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Tuesday 12th of May 2020


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May The 11th, 1969 Be The Day John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam Formed Monty Python.
Paul Tudor Jones just said on CNBC that he has approximately 2% of his assets in Bitcoin. One of the legends of Wall Street.
Alan Jones retires to spend more time writing love letters to 14 year olds.
One of the best quotes from Eddie Jones (paraphrasing): "Im happy to share everything I know, because it forces me to move on and search for new knowledge" Those who only take, wont make it in the long run.

So the next Jones movie is a prequel?
Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt are the two most toxic journalists in Australia. What a relief that 2GB has managed to say goodbye to both of them since Nine moved to 100% ownership:.
Alan Jones is retiring for health reasons and it s working. I m feeling better already.
Not sure how the ABC can run a worst of Alan Jones without mentioning his role in the Cronulla riots. He incited racial hatred leading which fomented the violence. And then to his and his employers shame, he returned to broadcasting.

Boris Johnsons message to the working class: good luck out there Owen Jones.
love a big zone.
An advertiser exodus meant the writing was on the wall for Alan Jones.
"commitment to his listeners"?! Srsly? Repeating the Alan Jones spin doesnt make it true. Do you remember the scandal when he sold out the interests of his "listeners", lied to them, all because he was bought off with secret payments?

His first video I want to be your From dusk to dawn.
Pussy so wet you gonna drown he fucked me so good with that toy.
Get fucked to all the media painting Allan Jones as some kind of lovely, hardworking gent. He s a vile, despicable misogynist.
Bitcoin cruza US$ quando Paul Tudor Jones confirma 1% .. BrCointelegraph - News - Noticias - Bitcoin - CryptoCurrency -
I remember sitting on the bus one morning and hearing Alan Jones read my name and mobile number on air, encouraging his listeners to ring me if they didn t like the job the Govt was doing. Some friendly calls at 3am. Good times.

Alan Jones s story is so inspiring. Most people would give up after writing a love letter to a 14 year old schoolboy, but he went on to incite a race riot. Just goes to show: without consequences, you can do anything.

Media Watch are just saying thanks for the content . They re being exceptionally polite. I m no Jones fan, but think so what? It s just pointing out that a very powerful broadcaster is over. It s in the meh category.

Today Allan Jones announced his retirement from radio after 35 years on the air. During the announcement Mr jones said he had to "listen to the experts", this would be both the first and last time he would do so in his career.

Alan Jones is retiring. His treatment of women, particularly those in positions usually dominated by men, has been riddled with abuse and loathing. As someone who has been a subject of his nasty, lazy tirades more than once, I can t be happier today to see the back of him.

Society when INDIANA JONES 5 gets released.
[ WKDfm: Aqua - Doctor Jones Live, Legal and Loud - Internet Radio ].
Look thereve been some breathtakingly shit takes on Alan Jones on this hellsite but if anyone pays tribute to him as a "larrikin" I will break self-isolation to walk into the sea swear to god.
Frankly, Jones couldnt exist outside of a very small smeared stain in one corner of the window over that citys narrow harbour view. If "undue influence," is defined, he is high among its top ten examples. As we say everywhere else in the country, "Alan who?".

You wont because there are none. Other than nebulous and meaningless things like getting our country back and taking back control. In 4 years Ive not heard anyone articulate a pro Brexit argument that holds water.

Remember when Alan Jones called Muslims; the enemies the mongrels, vermin, and idiots who hate our country and heritage. Or when he said, "they simply rape, pillage and plunder a nation thats taken them in." We remember.

// Video Appretiation: Alex Jones // - Support By:.
Quote of the day from someone who counts pell">George Pell as his spiritual advisor. Toxic men gradually being sidelined: Pell, Jones, Abbott lefty feminists are winning.
There will be an opinion piece from someone in a couple of days about how, actually, Jones and the right have been correct all along - the Twitter left are the problem. The pile-on in response to a congratulatory note to a broadcasting legend has shown me the new right light.

Everybody on Twitter is bagging Alan Jones when what we should all be doing is hailing the doctor as a hero.
No leadership, just cult worship. It s like Jim Jones is president. BTW, do you have a spare spot on your floor if I want to defect in case this idiot gets 4 more.
Guy Montague-Jones ( ) joins us today as analysis editor from Property Week where he had been deputy editor. One of the best writers in the sector of heavyweight insight, the whole React News team is thrilled to have him on board.

As far as store-bought pizza goes, Casa Di Mama is pretty good. Cant beat the real deal though. But if you have $8 and want pizza, I recommend.
Your assumptions about me are as erroneous and misguided as your apologies for Jones. Jones is a twat. Central point. All sorts of twats were also hard workers. So what?
Died of shame: Alan Joness most infamous on-air tirades.
Have strong theory on that. Jones at rugby union was able to extract professional commitment from players. When he went to rugby league they were already professional, and so his advantage lost.
This is shaping up to be a good Day First good news in the morning was Alan Jones retiring now FrightenTurd may have the Corona virus and coughing next to the CrimeMinister.
"Tribunal rules Alan Jones incited hatred".
The doyen is retiring after decades of dominating the ratings. Measure of the trust the audience has in Jones was the jump in his figures at the height of the coronavirus pandemic to , as ABC breakfast dropped to.

