Saturday 23rd of May 2020

Joe Biden

President Trump is leading Joe Biden (D) in the battleground state of Pennsylvania percent to is significant, as it reflects a percent jump from the previous survey.
Lemme get this straight. Joe Biden is telling Black Americans when they can call themselves Black? Is this for real?
This is disgusting. Joe Biden: "If you have a problem figuring out whether youre for me or Trump, then you aint Black.".
Joe Biden s comments are the most arrogant and condescending thing I ve heard in a very long time. I am offended, but not surprised.
Deer In The Headlights Joe Biden For President.
Joe Biden is a racist.
Joe Biden is a bitter racist and the activist media covers for him.
- Trump tours a Michigan plant without letting the media see his mask - talks with about the campaign, coronavirus and much more!
It must be a real shock for many African Americans who were unsure about who to vote for to suddenly realize they are no longer black since Joe Biden said so.
BET Founder Robert Johnson: Joe Biden Should Spend the Rest of His Campaign Apologizing to Every Black Person He Meets.
Ive said it before & Ill say it again: is gonna be Joe Biden regardless of what you think. And personally, thats why I like him. He is real. He is authentic. And he has gone through far too much in his life to give a shit what blue checks say about him on Twitter.

If You Have A Problem Figuring Out Whether You re For Me Or Trump, Then You Ain t Black -Joe Biden.
Dont you want to hear what Al Sharpton has to say about Joe Bidens comment? Id love to.
Joe Biden: "If you have a problem figuring out whether youre for me or Trump, then you aint Black.".
Old classmates are reaching out to me by the dozens to help them with registering as Republicans. Joe Bidens comment was the final straw! Theyre fed up with the Democratic Party!
Have Andrew Cuomo or Gretchen Whitmer set up a hotline yet to report black people who dont support Joe Biden?
We must stop elderly abuse. I m Joe Biden and I really truly desperately approve this message.
Joe Biden has destroyed millions of Black American lives.
JUST KIDDING! Top Biden Advisor Says Joe Just JOKING About You Ain t Black Comment.
The issue wasn t what Joe Biden said, because it was accurate. The issue was that it came from Biden. It also was clearly a joke that didn t land. But I m wondering where all this outrage was yesterday when y all president declared his public devotion to a Nazi sympathizer.

Joe, we agree, you re beating yourself every time you talk. It s why your campaign does whatever it takes to minimize your a truly first time tactic for a presidential campaign. Joe Biden gets confused, says "Im going to beat Joe Biden.".

Hey, Joe Biden Two Things are going to happen on November 3rd Im not voting for you I will still Black & Proud Take a look and share.
I m prepared to say that I have a record over 40 years, and that I m going to beat Joe Biden He is right though. He s helping defeat himself every time he speaks.
And thanks for the poll showing you losing to Joe Biden 50-39? America is so ready to be rid of you: Trumps Miami golf resort fired furloughed 250 workers due to coronavirus. Even Trump Doesnt Believe His Lies that the Economy Will Rebound Quickly.

If you think what Joe Biden said today was bad--imagine how he talks about black people off camera.
Joe Biden says vote for him or you re not black. One of the dumbest things you can say to a black person. Insulting, demeaning, and racist. Do you agree?
Joe Biden after telling the audience if you vote for Trump.
Joe Biden had my Black president s back for eight years when the woke Blackademics and other woke folks didn t.
Like I said, knowing Joe Bidens character and his personality, that "you aint black" comment was a joke and doesnt need to be fussed over.
Katrina Pierson and Sen Tim Scott just held a conference call blasting Joe Bidens remarks on black voters. Pierson and Scott both claimed Pres Trump has done more for black people than any other president elected.

Comms Director: comments were in jest. Joe: I should not have been so cavalier. This is how bad the Biden campaign is at this.
After today he s right! He s going to beat Joe Biden!!!
Isnt quid pro quo what they impeached Trump for? BREAKING -- "QUID PRO JOE -- AUDIO Released of JOE BIDEN and Ukrainian President Poroshenko Discussing FIRING VIKTOR SHOKIN Who Was Investigating His Son -- FOR IMF LOAN!!

WATCH: Joe Biden gets confused, says "Im going to beat Joe Biden.".
BREAKING: Joe Biden to take the weekend to decide if Stacey Abrams is Black enough to be his VP.
This could have been the hysterically weak opposition against us but y all went and chose Joe Biden.
Analysis: Joe Biden questioning the blackness of black Trump supporters isnt the way to win the black vote.
Theres not a single weakness Joe Biden possesses that doesnt apply to Trump 10 times over.
Joe Biden literally told Charlamagne I ain t got to do shit for you niggas to get my vote.
Whether Joe Biden was KIDDING AROUND or he still scolded a black man & told him YOU RE NOT BLACK unless U vote for me! - Do U know why Joe Biden makes GAFFES all the time? Because he s a PHONY SALESMAN with a phony personality Biden s PUBLIC personality = PHONY.

