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Wednesday 16th of September 2020

In Harry Potter Terms, JK Rowling Has Become Cornelius Fudge, Unwilling to Believe Shes Been Wrong All This Time And Doubling Down on Her Transphobia.

JK Rowling is really out here policing gender identity when she literally identifies as a man to sell more books.?!!!!!!?!)!!
JK Rowling's new book's about a "transvestite serial killer" Meanwhile over in the real world the number of trans people killed in Brazil has risen by 70% this past year, young trans women are left to burn in cars and men who kill us (for being trans) are pardoned and sent home.

I almost appreciate the effort JK Rowling is making to remove any vestige of nuance from our understanding of who she is and how she plans on using her time, energy and fortune. Its all very as per my last transphobic email.

JK Rowling really decided to throw both Muslims & trans ppl under the bus. This is disgusting.
The jk rowling transphobia murder mystery book is 900 pages long lmfao please see a psychiatrist joanne.
JK Rowling couldve kept her shitty views to herself, cashed checks and retired as the patron saint of overhyped w*ite women everywhere but instead she decided NO. I need to be evil.
So weve now reached the point where JK Rowlings critics are advocating burning her books. Book burning. Remind me where that ends up.
Ive just ordered 200 copies of JK Rowlings new book to burn them in solidarity with planetjedward. Thatll teach her for being such a vile fascist.
The hardest part of being a Harry Potter fan is JK Rowling herself.
I know it's not the most important thing but JK Rowling is a really bad writer.
Today in Twitter weirdness, I got called transphobic for... calling JK Rowling transphobic.
Let me get this right: JK Rowling writes a book under a male pseudonym in order to whip up dangerous prejudices against trans women, suggesting that it is them, not her, who are pretending to be people they are not in order to harm women?

Hey jk_rowling what do you think of my harry potter fanart? also happy pride month!
"I dont know why but theres a whole Twitter generation of people who hang around waiting to be offended": You gotta love Robbie !
I always laugh when I see JK Rowling trending because it's always a bunch of 14 year old girls freaking out telling the author of their favorite book she is terrible.
No one has cancelled JK Rowling. She still gets to be a billionaire. Still gets to publish her book. Still has one of the worlds biggest platforms. All thats happening is people are calling her an a-hole. Freedom of speech freedom from criticism.

JK Rowling's book is released today (32 minutes ago). It's already the 3 book in the UK.
JK Rowling and the free advertising.
Jk rowling: im not trending anymore publicist: that is great news jk rowling: i actually disagree.
Good to see Robbie Coltrane defending JK Rowling. All sensible adults understand the extent to which she has been misrepresented. If everyone simply had the courage to say what they know to be true, this anti-JK mania might actually come to an end.

JK Rowling: do you feel different from other kids? Like there's something missing, something wrong that you maybe can't quite articulate? When you bring it up with your family, do they not approve? You're not alone. Those feelings are valid. Also JK Rowling: no not like that lol.

I still cannot believe JK Rowling has written a novel which implies that trans people can be villains. We in the LGBTQIA community are ALWAYS compassionate and loving and committed to justice, peace and basic human decency.

New JK Rowling Novel Written Entirely in 4chan Greentext.
Am I right in thinking JK Rowling wrote an entire book to piss off people she doesn't like on Twitter?
JK Rowling would be the most beloved children's author of all time if she just tweeted like "Hagrid hopes all the little wizards out there are having a good summer!" every once in a while.
Dejen ir a jk rowling she's a bitch :)).
Nope, but showing that Ireland has a poor history relating to womens rights. Youve colossally missed the point.
Jools can you explain for me in simple terms (:-)) what all this thing about JK Rowling is about? I am lost. Many thanks if you find the time.
Cross-dressing male serial killers is nothing new. In fiction OR reality. Norman Bates, Buffalo Bill, Haden Clark, Tex Arthurell, the list goes on. It's a pretty common trope, but because it's 2020 and it's JK Rowling, people assume the message must be TRANS WOMEN BAD.

Thats your interpretation. Cant a sick fuck dress as a woman to kill people? It was done in Psycho. Thats like writing a black person cant be a banker. A book could have a raging antisemitic character. No one has to read her stuff.

Jk rowling u are a disgusting piece of garbage . i literally hate the fact that you created Harry Potter because we maybe could have enjoyed it but you are such an ACTIVE shitbag i dont even want to think about it.

JK Rowling is singlehandedly creating anti-trans sentiment that is very real and very, very dangerous to us. She is not just sharing her opinion she is starting a brand new wave of transphobia.
Why do i have so many moots still following jk rowling... do better.
I wasnt sure how I felt about the JK Rowling controversy until Hagrid weighed in.
JK Rowling could have just...not done all of this and her trans fans (there are lots) would have continued to support her. I'm glad she's being honest about it. You really can't write a 900 page transphobic fantasy and then say "I'm not transphobic".

Well thats how the world works so...
JK Rowling, the disappointment that just keeps disappointing.
What did jk Rowling do this time.
Twitter allowing hashtags that legitimise death threats and misogynistic abuse? To JK Rowling and then who? People where ever you stand , stand against this.
I think its unfair you guys are passing judgment on the new jk Rowling book without reading it. Give it a chance!
By writing a novel about a gender nonconforming killer, JK Rowling is *viciously* attacking the trans community. Anything a writer includes in a work of fiction is what they LITERALLY believe to be true. She needs to go back to writing realistic stuff about wizards.