No one would sit with me at lunch following the presentation. I should have known then that I was on to something." Writing Performatively.
If anyone has Media Watch with Stuart Littlemore administering the last rites to Channel 10s "Alan Jones Live" please post it.
Definitely a vibe. Hitch, Love Jones, and Maid In Manhattan are probably my top 3.
"There will only ever be one Alan Jones." god is eh.
"Every time a woman talked back, Jones took it as a personal insult," writes. The list of people/things he didnt like "is over-burdened with women - overall he seemed to have little use for them; the powerful ones he especially loathed".

Agree on the work ethic and ratings success, but let s not underplay the stoushes . Jones has said some truly disgraceful things on air.
The Paul Tudor Jones letter is the single most bullish thing ever written about bitcoin, and it came from Tudor himself. I see it as a game changer. Think many macro investors will follow. Mandate changes and onboarding take time. PTJ will be on CNBC this week.

Swan Hunter s shipyard, Wallsend, 1962 by Colin Jones. A place with very deep family connections for me and an image of a lifestyle and community now lost.
"jughead jones, i love you".
As Chair of the National Australia Day Council it was my duty to announce the Australian of the Year. When we selected Mandawuy Yunupingu Alan Jones had an on-air tantrum. From that day on I instructed the NADC panel to always choose someone who d infuriate Alan Jones.

Alan Jones is retiring? Its a pandemic miracle.
Chris Masters ... Alan Jones has made many enemies and now he is without a weapon.
To be fair its pretty impressive that Alan Jones still hasnt died of shame.
s nemesis (Alan Jones) is leaving 2GB. You don t love Tony Abbott, Jones told Turnbull in private conversation. Well I am quite fond of him . But you don t love him like I do, screamed Jones. P220 A Bigger Picture. Hilarious. Frightening.

Bluetooth are good but you do get downtime when charging. I have a wired headset and found the over ear much more comfortable for a long days meeting/ training than in ears.
I was in Sydney during the Cronulla Riot If Jones had spent every moment from that day until now Spreading nothing but unity, reconciliation, and kindness It still wouldnt make up for what he did But he didnt make amends He spent the next 20 years being a monster Fuck him.

(The Grand Theory of) Neo Emotivism by "There is a New Emotivity emergent in academia worth exploring".
Here s Why the Paul Tudor Jones Letter is the Most Bullish Thing Written About Bitcoin.
Go Jones ....GO,!!!! Good riddance to a repulsive old windbag.
Alan Joness first column after finishing up at the radio station:.
Losing Alan Jones from radio will be similar to losing Tony Abbott from politics ...a positive outcome for Australia.
Would you rather take a bare knuckle prime Mike Tyson uppercut, or a juiced up Jon Jones spinning elbow.
Bitcoin Crosses $9K as Paul Tudor Jones Confirms 1% BTC Portfolio.
Admit I put my past behind me but ain t let it go.
There s a YouTube dropping all unreleased Wayne, sound like it s from that era too, got one wit mike niggas needed this,
Alan Jones is retiring from radio. A thread of reasons why this is good news. But mostly, being a bully shouldnt be acceptable in any forum, any workplace, anywhere at all.
And now a message from Bill.
Fact JOJI USED TO BE; Filthy Frank Pink Guy Chinchin Salamander Man Lemon Man Safari Man Santas Brother Lemon Man Fake Frank Weaboo Jones Magic Man PolitikZ Tit Job Specialist IN HIS FF CHANNEL. IMAGINE PLAYING A LOT OF CHARACTERS, YALL CANT EVEN PULL UP SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

Remember when Alan Jones said Julia Gillards father died of shame. What a shining light in Australias public discourse he was.
No, he is going into a nursing home, as they have noticed he dribbles a lot.
Might need to bring back the cape.
Alan Jones brought Aussies together. (To fight on a beach).
(CLICK LINK TO LISTEN->) Now Playing: Norah Jones - Don t Know Why.
Anyone know Alan Jones current mobile number? Just wanting to send our best wishes.
Teyana Taylor announces her long-awaited album The Album with Grace Jones-inspired cover.
On this wonderful day we should all look back on our favourite Alan Jones moment. Mine was when the lovely Alan was left speechless when Chopper Read reminded him he should not preach morals after his public toilet episode. KAK immediately shut it down. RIP Chopper.

Super cool to know our Prime Minister is a man who views Alan Jones - a sexist troglodyte known for his frequent tirades against women, who once fantasised about drowning another PM and said her father died of shame - is just a top bloke who speaks his mind .

Jo for PM :led by riots:incited by Jones. Cash for comment:siphoned by Jones. Defamation:cases lost by :amplified by :monetized by change:denied by : trilized by :cowed by Jones.
Blog Tour Featuring *The Ruin of Evangaline Jones* by Julia Bennet.
After much contemplation, Alan Jones has finally decided to shove a sock down his own throat.
Fellas! calm down! Cant we all just be happy that Alan Jones was pretty much fired today??
KIPWORLD: "Recent Writing" Stories and scripts about "sexual fumbling and romantic insecurities typical in youth".
Alan Jones, veteran Sydney radio host, announces he will retire on health grounds Good riddance vile toxic man.
"The Minister for Alan Jones" confirmed!
Alan Jones is retiring & when asked how he feels he replied I feel like a teenage school boy again.

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