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Saturday 18th of July 2020

Judith Collins Announced as New National Party Leader - Source.

Oooooof course the person credited for the assertions here (Judith Katz) is a white lady. It's bizarre how some white liberals will say the most staggeringly racist things about black people and then pat themselves on the back for it.

The info for this graphic was provided not by an academic, but by an HR consultant named Judith Katz whose company says it advises ExxonMobil, United Airlines, DuPont, etc.
Interesting new approach from new National leader Judith Collins today when taking questions from the floor. She delegates most questions to relevant spokespeople instead of answering them all herself.

If only the fuckface knew they were British. However, hes too dumb!
I feel like God about to turn my life up a little more.
Judith Cancelling Holofernes (Gentileschi).
U.S. states are rolling back heart-wrenching policies that kept family caregivers out of care homes, after families charged that loved ones were dying of broken hearts, by.
HEAR ME OUT Ashton with dark purple hair.
Philadelphia,PA Ex-CEO Of Lancaster County Oil & Gas Co. SENTENCED For $65M Bank Fraud 14 YRS in PRISON PAY $53M FULTON BANK PAY $550K IRS [?]nulb Jeffrey Lyons WORLEY & OBETZ CO-CONS Karen Connelly nulb Judith Avilez EDPA FBI IRS-CI.

Politics England BBC1 Sunday 10:00. State of schools in Septemberbuses, Special Educational Needs. With Emma Hardy MP EmmaHardyMP; Damian Hinds MP DamianHinds; Susannah Hardyman ActionTutoring; Cllr Judith Blake, LGA.

I agree with judith.
Heres the author Judith Katz. Explains everything. Indoctrination since 1976.
Judith, less talking, more typing please.. its almost the weekend.
Its too late..these people love their submission.
Judith, leave me nah.
For just a bunch of conspiracy theorists, they sure use massive energy to Censor, silence, suspend and ban us. Makes sense.
Sounds about right. I just watched Jons Judith Miller interview again recently. Definitely deserves some level of cred being a mainstream voice willing to go scorched Earth in holding folks accountable.

Don't start sir...
Has anyone asked Judith Butler about performing mask-ulinity?
Until they were created and brainwashing the Africans in the process.
More like Dominic Raab!
Adam&Eve had male children for 60 years after that female children where born, yes Cain Married his own sister the first generation married their own sisters.
Helping Arizona's Most Vulnerable judith_graham Alzheimers dementia COVID19 coronavirus whizkid7.
Disability justice is a feminist issue and KUETCWGE is thrilled to join our campus partners in hosting Judith Heumann as part of KUs celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) In October.

Well said Judith.
Biggest contributor to new spread of the virus is parties w/ younger people, age 18-29, State Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli says.
A team of researchers from the Department of Materials Science led by Professor Judith Driscoll and Dr Robert Hoye, have developed a method to print ultrathin coatings of metal oxides enabling more efficient solar cells. : Photo: Rob Jagt.

Also, Judith Miller did not start a war. That's ridiculous. Gawker leaked a sextape.
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Me n the girls cause we know were just stardust and nothing matters.
Thinking about how judith and rj miss michonne and don't know when they'll see their mom again.
**Puscifer - The Remedy; Tool - The Pot, Stinkfist, Schism, Forty Six & Two, H., Aenima, Sober; A Perfect Circle - The Outsider, Judith, TalkTalk.
Period cramps are a crippling pain like no other born straight from the deepest darkest depths of hell and i wouldnt wish them on my worst enemy except perhaps tr*mp.
The fact the big orange has never once had to deal with menstraul pain just PROVES its a cold cold world.
Judith Rose, Welcome to this wonderful Patriot, QAnon Family!! Thank You for your young, brave, courageous & important voice!! You're amazing & an inspiration!! GOD bless, protect, and guide you!! [?]nulbnulb.

If i start woofing mind ur business.
Sorry Cain, thanks.
Thanks Judith.
Oooh RS! Lovely.
I dont live in India but it is known as the rape country in the world with Delhi known as the rape capital. Denial and comedic ignorance is not a good look. I am sure the Nirbhaya rape case was also the result of the v same culture that according to u doesnt promote rape.

Thing they havent worked out the figures, if 50% of the businesses fold this year and they cant pay their corp and personal tax for last year, at an average of lets say PS15,000, how much will HMRCgovuk lose??? Compare that to supporting us ExcludedUK 3 million.

Is this legal?
No dear they mentioned that Cain married his sister as for other people Fake news.
Hi, it me, 1 Streber.
Judith Rose Send Her Love She is Moved by all Our Welcoming Comments.
Judith K. Dimon and DerrickLewis on Newsweek: "Politicians Who Say Black Lives Matter: Put Your Budget Where Your Mouth Is".
New Posts Up This Week-Peter Puklus, Judith Black, Gideon Mendel.
Wonderful Judith ka Carmen Crocodile Sterling Topaz, Emerald Ring Sz 8.
Are you not mindful to understand that times change? Call it whatever, such was obtainable at that time; at that time there was no culture, no religion, no Promulgated laws and rules. Incest you called it, so?-nulb-nulb.