Biden Walks Back Ain t Black Comment: I Shouldn t Have Been Such A Wise Guy.
You can usually always believe a child, a drunk and someone with senile demencia ... China Joe is a racist ... Joe Biden APOLOGIZES for telling Charlamagne tha God you aint black.
Video: Black American say why they voted for President Trump President Trump has done more for black people than Joe Biden ever did in the 40 years of his potical career.
Joe Biden s message to black voters: Vote for me or.
Most white liberals in the media arent shocked about Joe Bidens comments today regarding black people, because they are racists too.
Black progressive influencers expressed shock, outrage, and dismay at Joe Biden s already-infamous you ain t black comment Friday.
BREAKING: Whoever Joe Biden picks as his VP, whether its Amy Klobuchar, Warren or ...Im STILL voting for him. Because trump is not an option.
Again, let this sink in: Joe Biden had to issue an apology for a poor choice of words (and not saying Biden should or shouldn t have) and Trump literally fawned over a Nazi just yesterday.
Donald Trump just attacked Joe Biden that he doesn t even know where he is . Time to re up this clip of confused Donald. RT!
JOE BIDEN IS A RACIST! I WANT EVERY BLACK PERSON TO SEE THIS VIDEO! PLEASE RETWEET I m pissed off! Joe said if you don t support him! He will never get my VOTE! * RT & USE THIS HASHTAG.
Joe Biden to all the black Americans who voted for in 2016:.
Did anyone see Joe Biden s pitiful attempt to apologize for his blatant racism?
Joe Biden some of these niggas Daddy the way they acting like that was ok. Im done ranting about it though.
Obama-Biden IRS targeted conservatives before 2012 election. Obama-Biden FBI targeted President Trump before 2016 election. Mueller s top prosecutor is now actively campaigning for Joe Biden. But Republicans are at fault?

is an insult to the Black community! Joe Biden sat down with Charlamagne tha God and discussed the Black vote.
. , meet Cancel Culture.
million black Americans already voted for Trump in 2016. This morning, Joe Biden told every single one of us we ain t black. I d say I m surprised, but it s sadly par for the course for Democrats to take the black community for granted and brow beat those that don t agree.

if you dont vote for Joe Biden!?!
Joe Biden, will I still be white when I dont vote for you this November?
Il m going to beat Joe Biden ??? Ok!! Now hes going to beat himself? This guy is getting sadder by the day.
If said this there would be riots in the street. I held picket signs and protested segregation, while Joe Biden fought for it. I will proudly support Trump, lets see him tell me to my face Im not black.

Republican Sen. Tim Scott says Joe Bidens comment about black voters was "condescending and arrogant".
See Joe Biden has again put his foot in his mouth with insulting the black community? Not for the first time but constantly gets a pass from media?
Joe Biden just inadvertently confirmed everything Kanye has been saying for the last 3 years.
Have to wonder if Joey has been cleared by a medical doctor? He clearly isnt of right mind. Not to mention he makes a TON of racist comments regularly Joe Biden expresses regret over you aint black comments: I shouldnt have been so cavalier.

Breaking ... Joe Biden says hes not afraid to debate Joe Biden.
"No One Should Go To Jail For Drug Crimes Period, Particularly Marijuana" - Full Interview:.
Almost 100K people dead and we are focusing on what Joe Biden said about black people. 1: Black people are not going to vote for Trump 2: Black people know exactly what Biden is trying to say 3: Black people are not going to vote for Trump.

Dems were serious about the "no purity tests" thing. Actual article in the Nation. Vote Blue No Matter How Many Babies Joe Biden Boiled And Ate.
Sen. Tim Scott Eviscerates Joe Biden for Racist Comments.
In fairness, how many times in a row can the media report, "Today May 22, 2020, former Vice President Joe Biden once again did not urge anybody to inject bleach.".
Im not mad at Joe Im mad that people acting like what he said was a lie.
Joe Biden just confirmed Pete Buttigieg will play a role in his administration.
Stacey Abrams has yet to weigh in on Joe Biden s comments.
Every now and then it just slips out and the Democrats exactly what they think. Like Joe Biden s comments about the black vote today like Hillary Clinton s basket of deplorable s comment! There are many examples.

What You Really Think

Joe Biden has dementia and need to be taken home to live the rest of his years with his family.

He is so out there, pathetic and incompetent. Yep, Sleepy Joe supposedly makes friends everywhere he goes.

Has CNN reported on this yet??

Yes! Can t believe you are slow today!

WHAT? Democrat please put a muzzle on your candidate.