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Monday 18th of May 2020

Karl Rove

Karl Rove engineered a push poll during the 2000 SC primary that asked voters if they would be less likely to vote for McCain if they knew he had an illegitimate black child. He knew this attack would work because the McCain s 9-year-old daughter Bridget was from Bangladesh.

Karl Rove absolutely chose these words on purpose. Fox News will never cover the actual gun violence epidemic in this country. Instead theyll book sad old hacks like Rove to stoke racial resentment and tone police Obama while Trump tweets like a lunatic.

"It is so unseemly for a former president to take the virtual commencement ceremony for a series of historically black colleges and universities and turn it into a political drive-by shooting" -- Karl Rove on Obamas commencement speech in which he indirectly criticized Trump.

Karl Rove Accuses Crooked Obama of a "Political Drive-by Shooting" for Using Commencement Speech to Smear President Trump I can t believe this has the nerve to say anything much less show his ugly mug in public.

Maybe if people like Karl Rove had been held accountable we wouldn t see them on tv. This attitude is dangerous.
I m not shocked even a little that Karl Rove is still a racist piece of shit.
Karl Rove sent us to war 18 years ago, and we are still there. Why would anyone listen for even a nanosecond to a man with such appalling judgement? He sent a "generation to lose their humanity and deal with the horrors of war, which he has never done" Karl? Go home and STFU.

Karl Rove using a bullhorn for his dog whistles. Like McConnell, Karl is reminding the base why they voted for Trump before, and why they have to vote Trump again. For white supremacy.
A reminder that Karl Rove is as responsible as anyone for the Citizens United ruling. Rove >W >Alito/Roberts We need to VOTE in November.
Karl Rove is an unseemly open-borders Beltway toad whose former boss is now BFFs with the race-baiting Obamas. Has Rove condemned George W. Bushs own sanctimonious political drive-by "Unity" video timed to hurt President Trump & sow seeds of division last week?

Ah yes, the same Karl Rove that Steve Schmidt literally just called a "senior statesman" and "fearless".

Democrats are losing it because "Karl Rove" said Obama did a political drive by shooting that means he s racist So they are accusing only black people of drive by shootings? Who the REAL racists???

Every once in a while, Karl Rove reemerges from his evil lair to remind us he s still a scumbag, and it s like, Karl, you don t have to do this, we could never forget that you re a scumbag.
Remember when Karl Rove had an on-air mental breakdown when Fox News called the 2012 election for Obama? Its worth rewatching.
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I assume Karl Rove is back in favor on Fox because all of Trumps other minions have either turned on him or are in jail.
Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh are the same person and no one can convince me otherwise.
Karl Roves criticism of Obamas commencement address is tantamount to pure incitement. Roves comments are replete with hatred, and serve only to promote base, racist stereotypes. The message is one of unmitigated white supremacy.

Karl Rove manages to squeeze the words "Black" and "drive-by shooting" into his critique of the nations 1st Black President. That was no accident. Karl Rove is a racist piece of shit.
I hope all of you Democrats who are rightfully shitting on Karl Rove this morning remember he was one of main the architects of the George W Bush regime you know, the guy you wish was still President. Everytime you prop up W, this is the man you legitimize.

i think karl roves just jealous that trump is going to get more americans killed than bush.
Foxs Karl Rove accuses President Obama of committing a "political drive-by shooting" with his commencement speech.
It s odd that Karl Rove still feels the need to resort to old-school GOP-style carefully crafted racist language when MAGA s racism is loud and proud now.
Karl Rove wants to talk about unseemly? That s rich! He built his career on being unseemly.
Karl Rove stinks. Always has. Always will.
Trump, "Karl Rove" & the are back to birther, racist BS to fire up their despicable base. Tens of thousands are dying right now, and they are going after African Americans. THATS the plan. THATS-ALL-THEY-GOT. White guy here:.

So Mitch McConnell said Pres. Obama should have kept his mouth shut and now Karl Rove called his commencement talk a political drive-by shooting and not appropriate. As if after Trump they can demand etiquette. As if the racial subtext isn t plain as day.

Wow, a racial dog-whistle? By Karl Rove? On Fox News? Now I ve seen everything.
Karl Rove accuses Obama of committing political drive-by shooting of Trump in commencement speech.
Karl Rove has likened Barack Obama s recent comments to a drive-by shooting during a Fox News appearance on Monday. Obama had criticized the Trump administration.
To: Fox & Friends & Karl Rove The Weekend Commencement Addresses By President Obama Showed Up Trump Once Again .. &.. .. Saw In Real Trump Will Always Be Tweeting .. & ..
This Is Your Brain On Karl Rove ThinkProgress.
Republicans continue to remind us that black people havent learned their place yet.
As Karl Rove criticizes Obamas virtual commencement address to HBCUs, lets remember that Trump is forcing 1,000 West Point cadets to return to campus for an in-person graduation that risks their safety - just to stroke his own ego.

He s black and you know we don t like that. - Karl Rove.
Drive by shooting? This is quite a racist dog whistle but it is exactly what I expect from Karl Rove.
Karl Rove wants to know if this is a drive by commercial?
Karl Rove: Obama turned commencement speech into political drive-by shooting Fox News contributor Karl Rove reacts to President Obama condemning the Trump administrations COVID-19 response during his televised commencement address.

