimmy Butler guys watch Jimmy Butler play, he's most unselfish stars I've ever been around".
Jimmy Butler arc.
Jimmy Butler Game Celtics: points 7 assists 6 steals* rebounds *Playoff-High Just insane stat-line.
Jimmy Butler jumper display game against Boston Celtics points Every series, every game: finds absolutely tear apart defense Thread tonight.

JIMMY BUTLER PTS 7 AST 6 (Playoff career high) W.
real Twitter followers Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler career road playoff game with points, rebounds, assists steals. only other player that twice road since steals were first tracked 1973-74 Michael Jordan (also twice).

Jimmy Butler idea) enjoys good hotdog (soylent green).
"You can't quantify it." Erik Spoelstra impact Jimmy Butler team when he's playing high level.
Jimmy Butler putting PTS, AST, STL, HUGE
conference finals: Best player Nikola Jokic Best defender Anthony Davis Best scorer Jayson Tatum Best leader Jimmy Butler Best coach Erik Spoelstra Agree with this list?
when Jimmy Butler does literally anything.
Jimmy Butler tonight: PTS 5 REB 7 AST 6 First player since Gary Payton reach those numbers playoff game.
steals tonight Jimmy Butler. It's most player conference finals game since Stephen Curry 2017.

What You Really Think


Fam how u still going god nigga .

Put faith in em when EVERYONE Told Me Bet Boston. Told em theyd come through on the money line and spread. Thanks Jimmy. Even though yall had me worried 5 minutes into the 1st.

So random.

Record breakings literally every game. Has the nba become too easy?

I'm shocked you didn't dig up something negative on him.

Oddly specific haha but Butler was great tonight.

Hes really him.

Where are those ANALyst that are picking Boston at???

Heat Jimmy butler >>> heat labron James.

A few were just thrown at him, but I get it.

D wade did it Vs the spurs bro.

Great game. Think they caught the Celtics off guard.


Shout out from Philly!!!

Jimmy Butler always takes great care of his team in such a meticulous fashion.

Alright so he had his good game Now its back to being mid or get hurt.

Put some respeck on it!

[?] denotes a hot spring.

Ridiculous win. Celtics are on notice.

You should know YouTubeTV failed a lot of people tonight.

Maybe the weather is bad in Boston too. Check with the boys at ESPN.

Wow, Jimmy Butler made history with 35 points and 6 steals in a playoff game! Speaking of winning big, have you heard of TEMU? Download the app and use my invitation code <147126883> for some extra cash while shopping.

Just tore my parlays up.

Jimmy Butler is the GOAT.

Levels to this.

Wait werent you the guys that gave them a 3% chance ESPN?

Knicks actually held Butler in check. If he's going to go off like he did against the Bucks, then Celtics will get eliminated. Celtics couldn't defend. Multiple Heat players with double digit points. Heat are relentless... not the 76ers. Spo = enormous HC advantage!

What bron cannot do jimhimmy can do.

The real son of Jordan.

Pure Baller !!

Celtics fans are in shambles. Everyone didnt believe Miami would beat the Bucks OR the Knicks. Keep talking crap.


Dwayne Wade must be proud of him.

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