Tuesday 13th of June 2023

Nikola Jokic is The 1st Player in NBA History to Lead All Players in Points, Rebounds And Assists in a Single Postseason.

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FINALS M-V-P Nikola Jokic becomes lowest drafted player ever Finals award.
Nikola Jokic player history lead players points, rebounds assists single postseason.
Nikola Jokic first center NBAFinals since Shaq 2002.
When Murray Jokic bring back relevancy>>>>.
Jokic went every Heat player before celebrating winning NBAFinals Sportsmanship finest.
Jokic said.
Congrats Denver Nuggets remarkable finals Nikola Jokic bringing home franchises first Championship!
MILE-HIGH CONGRATULATIONS! superstar Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets defeat Miami Heat their first-ever title.
Nikola jokic winning first championship.
Nikola Jokic player history lead playoffs total points, rebounds, assists. All. Time. Greatness.
Nikola Jokic 2023 NBAFinals MVP!
Nikola Jokic: Drafted 41st overall Drafted during Taco Bell commercial Finals MVP.
That's jokic award.
Adam Silver: Nikola! just championship, MVP, brought title Denver first time franchise history! Jokic:
Sengun tryna enter conversation with jokic.
Its Jokics world now.
Confetti showers Nikola Jokic daughter Nuggets Championship!
Nikola Jokic over last Games: PTS, REB, AST, STL, FG 28 PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK 24 PTS, REB, AST, PTS, REB, AST, STL, FG 30 PTS, REB, AST, 3P 53 PTS, REB, AST, 3P 29 PTS, REB, AST.

reason whatsoever just Jokic fan. dude earned hands down. Good Denver.
Come now, everyone knows costs Jokic well-deserved MVP!! clout chasing. Carry hell
never watched Nuggets game 2. thought running fast jumping high mattered most 3. Sixers HEREBY respect Jokic GREATEST player WORLD.
Jokic Murray Gordon Porter Jr Caldwell Pope Malone.
Embiid hasnt made past second round Meanwhile Jokic
Nikola Jokic born into experienced constant bombing raids young child. Now, champion. just happy hope enjoy this moment with family.
Giannis Antetokounmpo (2021) Stephen Curry (2022) Nikola Jokic (2023) last Finals MVPs championships with team that drafted them.
ourselves, next thats this (means) even more. Nikola Jokic Denver Nuggets clinched their first title with Game triumph over Miami Heat Monday night.

everyone Serbia because Jokic championship.
Nikola Jokic becomes player drafted outside top-15 both Finals regular season MVP.
Nikola Jokic best player
song about Champion, Nikola Jokic.
Like cares Jimmy Jokic arent happy their achievements their achievements gone tell nigga should shouldnt happy something did.
'Legendary': Nuggets' Jokic named Finals MVP.
Stat-padder Cant postseason MVP doesnt mean best player Nikola Jokic DESTROYED every narrative about this season.
Even Jokic wont care...
Happy Nuggets, beautiful Team basketball year around. Failed over over previous years, didnt quit their guys. Nikola Jokic will finally respect deserves!
bones hyland shut when jokic basketball.
Jokic goat.
They gotta Jokic vodka plastic bottle show out.
Nikola jokic facebook years ago: "does anyone wanna play basketball...".
Jokic hilarious "The done, home now".
Embiid after robbing that Nikola Jokic deserved.
Jokic ring, Heat culture shambles, that Playoff Jimmy shit fucking DEAD. TURN
Champion Finals Regular Season Jokic officially joined list greatest centers ever.
Jokic becomes sixth player born outside U.S. states Finals MVP.
Kongrats Denver Nuggets their first many?) finals Come discord celebrate Jokic dressing your RumbleKongs with Nuggets jersey Join here.
CSGO fans, Nuggets winning CounterStrike. Jokic probably global.
Nikola Jokic Nikola Jokic when wins when gets a ring home.
Legendary postseason Nikola Jokic. first player history lead playoffs total points, assists rebounds.
Nikola Jokic champion Finals Finals All-NBA All-Star many centers have better resume?
After jokic wins title where time.
cant make Cancun jokes about Heat considering Jokics immediate reaction winning home lmao. Everybody goes Cancun after Finals lmao. Seasons done. Nice try, though.

Nikola Jokic unheralded round pick 2014. once heckled Denver Wendys 2015 after turning down free nuggets. response? sorry, just wanted frosty. Jokic Champion greatest Denver Nugget.

Nikola Jokic after delivering Nuggets first ever title completing all-time postseason performance.
Carmelo Anthony announced retirement from just watch jokic ring denver wearing
Nikola Jokic Jamal Murray Aaron Gordon Michael Porter Jr. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Bruce Brown Christian Braun Jeff Green DeAndre Jordan Ish Smith Reggie Jackson Peyton Watson Vlatko Cancar Thomas Bryant Zeke Nnaji Champions forever.

What You Really Think


Les joueurs de sporcle le remercient.

Is that, like, supposed to be good?

Embiid still better??


We VJokic in Denver!


AllTime statpadder.

Yet Embiid won MarkJackson13 ******.

This is insane. What a sicko.

Okay LeBron never retiring it seems. This his next goal.

Curry could never.

Simply different.

Welplooks like you loseagain.

And the guy doesnt even give a shit lol. He just wants to get away from the cameras and go home. Amazing.


Normal stuff for the GOAT.

Trae Young did something similar in the regular season last year and everybody still called him mid.

And the NBA gifted the MVP award to Embiid so he would stop whining. NBA is a joke.

Its a White Mans League Now.

Absolute insanity right there. Clearly the best player in the nba.

Phenomenal Congratulations to Denver Nuggets.

It was a team effort. Without Murray they never make it this far. Shows you that Luka is missing his Murray.



Damn. Almost as if he should have been the MVP. Unlike that fraud in Philly.

But wasn't MVP Couldn't let that white boy get cred two years in row!

And no MVP, unbelieveable.

Tooo Srbineee! Jebi im kevu!


How does this affect lebrons legacy though?


Mark Jackson.

And tons of folks fussed about the MVP votingget outta here. Best player on the planet.


After not getting his third MVP.


Real MVP unlike the other guy who won this year.

They are the Champs you have to give them there flowers and congratulations. I still dont think they were the best team this year but they did what they needed to do and you cant take this away from them. Congrats Joker and Congrats Denver you are champions forever enjoy it.

But but Joel.

Won his series 4-1, 4-2, 4-0, 4-1 never went 7 unreal.

Imagine dating all the kardashian sisters all at once.

New true GOAT. LeBron is out.

Better than Jordan and LeBron.

Class !!!

Are NBAFinals champions . After Novak on Sunday Serbians will be happy today.

Joker going to walk barefoot into a siberian forest never to be seen again.

Jokic was very dominant. Not a shock.


Sounds good.

4-1. Really 4-0 Heat got lucky one Quarter. The last 3 games they failed to score 100 points. Thats pathetic.

Hes got skillz and an impressive basketball IQ and also a really class act. From the way he handles himself and media off the court to how he immediately went and shook hands with all the Heat. Been fun to watch.