They just forgot to mention the other children in the bible? Oh and Abel marrying his sister?
- Negan will kill Beta. - Gabe and Alden will be the "major" deaths. - Maggie will save the day. - Connie will be found. - Judith will tell Daryl that Rick's alive.
That's two men out of how many millions? That means it's rare.
Out-of-state travelers coming in airline will be surveyed by the state of New Jersey, Judith Persichilli says.
Awesome to welcome StDavidsCath cathedrals new CEO Judith&our tweeting_rector Penrhyndewi Dewi and NonYsgol heddiw. Noah & Joe: best guides ever! Looking forward to welcoming yr 10 for an intensive week of teaching & learning.

2/2 Interesting note, however: NCBE President and CEO Judith Gundersen and her predecessor both received the diploma privilege back when they were becoming admitted and never took the Bar.
Judith must have gone to the same school for Creative Fiction writers as Woodhouse.
Judith, I really would like to Thank you for everything that you are sharing with us and how Brave you are for putting this all out there, keep being AMAZING.
Judith Gundersen, the President of the NCBE, (1) never took the bar exam herself- she got diploma privilege from Wisconsin and (2) makes $342,000 a year to uphold the bar exam. Lol, k Judy.
Portland is the test city, for number of reasons. One reason is that it's a small media market & not enough people watching. Not enough people know (relate to) Portland. Not enough care. Where are the politicians? Where are the Democrats?!?

Cheers Judith.
Love how Judith just lets me drop????
SHE'S HERE! Judith had been tearing at my mind trying to be brought to life for the past month and she finally broke through. What's the first thing she does? Causes trouble and wrecks the local donut shop, naturally, what else would a giant otter do? Guess she was hungry.

An absolute disgrace Proud of deliberately & callously excluding 3 million hard working tax payers through no fault of their own? Your moral code & mine must be made of different stuff.
The man who talks of everyones worth in the party ! sambitswaraj The nation wants to know now ! Why were you shunted out of Odisha from your profession ? Is this the reason by any chance?
Yes, sorry Judith, that was rude. Doesnt change the fact that your customer service is neither helpful nor empathetic. And your response, Michael was exactly the same as I received when I tweeted my own problem. Hence an auto reply.

Claim= news article outlining nations instances over the years of men raping womens corpses,ranging from one man raping 48 bodies to another raping that of a 15yr old to another digging up a womans grave and being caught raping her. This is why u are beyond help.

Ya know that Judith Babirye Favor jam? Bet Hazard plays it every morning coz how else can you explain 1 goal [?]nulb 1 La Liga CR7 must've been jamming to some Jose Chameleone shit, underground while at Madrid.

Elizabeth Donnelly (Judith Light).
Judith who?
How much is a 1kg block of cheese Judith? Another Out-Of-Touch national party leader.
Please Ive replied: yes .
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Donald Trump's use of Stormtroopers in Portland, combined with his thinly veiled racism in the Rose Garden, has shocked & stunned the world. Trump's jackbooting has horrified internat'l communities & media outlets, who can only compare Trump to the world leader he most resembles.

Thanks Gary - difficult times for our global dental community, sharing and supporting each other has never been more important. We are all in this together.
Increase in coronavirus spread here in NJ is often associated with parties held by young people, Judith Persichilli said.
Judith's best buddy in court again.
"The decades of actual anti-racist work in Germany including scattered efforts to decolonize institutions are casually undermined by the Stadels claim to be pushing debate on racism because they exhibited a sole, allegedly anti-racist work.".

You're the one who made a claim without being able to back it up with evidence. All you have is a belief that you are right about everything.
Wow! Judith_Char has just hit a Home Run! Let's this for support.
/Full name is Judith Gypsy Welch. She prefers to be called Jude or J. Call her Judy, and shes not responsible for her actions.
If there is, as there seems to be in Oregon & as we saw in DC, an effort to introduce a secret police into US life then it is the obligation of everyone in the media, in the government, in the courts, to do what we can to expose it, stop it, and punish those responsible for it.

Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Magazine May 1988 SciFi The Hob by Judith Moffett.
New artwork for sale! - "Special friend" .
Adam & Eve who grew to be very old, (Adam was said to be approximately 930 when he died) had other children, not just Cain and Abel (Cain married one of his sisters). I don't dismiss that certain humans came from the evolution theory & don't forget that angels also visited.

Come on culturally competent public health communication!

What You Really Think


So their beat labour, funny I thought making NZ better would be a more worthy one rather than getting one up on their opposition. This means they will promise everything and not deliver on them once the votes are in..


Why oh why did you think Dirty Judith was the answer to the problems her brand of politics has created?

At the start she accidentally said she has been a labour voter since she was a child lol.

Am pleased. Should ensure Labour victory with no need for coalitions.

Well, not really a surprise tho'...she's been champing at the bit since .aaaages.

Well done national setting up to fail more haha.

Wahoo, here comes crusher!