Saturday 9th of January 2021

You Know What, Joe Bidens Right. BLM Was Treated Very Differently.

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Congress has certified the 2020 election results. Onulb President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20. Onulb VP Mike Pence has no authority to stop certification. Onulb Claims of voter fraud are unsubstantiated and have been rejected by AG Barr and the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden barking about yesterdays events when he stayed consistently silent while American cities burned is the height of hypocrisy.
Todays shameful assault on our democracy anointed at the highest level of government must not deter us from our responsibility to the Constitution. Tonight, we will move forward with the certification of President-elect Joe Bidens election.

Love that Joe Biden will take the Amtrak to DC for his inauguration. I Amtrakd across the US from east coast to west a few years back, arriving in San Francisco several days later. Met some interesting characters, saw beautiful scenery and learnt a lot about the country.

Donald Trump Says He Will Not Attend Joe Bidens Inauguration.
President Donald Trump says he will not attend President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20.
Today would be a good day for Joe Biden to concede.
President Trump will not attend the inauguration of Joe Biden and that is the correct call. If he did attend, Mr. Trump would draw attention away from the new President and the traditional event. Mr. Trump should, however, issue a gracious statement of congratulations.

President-elect Joe Biden will seek to release nearly all available coronavirus vaccine doses to accelerate distribution, his transition team said Friday, in a shift from the Trump administrations policy of holding back stock for second doses.

Hey Joe Manchin Maybe if you voted to give Americans the $2000 checks Joe Biden promised us, your state of West Virginia wouldnt look like a rotted teeth meth lab. WV is the poorest state in the Union!

Joe Biden: "This is not who we are!" Latin America.
Watch "Joe Biden brags about having the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in history." on YouTube okatanakeengulu and you never saw it trending on CNN or Twitter.
Woke up and Joe Biden has won the Presidency again for the 25th time since January.
Ted Cruz faces fierce blowback after his objection to Joe Bidens victory and riot at the US Capitol. As PatrickSvitek AlexSamuelsx5 write, it didnt help that some money-seeking texts from Cruz hit phones just as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol.

Meet Dr. Tammy Towers Parry a Family Medicine Doctor in Seattle, WA, "We just stormed the Capitol.. it's the least we can do, so God Bless America. Joe Biden did not win. He's hopefully going to prison".

Because joe Biden stole the election big time .
I hope just about every single thing Joe Biden does when he becomes president will be a break with the Trump administration.
Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton all say they plan to attend Joe Biden's inauguration in Washington on January 20.
Pretty sure no one gives a shit if Trump attends Joe Bidens inauguration or not, and Id rather not see the biggest traitor in US history there at all. Who agrees?
SOUND ON From egging on his mob to conceding defeat, watch how Donald Trump's language changed in less than 48 hours. Follow all the updates in our live blog.
Today, Joe Biden once again spread the most poisonous smear in American public life, the Charlottesville lie. Please see the truth about the FinePeopleHoax My prageru video: My article with transcript.

Exactly. Joe Biden moved on from being a segregationist. Lets never forget he didnt want his kids in the racial jungle.
Joe Biden plans to release nearly all available Covid-19 shots to speed up distribution, shifting from President Trump's policy of holding back supply for second doses.
Republican Congressman DanCrenshawTX on Fox News talking about republicans who told their constituents that the electoral victory for Joe Biden could be rejected by the U.S. Congress: Your leaders lied to you.

Thousands of National Guard troops will be deployed to Washington, D.C., for the next 30 days, through the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.
Sen. Joe Manchin (.) says "absolutely not" to a round of $2,000 stimulus checks Biden promised to approve $2K checks if Georgia Dems won their Senate races. Pelosi and Schumer also on board W/.
Why did Joe Biden bring up racism while discussing the Capital Break-in. Democrats love to play the race card.
On January 6, armed Trumpist militias will be rallying in DC, at Trump's orders. It's highly likely that they'll try to storm the Capitol after it certifies Joe Biden's win. I don't think this has sunk in yet.

Joe Biden on Civil Rights: Re-introduce the Equal Rights Amendment. (Mar 2007).
NEW: Joe Biden is supportive of the move to impeach President Trump, Cedric Richmond has told members of Congress, according to sources with knowledge of those conversations. Story TK.
"President Trump says that he will not attend Joe Bidens inauguration".
Croat extremists participated in the terrorist attack on US Capitol! Joe Biden on Bosnian Croat nationalist power base - the HDZ - and the genocidal entity of the Bosnian Serbs!
Trump not going to Biden inauguration, the president announces two days after stoking deadly U.S. Capitol riot Trump announced his decision that he will not attend Joe Biden's... .
President Trump has invited PM Modi to President-Elect Joe Biden's inauguration.
Nancy Pelosi needs to be removed. Her dementia is clearly worse than Joe Biden's.
Joe Biden will aim to release every available dose of the coronavirus vaccine when he takes office, a break with the Trump administration.
Ben & Jerrys, owned by a multinational conglomerate, tweeted a searing thread calling out yesterdays riot for its white supremacy and demanding Trumps resignation. In contrast, yesterday I got this email from a hip indie ice cream co. about their new Joe Biden flavor.

