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Monday 14th of September 2020

Joe Burrow Marched The Bengals Down to The Red Zone For a Game-tying Field Goal ... ... Then His Kicker Missed The Field Goal.

Joe Burrow's first Bengals TD is a QB draw! Welcome to the league ( NFL).
Joe Burrow first career TD QB1 shows off his speed ( NFL).
JOE BURROW. SeizeTheDEY : LACvsCIN on CBS : NFL app // Yahoo Sports app.
Joe Burrow looking at his kicker.
Joe Burrow got his first snaps in the NFL, but the Chargers roughed him up and rallied for a victory Sunday over the Bengals.
Joe Burrow marched the Bengals down to the red zone for a game-tying field goal ... ... then his kicker missed the field goal.
Joe Burrow is a culture changer.
Joe burrow is that man.
Bengals rookie Joe Burrow with an average of 2.21 seconds per pass attempt, per NFL Next Gen. Is the shortest of any qualifying QBs so far this season.
The Bengals have themselves a QB. Joe Burrows poise, control, and decisiveness on that drive was unbelievable for a player in their first career NFL start. Completely ruined by the kicker.
The moment Joe Burrow realized what it means to be a Bengal.
Joe burrow has that look on his face like this the nfl ?
Joe Burrow is a stud, dont matter what happens from here. What a drive in his 1st game in the NFL.
Poor Joe Burrow.
A.J. on Burrow: That guy don't flinch. The way he handled himself on that last drive was unbelievable. We've got a special one in Joe.
And thats the Bengals... Joe Burrow leads a perfect 2-minute drill. Gets to 3-yard line. Throws a TD thats called back. Bengals choose to kick the FG with 7 seconds left instead of one more play then a FG. FG missed.

Joe Burrow might actually save Cinci after this year. one more top 5 pick either at TE or DB and damn, they could be hella good.
The Bengals offense with QB Joe Burrow represents one great unknown for Week 1. No scouting tape on the No. 1 pick, which Cincy coaches are relishing. Expect some of it to look like his time at LSU, with Burrow having a ton of control at the line and many weapons out in routes.

Fine. Ill do it myself. - Joe Burrow.
Joe Burrow grades his performance today as a D. "I can't miss that throw to A.J. A high schooler can make that throw. Tough way to lose.".
Joe Burrow on how he'd assess his performance: "D. I can't miss that one to A.J. A high schooler can make that throw.".
Joe Burrow doesnt blame not even wide open John Rosss hes a true leader.
GALLERY: Bengals vs.
Joe Burrow to Randy Bullock in the locker room.
Joe Burrow said 'I'VE ARRIVED.' ( NFL).
Thats the first time that Joe Burrow has lost a football game since November 24, 2018 (to Texas A&M). 659 DAYS!
Ok forreal my LAST tweet tonight: I love Joe Burrow. Im riding with this guy ONE. HUNDRED. PERCENT. The first one is out of the way. Its up from here...
Niggas ruined Joe Burrow being clutch smh.
The definition of a Cincinnati sports loss. Joe Burrow hits AJ Green for a game-winning TD. Called off for offensive PI. Randy Bullock misses a FG for OT. You can't make this up...
Joe Burrow deserved his moment & NFLOfficiating gutlessly stole his 1st TD & a win from him. Casey Heyward had (uncalled?) illegal contact/holding on the play, he had Green wrapped up. Greens push-off, was identical to 1,000s of no-call legal catches across the NFL today.

A.J. Green on Joe Burrow's poise late: "It's unbelivable. That guy don't flinch. The way he handled himself on that last drive was unbeliveable... We have a special one in Joe.".
Joe Burrow on Randy Bullock's missed FG: "It doesn't matter what happened on the kick. We should have put them away a lot of times before that... A lot of different plays affected the game.".
Honestly joe burrow rn is basically the look Ive permanently had on my face since march.
Last time Joe Burrow lost a football game before today.
My takes on the LAC/CIN Game: - Joe Burrow is legit -Zac Taylors play calling was horrendous for 90% of the game. He has to let Burrow loose. -AJ Green looks healthy -Im concerned for Austin Ekeler moving forward. He was getting the work, but less targets.

Hot take... If Joe Burrow stays in Cinci hell be reliving Carson Palmers career.
Joe Burrow led the Bengals down the field for a game-tying FG... but it was too good to be true ( NFLBrasil).
None of them will tip joe burrow tho.
Last time Joe Burrow lost was 11/24/2018 in that epic seven overtime game at Texas A&M.
Chargers QB Tyrod Taylor leads successful comeback against Bengals QB Joe Burrow.
Joe Burrow feels the heartbreak as Bengals debut goes awry in final minute vs. Chargers.
Joe Burrow, Tom Brady, and Jimmy G all lost tonight.
Joe Burrow scores his first career NFL TD.
This was one of the best Week 1s I've seen in a while. Feel bad fot Joe Burrow though, deserved a W.
Free agent QB Colin Kaepernick will have a higher Madden rating than the following starting QBs: Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield, Cam Newton, Ryan Tannehill, Josh Allen, Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, Jared Goff and Joe Burrow.

Ill die on the joe burrow will bust hill.
Despite the loss, Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow garnered a lot of praise in his NFL debut.

What You Really Think

The kicker shouldn't have had to try to"save the day" if the offense would have done the job to begin with! Sadder than sad performance today girls!

That was rough.

Then the kicker pretended to hurt himself.

Welcome to the.

How did Joe Mixon look today?

Impressive throws in that 2 minute of game a big no.

Welcome to cincy.

My condolences Joe.

Who cares?

Smh ..being a bengal fan is tough.

Bad luck great drive by Joe.


Welcome to Ohio.

Tryna grow that man-beard?!?!?!

If he had gone to Alabama, he wouldve gotten used to being let down by kickers by now.

Spain but the s silent...

I might be wrong but this is Burrows first loss since High School.

He is a bust.

Welcome to the Bengals.

Should have been a TD before that.

Welcome to the Bengals Joe!

Welcome to Cincy!

Have a good night.

Welcome to the bengals.

Tough hang in there Joe!! It will get better.


Poor Joe.

That's happened to Peyton before.

Welcome to the rest of football.

Who Dey.

Burrow impress me. He's the real. NFL Redzone should nominated for an Oscar. I can't live without it!

Welcome to the nfl rookie.

Welcome to the NFL!

The only time ESPN covers the Bengals.

I need a video of your reaction during the free kick.

He played well... that sucks...

Hes thinking to himself dam I shouldve demanded they trade the pick smh.

Ahhh the Bungles.

Boy need to shave.

AJ green for robbed. That was legit score.

Welcome to being a QB that plays for a team from Ohio.

The Bungles in full form. Rough start for Burrow.

Welcome to the league of crooked officials.