Tuesday 21st of September 2021

Congratulations to Justin Trudeau!

Social Media Says

photo Justin Trudeau blackface emerges Canada's election night.
Gavin Newsome just election implementing strongest anti-covid measures million Californians. Justin Trudeau just election implementing strong anti-covid measures million Canadians. Glad learn least North Americans want live.

Justin Trudeau third consecutive federal election. well, just going leave this here.
image Justin Trudeau wearing blackface emerges wins re-election Canada.
Let's blame loss Justin Trudeau calling election lost.
Remember Conservatives said 2019 "The leader that WINS MOST SEATS gets form government" leader that most seats 2021 Justin Trudeau cdnpoli elxn44vote NotMyPM Albertans.

Looks like Justin Trudeau still Prime Minister; still leading minority government. election changed absolutely nothing...
Canadas commercial seal hunt cruel, unnecessary wasteful. Send message Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demand seal hunt.
Justin Trudeau owes million dollars.
Singh blames Justin Trudeau NDP's poor performance.
dont these revelations come before election? Certified nurse confirms justin trudeau wife sophie faked vaccination live
NEWS: Justin Trudeau wins third term Canadas Prime Minister after hard fought battle against Trumpian opponent. CONGRATULATE TRUDEAU VICTORY!
years prime minister Trudeau delivered electoral reform, cutting GHG, introduce national carbon pricing scheme, welcomed 25,000 Syrian refugees made Canada first Western nation legalize recreational cannabis.

Spoke today with Prime Minister JustinTrudeau congratulate Liberal Partys victory September federal elections. leaders underscored strong deep friendship between countries.

Justin Trudeau just been re-elected Prime Minister Canada, defeating conservative opponent.
there broken promise country should make Justin Trudeau keep, that pledge pursue electoral reform.
know Justin Trudeau from loves city. REALLY Toronto that allows Liberals stay power.
Woke voters Canada today will ignore this, course.
JuStIn TrUdEaU sAiD MeAn DiViSiVe tHiNgS AbOuT CoViD SaSkAtChEwAn.
Even Justin Trudeau never moves back into Sussex Drive, won't have worry about accommodations. He'll continue live rent-free many heads across this country, Singh's being only them.

Justin Trudeau Prime Minister, like electorate, didn't choose this NotMyPM hashtag because only eligible voters happy right now. Canada needs ElectoralReform. representative system will help unite country.

Last night once realized that party Liberal will staying power, this beautiful sunset reminded that that majority. Thats going stop Justin Trudeau from doing best deal with this pandemic. grateful that voted.

Erin O'Toole more votes than Justin Trudeau. This U.S. don't vote prime minister. Conservative candidates have gotten more votes than Liberal candidates, that's because Albertans sheep.

Last nights result wont change JustinTrudeau, even after squandered political capital nothing. post-elxn44 column the.
Would Just Perfect Justin Trudeau Loses Tonight.
Congratulations Time Elected Prime Minister Canada JustinTrudeau. Archive PM Zulfikar Bhutto Begam Nusrat Bhutto with then Canadian Pierre Trudeau wife Justin Trudeau also pic PM Justin Trudeau holding Begam Nusrat Bhutto's finger. February 1976.

Congratulations H.E Justin Trudeau "Great Victory".
business usual Canada after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fell short winning majority tightly contested parliamentary election, leaving once again dependent opposition legislators govern ttps:/eut.rs/3Cx48yb 1/3.

anyone seen stephenharper congratulatory tweet Justin Trudeau? cant seem find
Canadians voted Justin Trudeau back into seat power. must have been ]his] "play-time" photo that
Scott Moe, whose province contains same number federal ridings Greater Mississauga, some stern demands Justin Trudeau...
Justin Trudeau--The freeze-framed results last nights pandemic election just much stain mediocre record allow fight next one.
Canada Justin Trudeau three general elections less than years.
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau delivers victory speech after being dealt second minority government 2021 federal election.
Trudeau didnt majority still chance pass sweeping legislation.
Trudeau Wins, Diminished Futile Election.
Congratulations Justin Trudeau win!
Justin Trudeau called election years early, hoping opportunistically cash pandemic response majority government when happy keep working with him. Now, weeks $600 million later, parliament virtually same.

Congratulations Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Canada upon third consecutive victory. Justin Trudeau every election since first 2008. will longest serving Leader Sept 26.

Nurse convinced Justyn Sofie didn't vax.
After grilling from Global Neetu Garcha reconciliation, housing, Bill feminism, Afghanistan), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau complains that didnt talk about what wanted talk about then gets scorched it.

Sorry Justin Trudeau, Juan Guaido just announced Prime Minister Canada!
Congratulations CanadaIVIVIV Prime Justin Trudeau STILL your Prime Minister. re-electing him, have become meth lived above years!
Thank You, Canada: Justin Trudeau Wins Term, Fails Majority.
Canada back where started after bitter pandemic election news.
thing certain: next cabinet will look different, that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs replace least ministers.
Chantal gets (And case need reminded: NeverVoteConservative) Justin Trudeau didnt majority, opponents were real losers.
Well thats time this week that dreamt Justin Trudeau Swatstika tattooed forehead while beating native children only Tuesday.
Justin Trudeau lost. Nobody won.
Congratulations, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Liberal Party Canada once again forming government. also thank candidates public office serve their fellow Canadians. What does this mean Canadians?

Justin Trudeau's Liberals secure third term Canada's elections. Liberals projected win.
Justin Trudeau secures third victory election nobody wanted.
Cheers Justin Trudeau re-election. And, congratulations Canada holding free, fair non-controversial national election.
gives power leaders through people: 'This election abuse power': Canadians criticize, roast Liberal leader Justin Trudeau after repeat minority 2021 election.
Apparently Justin Trudeau lost this election according spin from conservative punditry columnists.
Yes, leader lose Justin Trudeau.
photo Trudeau blackface leaked. time international embarrassment. Only Erin OToole stop Justin Trudeau.
Canadians think this happened? This happened because Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Canada Country World, According 2021 Best Countries Press Room News.
Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wins Reelection, Majority.

What You Really Think

Such an embarrassment and disappointment for soooo many reasons.

The true trudeau.

If this was a photo of the conservative candidate, it would be racist but as it's Justin Trudeau, it's not. At least, that what those on the liberal Left think.

This is the ruler of Canada? You know he thinks he is.

What the hell is wrong with Canada?

The system is rigged !

Can we all agree that blackface is okay again?

Yet another Minority Government, just like Justin wanted.

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