Predictably, Joe Manchin has come out against Biden's pledge (always fake, in my view) to push for $2000 stimulus checks, bleating this morning: "Absolutely not." Manchin's home state of W. Virginia ranks 47th in per capita income...

Bro i can't believe they're doing this to prevent a Joe Biden presidency like yall will literally be ok.
Joe Biden should already be President. The amount of time between the election and inauguration is ridiculous.
In all honesty, i think Joe Biden shook at the fact dems won the house and now he actually has to do all the things he said he would.
Barack and Michelle Obama, George W. and Laura Bush, and Bill and Hillary Clinton have all said they will attend Joe Biden's inauguration.
Order of operations: 1) 25th Amendment so he doesn't have control over our nuclear arsenal; 2) Impeachment and removal so he's never allowed to run again; 3) Expulsion of Cruz, Hawley, and everyone else who attempted this seditious coup; 4) Inaugurating Joe Biden.

OMG, they just told that Joe Biden is coming to DC for his inauguration by amtrak. No one should have that info, but the secret service. Trump's ppl. are coming too. They are hell bent on killing or kidnapping. Choose a small venue in Delaware, that can be secured and stream it.

China Joe Biden is not my president I won't be watching.
"What else could I do?" New Jersey Rep. Andy Kim walked amid the mess shortly after voting to certify Joe Bidens victory over Donald Trump and felt the weight of the day wearing on him when something motivated him to clean up the debris.

Now that we have seen that MAGA will blatantly attack our institutions I hope Joe Biden's secret service protection detail has tripled in size.
U.S. President Donald Trump says he will not attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20th. Only 3 outgoing presidents have not attended the inauguration of their successor: John Adams in 1801, John Quincy Adams in 1829 and Andrew Johnson in 1869.

Hilaria Baldwin is a fake Spaniard & Jill Biden is a fake doctor .. & Joe Biden is a fake President Elect .
The next time Joe Biden gropes a woman or a young girl, I expect you, Senator Warren, to invoke the 25th Amendment.
NEW: "President and Mrs. Obama look forward to attending the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on January 20 in Washington," per Obama's office.
Says that he will not attend Joe Bidens inauguration ***nulb-nulb Raise your hand if you give a fuck.
Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won both Senate runoff races in Georgia, giving Democrats control of the U.S. Senate and easing the path for President-elect Joe Bidens appointments and legislative agenda.

Joe Biden can lie, incite violence, and no consequences. Twitter, your double standard is why we shit on you every chance we get. How about removing your moderator's heads out of their asses and start being fair?

President Trump says he will not attend President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20, from tradition at a time the US looks for unity.
. Dem Senator Joe Manchin with a net worth of 5.1M announced that he wont vote to give unemployed hurting Americans the $2000 checks that Joe Biden promised if Georgia flips the Senate Sen_JoeManchin you are a f**ing piece of Joe is really a corrupt closet GOP F... YOU!

President Donald Trump makes official what President-elect Joe Bidens aides have long suspected: He wont be there for the inauguration.
I will not attend Joe Bidens inauguration on January 20th President Donald Trump.
Speaker Pelosi told House Democrats on a call today that she will speak with President-Elect Joe Biden this afternoon about impeaching Pres. Trump again, three people on the call tell NBC's Hill team.
Seriously? He gets extra credit for doing what the Constitution requires and every modern day VP has done? Including Al Gore and Joe Biden. Can we stop setting the bar so low please. He could have 2 weeks ago put an end to this charade.

President and Mrs. Obama look forward to attending the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on January 20 in Washington, D.C.
In as much outsiders will love to be a part of America, the media in America have shown loopholes that will be exploited by China towards world domination. China will only scare Joe Biden to death, and watch as CNN twerk for every of their propaganda.

After ceding the 2020Election in a tweet on Thursday evening, Donald Trump revealed on Friday that he will not be attending Joe Biden's Inauguration.

What You Really Think

You Racist fuck Kyle kashuv.

Be the people you pretend to be and hold all of these people at the same standard and stop trying to excuse the behavior of certain people Say the same about this man and you said about rioters in the summer If not You are cowards.

Biden is 100% full of shit. No Mr. Bidey-Bides, we dont all know that. Had they been BLM protestors theyd have been treated better. You DC people looooooove you some BLM.

Right they were aloud to loot destroy stores burn buildings with people in the and if arrested they were released with no bail. The also were not shot at and threw rocks on the cops.

If there people where black and looting... you know they would have been treated differently oh wait ***nulb.


MURDER is the difference!

You have to checkout the "Deep Fake" video and Trump "Concedes" speach. Why hasn't YouTube suspended Trumps account???