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Friday 22nd of May 2020


Just a reminder: This Government proposed laws that would shut down unions for paperwork errors as minor as being a day late. paperwork mega bungle.
The revised figures released today mean that the Government has no excuse to return the payment to $40 a day at the end of September. Cutting income support payments to those who need it most is a choice, not an inevitability.

Live footage from the Prime Minister s Office.
We ll credit you with the new hashtag.
The fickle explanation is that thousands of applicants declared 1500 employees instead of 1 employee on the ATO data input form, which is very specifically asking for employee numbers not Jobkeeper dollars. It sounds like an Taylor excuse.

For weeks the Morrison Government has been telling casuals and other excluded workers that the JobKeeper program was full when in reality it was three million workers short.
This was Deputy Treasurer Michael Sukkar last week when asked by whether the Federal Government would consider expanding.
If you believe business has miscalculated $60B in applying for you also believe in Santa Claus.
So the gov says only million are on (unemployed) and up till a few hours ago million were on , now its revealed that only are on jobkeeper so the qtn is where are these 3 million people now? This whole oops moment is flat out suss.

Poor once again clutching at straws is coming in under budget Yes under budget That s a great saving for our economy. Does Albo actually understand what s going on?
says is good news for taxpayer that only 3m not 6m ppl are getting . Not so good for those groups of workers you left out Joshy, that couldve got the payment like uni staff/entertainment industry/casuals/students. How are they surviving?

You have ZERO credibility which is half the credibility you had before the numbers stuff up. Please resign!
So 1000 businesses misunderstood the question on the form and it s their fault? Not the design of the questions, the design of the , but the poor businesses, all 1000 of them? Remember when the buck stopped somewhere other than at the door of the victim?

A SIXTY BILLION DOLLAR underspend could well and truly fund access to for the 2 million casual and temporary visa workers this government has abandoned.
Not a mathematician but the story is 1000 employers apparently claimed they had 1500 employees, getting confused with the rate & how many they employ. Really? 1000 businesses claiming for 1500 workers is not $60 Billion. What CRAP.

I ve been constant in saying that I couldn t see this scheme costing beyond $90bn due to the amount of businesses missing out & couldn t believe the numbers being spoken about earlier this week.
In light of the newly discovered 60 billion in budget, the education minister should announce a new micro credential in numeracy and data entry. Mandatory for everyone in.
Affinity Education run 150 childcare centres. A young worker has told us that they are forcing staff to work more hours to earn . Any request to increase your hours must be reasonable; take into account study & caring commitments & the hrs you worked prior to COVID-19.

UPDATE: Josh Frydenberg says that the $60 billion windfall will be split evenly between all 885 million Australians.
It is also really hard to avoid mistakes in doing big new policy quickly if you have spent 7 years gutting the public service, and telling them their role is just implementation.
. would instead save the federal government budget, but let the Australian economy and its people collapse.
Ok, so were not spending $130 billion for recipients - only $70 billion. And were not helping million workers under this scheme - only million. Big - very big - numbers to get so wrong. This incompetence & economic mismanagement is unacceptable.

Extraordinary: - Treasury admits a $60B error is assessing JobKeeper. The good news - that is money saved on the budget. And it means nearly 3m FEWER people are currently on than previously thought. Ill have the details at 5pm.

What should we do now that we know of the reporting error? "..The facts have changed, not in a little way, theyve changed in a massive way" says . She tells the govt should now cover additional people that were left out of JB originally.

you certainly wouldnt put . on the checkout you would go broke as he was giving out change from a $130billion dollar note you would think the word might come up in the news reports but this is.
Peter, what do you think? Is this a "forecasting error" (by the govt) or a "reporting error" (by business owners) or could the admin have been so confusing that there are now people unemployed, living of their savings, receiving no govt support?

Translation. is pissed off that the govts bottom line will be better off by $60billion . 1000 employers fill out their job keeper forms incorrectly and Albo wants to blame.
So externally you managed to screw up the relation with your biggest trading partner vital to economy recovery for basically nothing but a job well done from the US, then internally you screwed up calculation by nearly half, and you blame the businesses? plz.

Omg! They are blaming the person who designed the application form . Not freaking Crap.
" It is million people on not million as forecast and it was forecast to cost $130 billion on march 30th and forms were issued on April 20. The government can not run a bath tub. This not businesses fault.

Whoever has thought was good with money, , it is like to imagine all Russians are cosmonauts.
For my tax return this year I m going to claim I paid $150,000 in tax. Worth a shot. If they query it, I ll just tell them Angus Taylor s office downloaded my pay summary for me. I m sure the ATO investigation will find: No significant harm was done.

Simply 3 million workers not covered. Off to Centrelink they go. Could it be that the 600,000 real living people that we already know about missing in the numbers thought they would have didnt apply for What a fuck up.

REALLY Badly planned & $60 BILLION mistake and now they call it a saving.
Hey Federal government - with the stuff up you can now give the $60B to First Nations peoples of this country. It s time we.
This April 12 Speers/ Frydenberg interview makes interesting reading now. Adding an extra 1m people to (they are using the example of temporary workers and casuals here) would cost an extra $18bn. Should the line be redrawn in light of this $60bn windfall ?

This ATO second Commissioner bloke at the live presser is rattled, very rattled .Fraudenburg has hung him out to dry, I sense !
Liberals caught misleading the public, frantically try and run up excuses. THEY LIED about how many people could access Treasury says the jobkeeper wage subsidy program will now cost the budget $70bn rather than $130bn.

What wed do if we found out if wed under-spent $60 billion on : - Extend JobKeeper to the millions of workers who are falling through the cracks. - Buy a calculator. Too easy.
The government quoted to $130B figure when they launched . This is bullshit arse covering after it became clear there was lower uptake than expected.
Imagine the uproar from the Murdoch corner had it been Labor who had made an error of this scale?
How come Treasurer hasnt had the decency to call a presser to explain the details of the errors, take ministerial responsibility or answer questions? Oh, thats right! Its an LNP Govt: no accountability.

After a ten second search a federal govt website states that there are approximately 13,000,000 workers in Australia. So it would appear NOBODY thought to question that FIFTY FUCKING PERCENT OF WORKERS WERE CLAIMING ? Hello, is this thing working?

People are asking if this is a "forecasting error" or a "reporting error"? I wonder if the admin requirements for were too difficult and this has resulted in many people now unemployed, living off their savings, with no govt support at all.

That alibi doesnt work. => Multiply 500 by 1,500 and compare your answer with the 3 million error in the number of workers mistakenly claimed by to be supported by his scheme.
Let me get this right 3 million people missed out on is that correct? I know your good with numbers so can you help me out? how many of those 3 million people wont be voting next election.
The university sector has been frozen out of (schemes been rejigged three times to ensure the vast majority of university employees arent eligible). Why is the Coalition waging a war on higher education?

So, has been over-estimated by $60 billion. Fine. Here s what to do with that money: - Permanently JobSeeker; - Pay JobKeeper to all casuals, OS workers & other excluded ppl; - House homeless; & - Permanently teacher/ELE/nurse wages. What s on your list?

Have any sole traders received the second payment yet?
Srsly?! The Morrison Govt are guilty of numerous rorts and corruption scandals, incompetent at economic mgmt and consistently refuse to take responsibility, but hey, lets blame Labor!!

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The old let s blame the ATO & Treasury trick.

Good one Murray.

Sorry about that Chief. Thats the second time this month. Would you believe?

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