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Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

The Jokic Fade is Near Automatic ( NBA).

Onulb Lakers lead series 2-0 Onulb AD follows up GAME-WINNER Onulb Jokic: 30 PTS, 6 REB, 9 AST in G2 Will the Lakers take a commanding 3-0 lead or will the nuggets make it 2-1?? Find out tonight at 9:00 PM ET on TNT!

Refs clearly pushing the Nuggets to victory tonight. Clear ws day. Kuzma gets hacked on 3 no call, Jokic legit dives into the Ground and gets it. Milsap touched by carsuo finger and its a 2 shots. I mean bruh.

Murray jokic grant.
Hope that jamal and jokic can succeed together for many years to come man what a duo.
This shot from Jokic is unreal. Dirk vibes.
Jokic an Murray are tough but I still like my lakers nulb.
Jokic when AD or Dwight are on him.
Jokic top 7 in the NBA I dont care man, dude is leading his team against the favorites of the west.
He getting boxed the fck out by Grant and Jokic he's buggin. Probably playing through an injury.
Nikola Jokic needs to sign with Klutch so he can have 15 articles written per week about how awesome he is.
Jamal cooking, Jokic cooking, Jerami cooking. Cmon boys we need another upset.
Dirk watching Jokic shoot his fade away shot like.
Jokic hits Kobe level difficulty shots.
Who vex jokic?!
Jokic like that too now...
Where does the Nikola Jokic x Jamal Murray duo rank amongst the top NBA duos?
Why is Jamal and Jokic acting crazy.
Nikola Jokic made a Kobe/Dirk/Duncan shot all in one.
Jokic plays like every middle aged man in the 40 YMCA league.
Dwight Howard taunting Jokic looks very familiar... And we all know how this ended...
On top of that Jokic has been Jokic Lakers need to make a statement in game 4 with some adjustments to these things and more energy AND MOST IMPOANTLY... NO JAVALE MCGEE WHATSOEVER.
Yu the same one that said bam and deandre is over jokic.
The Jokic fade is near automatic ( NBA).
On the R5 in a jokic jersey.
Crazy how 1 turnover gets slander. jokic hasnt scored on dwight; he did his job. jokic only scored on switches and when Dwight was resting. yes he was talking before the game, but only about himself and his ability. he didnt jinx anything.

I need 5 Jokic pts or assists combined. Lakers make this close so he come back in the game PLEASE.
Jokic hoopin!!!!
Vogel has to make some moves. Focus on slowing down Murray and Jokic. Let the others beat you. (They cant).
LeBron has 10 FTA this series. Jokic has 12 FTA this game. But talk ya shit kid.
Malone has to counter Vogel with leaving one of Murray or Jokic on if not BOTH when LeBron is on. Its simple.
Haha Grant did exactly what Jokic has been doing to every double - duck in between and split them.
I was hoping it would slide past everyone with jamal and jokic and mpj before. Its impossible to ignore tonight.
Yes. Murray. Grant. Morris. Jokic. Inject this into my veins.
MKes the wrong decisions after switches on PnR between he and jokic way too often. That boy is supremely talented but bball IQ isnt his strongest attribute.
Double Jerami Grant. Let's see how that works out with Murray, Jokic running wild.
So true Magee was useless in that first Qrt Jokic was molesting him in the paint.
If I'm the Lakers I'm really worried about this series. Should probably be down 2-1 and they have no answer for Murray/Jokic PnR. Gonna need Lebron and AD to go full beast mode and prove they're both top 10 players.

Jokic is a baaaaaaaaaad man.
Jokic is nasty.
Checked a lot of different boxes, also Denver now running extended minutes with Jeremy Grant as the de facto 5, matching up with AD while Jokic sits. No Plumlee.
Not one second have I watched this and thought whenever JoKiC sits this team lose a 10 point lead, never! Watch Murray and the rest of the guys what they are doing? No one in Philly did it this playoff!

Lakers everytime Jokic out here hossin.
Lakers looking at Dwight after he pissed off jokic.
Jamal out here throwing down nasty dunks, might beat LeBron AND Jokic to a triple double too.
Jokic be treating they ass.
Talking about Jokic. That foul on Howard was total BS.
Nikola jokic is by far the Playoffs MVP. Been a beast.
How Jokic looking at AD.
These are the Denver Nuggets we expected to see when this series began. Jokic set the tone in the 1st Q by being an aggressive scorer. Monte Morris, Jamal Murray and Jerami Grant followed the lead.
Everytime Lebron sees Jokic resort to his one foot shot.
Jokic and his one footers.
The nuggets figured it out. Pick and roll Murray-Jokic and the Lakers collapse.
The sexual tension between Nikola Jokic and making awkward shots is unreal.
Nuggets dont even need Jokic tonight. What a strange series.
Are they not man? Ive seen lebron and ad get hit twice as much as jokic and Murray and somehow we aint getting calls.
Nobody uses their off arm more than Jokic and somehow its ok lol.
Nikola Jokic's career shooting splits in the playoffs: 51.0 FG% 41.7 3P% 84.0 FT% He is the only player with shooting splits of at least 50/40/80 through the first 30 games of his postseason career (min. 1 3PM per game).

Jokic, elimine lakers e aposente Dwight Howard obrigado.
Best than jokic.
Jamal and jokic just built different ***nulb.
Jokic is so relatable as a player, hes a king.
Jokic and Murray said I aint tryna go home.
Murray/Jokic tryna prove theyre the best duo.
It was very nice of jamal murray and nikola jokic to let the lakers win two games in this series.
He dont wanna hear the truth tho lol, theres a reason jokic had 3 early in the game.
Dwight fouls every minute hes in. They need to put AD on Jokic and Bron on milsap.
Remember the first game when Jokic and Murray were in foul trouble by the second minute of the second quarter? My Nuggets will not be held back by Adam Silver.
Im not saying hes better on offence Im saying hes better on defence. Plus in todays era a playmaking and defending big is probably more valuable then Jokic (in a championship team) Gasol last season, Bogut etc.

They have underperformed. Watching jokic and nuggets definitely highlights Embiid's overall ability (or inability) to stay out on the floor and fight.

What You Really Think

Its travel in the entire world of basketball but not in nba. Cause they consistently change the rules to increase scoring.


I hope to see these two battle for years to come!!! Amazing!

Heck of a shot, but definitely a travel.

Me at hoopfest circa 2010.

I thought my shot was ugly. That shit wet though.

Thanksgiving, Steak dinner, appetizers, filet mignon, and potatoes, a glass of champagne.

It's not a fade at all: it's a crew cut.

It has Dirks arc its insane.

Can y'all please watch my video on how great Anthony Davis's is compared to the rest of the NBA? I just started my YouTube channel.

As a right hander, to shoot off your right foot is so awkward. Nobody shoots this shot, totally unique to Jokic. To shoot it at a high percentage is crazy. Nobody knows how to defend it yet. Its like the Harden step back , soon everyone will copy it.

The arc on his shots are nearing circus level.

Every white boy got this move in his bag.

Isn't that a travel?

Any play where jokic doesn't look like scoring is automatic.


Hes more like Larry Bird than any player in the league rn.

Needed a passport with that many steps.

You guys really going to ignore that travel ***nulb***nulb.

Dude is built like a goddamn grandpa.

KCP need to block that shit from behind. Jokic made a decision to shoot that ball once his teammate made the cut.

That right foot right hand fade away is just different...I feel like I dont see guys doing that and its def a good counter.

Jokic fade is a travel folks..