Thursday 7th of May 2020


MILLION people filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week. Almost MILLION filing jobless claims in 7 weeks. 1 in 5 Americans unemployed. These are lives and family shaken, devastated.
It s May 6th, and you re trying to leverage the COVID-19 crisis into a partisan political attack while 30 MILLION Americans are jobless.
BREAKING: Nearly million workers seek jobless aid, raising total layoffs since virus struck to 33 million.
Another 3 million Americans filed jobless claims last week, bringing total to 33 million since Trump called the virus a media/Dem hoax, said to ignore it, did nothing for the US, sent our PPE to China and them blamed Obama for not enough masks.

NEW: Another million people filed for unemployment for the first time last week bringing the total number of jobs lost during the coronavirus crisis to at least million.
Latest jobless claims numbers show some improvement with about million people filing for unemployment. Still high. Monthly numbers due Friday.
You can read more s updated numbers from and here:.
Another million Americans file jobless claims.
former lobbyist wants spouses to continue taking jobs from Americans Urges US court not to block Obama-giveaway 33 Million jobless in America!! What happened to ?
Another million Americans file for unemployment benefits.
Gold is mainly staying at the upper half of the current channel. With todays bad data for US jobless could be the opportunity to break above. No EMA cross at the moment.
Roughly million people have now filed for jobless aid in the seven weeks since the coronavirus began forcing millions of companies to close their doors and slash their workforces.
Based on all the information we have gathered, this is the revised prototype model tho may not be exactly the same, still I didnt include all the furnitures, just the ones I used for basis, and this is not scaled. Yes we are so jobless.

MILLION people have lost their jobs in the last 7 weeks in the US. Can we stop pretending that extended shelter in place rules wont result in death, just because those deaths will be less direct and long-term? We need a balanced approach.

nytimes: Breaking News: million jobless claims were filed in the United States last week, adding to more than 30 million since March. In many states, more than 25% of workers are unemployed -
Yesung was so jobless for a while and suddenly dropped A duet for SM station News about upcoming movie News of KRY first album This is what they call "the silence before the storm" We thought he was really jobless not knowing he was preparing all this.

There is no need for billionaires. Get rid of all of them.
US Initial Jobless Claims released at 3,169K , above the forecast of 3,000K.
Nearly million Americans filed for unemployment in last week, bringing number of jobless claims to some 33 million since mid-March.
No end is in sight for coronavirus-related job losses. - Jobless claims climb to 33M in seven weeks.
Jobless claims jump million in early May, but historic rate of layoffs is slowing - MarketWatch.
million more Americans applied for unemployment last week, pushing total jobless claims for the last seven weeks to more than 33 million.
Ohio, Missouri, and Iowa are among at least a half dozen states that want companies to report employees who refuse to return to work during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure they can t get jobless benefits.

This isn t going well 3 million Americans join the ranks of the unemployed.
Another million Americans filed unemployment. * million Americans are unemployed * 75 thousand Americans are dead in 2 months of Trump s failed and failing response to the virus. Heartbreaking.
BREAKING: Nasdaq Composite pops more than at the open, turning positive for 2020.
Jobless data over the next two days is likely to show unemployment at its highest level since the Great Depression. Yet even those breathtaking figures won t fully capture the magnitude of the damage.
The coronavirus has triggered record jobless claims for seven weeks in a row The Wall Street Journal.
Nearly million laid-off American workers applied for unemployment benefits last week. That brings the number of people who have lost their jobs since the coronavirus hit to about million.
Another million people filed for unemployment for the first time last week, bringing the total number of jobs lost during the coronavirus crisis to at least million.
NEW: Another 3,160,000 Americans filed unemployment claims last week; more than 33,000,000 have filed jobless claims in the past two months.
US weekly jobless claims total million, vs million expected.
As state works to reopen economy, 37,000 Tennesseans filed unemployment claims last week, lowest since March.
This hashtag is heartbreaking. So many graduates without jobs, E engineering, science, accounting graduates are jobless. A lot needs to change to give hope to our youth.
i actually care if no one replies, please reply to this tweet im bored and im jobless please reply before i get sad.
coronavirus-update">Coronavirus Updates: Another Million Americans File Jobless Claims, Including 195,000 New Yorkers.
How does the stock market keep going up when jobless claims are skyrocketing and people are DYING?
So not only are babies broke & jobless but they re insecure too? Smh I can t vibe with this energy.
Nearly million laid-off workers applied for unemployment benefits last week as the business shutdowns caused by the viral outbreak deepened the worst economic catastrophe in decades.
: : Nearly million workers seek jobless aid, raising total layoffs since virus struck to 33 million.
US weekly jobless claims total million, bringing seven-week tally to million -
Top story: Jobless claims jump million in early May, but historic rate of layoffs is slowing - MarketWatch , see more.
A total of million initial jobless claims have been filed over the past 7 weeks. That amounts to of the entire civilian labor force.
Hopefully will save the summer . With this corona virus , jobless . Btc is needed more than ever for me . Hope it sly rockets.
US unemployment rises another 3m, bringing total to 33m since pandemic began.
We all know at present you are jobless. You have an opportunity to earn crore rupees.
Its so crazy to actually see the ignorance and idiocy leak out of your deranged mind. Working people that risk their lives to save us are dying, elderly people that are part of the greatest generation are dying. Police, firemen, EMS workers. They are not scared jobless takers.