Ae aaae In this aaaee house aaOOee we eA[?]Eee support aeeeeeeeeeee jk rowling aaAieOOAie ee eA[?]IEaa[?]IEee.
Jk rowling looks like a helen.
I didn't realize you were friends with Trump.
You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. -Harvey Dent about JK rowling.
Ill stop tweeting about wanting JK Rowling to shut up when she stops wanting my Trans friends and family to die nulb.
If Ive said it once Ive said it a thousand times, fuck JK Rowling.
Starting to think that all those out-of-the-blue transphobic JK Rowling tweets a while back weren't so random Marketing at its worst.
Hope JK Rowling is off writing AN ENTIRE BOOK about women's rights right now.
The mob braying about JK Rowling's latest villain is proving the point nicely - if a man in a dress is murdering women & you're angry because he may or may not be trans - welcome to the real life of women, who ALSO don't know if a man in a dress is harmless or a serial killer.

That has led to trans people feeling under attack, and JK Rowling being deluged with abuse on social media. And yet basically no one is arguing from a position of knowledge (ie having read the book). This isn't a media ecosystem that benefits anyone.

Neville Southall: 'You dont expect loose cannons to take over your own country' . Hes the most original, compassionate and politicised of all ex-footballers and is an example to us all . A lovely, caring guy . Football The Guardian.

Indya moore rips into jk rowling next to rainbow dildo.
JK Rowling thought she was like Hermione but she was Peter Pettigrew all this time x.
Me: do not engage in netflix discourse or jk rowling discourse. don't also me: do.
Boycott JK Rowling, bitch.
JK Rowling isn't misguided or stupid or anything else. It's pretty simple: she's just a deeply terrible person.
Sick pathetic idiot. This hate filled tweet is unacceptable behaviour. Dear God wtf are you smoking.
"]Got defensive about having my comment called transphobic 'cause] I had a wrong idea about what it means to be transphobic ]I haven't thought on deep-seated transphobia yet]. It's usually a term used against JK Rowling. Hope she-god is helping me not to b crazy like that woman".

As Hagrid comes in on the jk_rowling trans debate. Please actually remember what she said.
I dont have patience for people who deny science and target the most vulnerable, whether its realDonaldTrump or jk_rowling.
That's exactly what he's doing. I started linking him directly to JK's tweets and he still claims he doesn't see what's wrong, I blocked him.
Hey! I'm Jay and instead of supporting JK Rowling, give a NB/Trans man some love for drawing a bunch of emojis that everyone liked.
Finally followed my favorite author!! jk_rowling you saved my teenage self with your magic you have no idea thank you. I said 12 years ago ill go find a good job so i can buy all your books getting there.

FFS. I just *HAD* to mention him, and then this shows up a couple of hours later.
I'm really troubled by the JK Rowling news cycle. It looks like the Telegraph published a review with a clickbait headline. That got followed up by Pink News, who presented it in the most culture war terms possible. Two publications monetising outrage.

I say we all order JK Rowlings new book from them.
>I have trans friends and support Jk Jk Rowling I met trans women I would consider friends who were dead set on believing you needed surgery to be trans. That doesn't make them right just because they belong to that group. That's tokenization.

What You Really Think

Uh...that would make the trans activists Voldemort, but do go on...

Enjoy the libel defamation lawsuit, you're toast if JK Rowling lawyers come for you.

Starting to think you people don't know what "transphobic" actually means...

So were Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Bloch, and Anthony Perkins all transphobic? Or perhaps its just a story without hidden meaning. Not everything needs to be SJW nonsense.

Your a crazy person.

Define woman.

Now I'm going to have buy it.

OK clown.

Just wondering ... do you feel good about bullying? Is Rowling not permitted an opinion in your world?

There's no such thing as "transphobia". A phobia is an irrational fear. No one fears trans people.

There goes the only books u have ever read. There are other authors.

So she copied Hitchcocks Psycho and now shes transphobic? Are you ok?

Literally nothing about this is transphobic. you nutjobs are beyond all hope.

You understand that she's writing a work of fiction, not a non-fiction "how-to" guide to murder.

Alexa, what is a disguise?

Have you ever heard of a movie called "Dressed to Kill"? The killer dressed as a woman to hide his identity.

What makes this story trans-phobic?

Wasn't this the plot of the original Harry Potter, I mean Voldemort did have a child with Bellatrix and constantly wore a dress.

Is it transphobic to suggest that a murderer might disguise his/her true identity in order to get away with murder?

Woke bros are the biggest misogynists.

Cry moar.

How has she been wrong?

Shes right. Biological sex is real and important. Perhaps put down the fiction books and read a book on anatomy.

In Harry Potter terms.

Going to have to explain that to me. It sounds to me like he is dressing in drag to lure his marks to underestimate him before killing them. Nothing to do with trans people which you would know if you had anything between your ears.

You could never be woke enough, the left eats their own!

Leftists are such children.

What's transphobic about it?

Read another book, please.

Define wrong. Define it without trying to fit it into a preconceived binary left and right paradigm. Cant? Thats your problem.

Read another book.

No one, not even her, HAS to share in your delusions.

Or perhaps the hateful people attacking Ms. Rowling have become Dolores Umbridge.

You're a clown and almost everyone is laughing at you.

Thanks for proving that transphobia isn't real.

That would be you.

I don't get it. Is it no longer progressive to believe men are rapemurder monsters that will use whatever convenient means available to express their violent misogyny?

JKR went down a hole of transphobia & bigotry. As soon as I didn't think it cld get worse, this happened. It continues to vilify trans femme folks & men who defy gender norms. I'm glad you're raising awareness on how it's a toxic topic (ps love your tik toks).

What, exactly, has J.K. Rowling ever said or written that's transphobic?

She is not wrong!