Breaking: 3+ Million more jobless claims this week Total 33 Mill unemployed in America! Now is the time to act! need you to to end We dont need guest workers.
million more Americans filed for unemployment benefits this past week, now totalling Thats less than half of the peak weak on Mar 28, and lower than the initial March spike week. Much are furloughs, over 70% are earning more now.

Yeah! Spend oodles of on military while families in this country are homeless, & jobless. Oh but wait, it s not their families. Like we can ever expect this country to care, because those who have run this country, & that s what matters 2 them.

20 million jobs lost in April alone. Real unemployment, inclu those who are underemployed & not looking for work, is likely to hit 25% in April, rising higher in May. This is dire. We MUST stop mass unemployment. Thats what my does.

Initial jobless claims should continued to trend lower, possibly dipping below 1 mn by the end of this month. Continued claims, however, will likely trend higher until surpassing 30 mn in three weeks or less.

Is it about adding a point to the Dow? Are you at all concerned about 30+ million jobless? Economic collapse, civil unrest, infrastructure/supply chain breakdown resulting in what kind of country for you to potentially run? I m not a Trumpian - I m a concerned American.

US jobless numbers are even worse than forecast - and the stock markets there are still climbing. Do investors expect that the Fed will simply buy up their shares?
US unemployment hits record high as 33m jobless claims filed since pandemic started.
States cut as millions of jobless workers look to safety net.
We ve now seen million new jobless claims in seven weeks. That s about 20 percent of the entire labor force. Not on pace to drop below a million new claims a week until late June. Staggering.
Million Workers Filed Unemployment Claims Last Week.
Another million Americans Unemployed, bringing total to million -
BREAKING: Million Jobless Claims Filed Last Week.
People are jobless and starving and. In the midst of a nobody gives a shit about ACA when we cant even go to a either UBI 4all or Dems and Republicans will be jobless too. People will not sit around waiting for breadcrumbs while you rich pigs eat the cake.

Nasdaq Composite pops more than at the open, turning positive for 2020.
Million File New Unemployment Claims.
Uh, Steve? Check the jobless numbers. Maybe there are better uses of your time than getting into a Twitter war with a singer. This isn t reassuring.
: Nearly million more workers filed for unemployment benefits last week, raising the total number of layoffs since the coronavirus pandemic struck to 33 million.
During the week ending April 18, only 11 states reported numbers for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and 7 states reported numbers for Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation! Millions more claims to come as state systems get on board.

Jobless Claims Top 3 Million, With Little Relief in Sight.
is it that hard to keep other groups out of your mouths if its not praising them? is. it. that. difficult? coz its just beyond me rn that yall are that jobless.
I cant believe someone actually wasted time to spread hate and malicious rumours about people enjoying music and being fans of a group? WHAT WAS THE POINT? WHY SO JOBLESS? Is it so hard to leave us alone? Anyways,I did what I had to do and I purple you all.

Another million jobless claims reported this morning. In total, 33 million jobless claims have been filed in the last 7 weeks.
We have just about 1 billion men available for marriage and out of the 1billion: 50% are jobless 3% are gay 5% are Catholic Priests 10% are your relatives 32% are above 66years So think before treating any man like trash.