Oh, Karl Rove considers Obamas speech that never mentioned Trump "unseemly," does he? Cant wait to hear what Karl Rove thinks about this.
BOs speech didn t accomplish anything! Karl Rove Accuses Crooked Obama of a "Political Drive-by Shooting" for Using Commencement Speech to Smear President Trump.
Holy shit, Karl Rove compared the first black president s commencement speech to a drive-by shooting. That s not a dog whistle, it s a loudspeaker.
Does Trump s outsized shadow have us romanticize the past, convinced the Bush Admin. was not that bad? Hey look! It s Karl Rove. Racist hawk with no regard for human life, W s right hand man. Ah, the good old days!

Look at Karl Rove trying to whitesplain Obamas inspirational speech to HBCU grads as "a political drive-by shooting." Republicans have throw out their dog whistles; now its bullhorns 24/7. Reminder: He was the guy who spread the rumor about McCain fathering a black child.

I say this because now they have Karl Rove saying Obama has been inappropriate in his remarks about the current administration. In my opinion, Obama has been very subtle, while trump is over there having a seizure over the imaginary Obamagate. I would love to see them debate.

Grateful to Karl Rove for providing a useful corrective to the current tendency to whitewash the Bush presidency.
Karl Rove Accuses Crooked Obama of a "Political Drive-by Shooting" for Using Commencement Speech to Slam President Trump.
I see that Ham Rove I mean Karl Rove is still a pos racist.

What You Really Think

Ah yes, the same Karl Rove that Steve Schmidt literally just called a "senior statesman" and "fearless".

We applaud Obama for stepping up and doing what so many in the Republican Party is too afraid to do. This president is dangerous.

Its not presidential, its "modern day presidential".

Wow. Racist, much?

and Trumpy Boy does it every.

The turd blossom opining on what is politically appropriate might just make me hurl.

Because Rove would *never* do something like that.

Drive-by shooting? Interesting choice of words. Sort of seems racist, doesn t it?

This is the same Karl Rove who used the "Do you know John McCain has a kid who isnt white?" racist ploy to win W the nomination. Hes been yelling racist things from bullhorns for years.

You know whats unseemly? Ignoring a pandemic and now were approaching 100k dead. The entire Bush admin spent years criticizing Obama.

Rove has never, not once, criticized Trump for the 3000 unseemly things he has done. Rove is BUSH 43 Republican who desperately wants to be relevant and marketable in Trump world.

He did mentioned trump once in that speech. So why all the reading between the lines?

Wait, Karl Rove is still alive? The GOP must be desperate.

If Rove squeals this much about Obamas "political drive-by shooting," hes gonna shit himself when Obama stops the car and gets out closer to the election.

I thought Karl Rove was dead. Go back in your hole, dude. No one cares what you think.

This joker gets paid by the word I think.

Karl Rove can get fucked four ways from Sunday.

Its never enough: selling the Iraq War did not cause enough destruction or get Rove enough attention.

Karl Rove is irrelevant. It s 2020, no one cares what this hack thinks.

Karl Rove, the master of "unseemly behavior".

Karl Rove using the word unseemly against our gracious, generous, intelligent President Obama? These old white men have their heads up where the sun doesn t shine.

is still alive?! TF? Also,

Funny how Rove is getting all touchy about this Obama didnt name any names.

I ignored it when I saw the logo bottom left.

Slandered? What does trump do on a daily basis? Oh never mind, that s libel.

Obama would have to talk about Trump nonstop from now until Election Day to even begin to catch up with all Trump has said about him.

Our elections wouldnt be so jacked up if it wasnt for Karl Rove and his nasty political gamesmanship. GFY!

Did Obama do two commencement addresses?

But it is jut fine for a current president to turn a pandemic briefing into a political campaing add that plays every day when it s focus should be conveying proper information about the illness. This folks should be ashamed of themselves for pandering to actual incompetence.

Coming up on 100,000 reasons why you don t get to say anything. At all.

Love watching them whine about the world they created.

Obama sitting at home looking at all these jealous fools.

we dont need your negativity. You are partially responsible for our countrys negative environment.

Drive by shooting. Not racially charged language there. Why dont they just CALL him the n word?

I find it amazing how President Obama talked about bad leaders and the right instantly jumped to: " yep thats Trump hes describing! How dare he!".

Trump disrespects the office every damn day, but by all means go after Obama! These people are monsters and they think were supposed to sit here and let them walk all over us! Im tired of democrats being nice! We need more of this!

Racist gonna race.

wow, Obama really mind fucked the racist assholes. Good job! Because no matter what he does, he doesnt think about them, Obama moved on living good because he earned it right, yet, here they are! Obsessing on him in their empty minds. Karma is excellent!

So, you think they would want Trump??? They don t need a freaking klan rally. They wanted a person able to give them truth, and inspire them.

I m sorry did he say inspired into a life of service?

Fox has only the best, most super dooper guests!

Ill tell YOU whats.

Why say drive-by ? Was that a Joke ? Or that s the first thing that comes to mind when you are talking about BLACK young people. Guess what comes to mind ,about you , after your statement.

Theses are not regular times and how theses great leader helped the graduates on there special day is impressive. What did tRumpy do? Oh he wasnt invited.

Drive by shooting ???

A leader should be able to receive and accept criticism. His name wasn t even used why are all his defenders assuming the speech was about Trump ?

I thought this beady eyed thumb was gone for good.

Unseemly? From a man who fits drive-bys into his comment, to defend a president who calls law enforcement scum of the earth . I know they say Americans don t get irony, but this is ridiculous.

Why? He didnt GO to a "black" university. Why would OBAMA or Michelle Obama have anything to say abut that topic? Both of them went to historically "white" colleges. They think it makes them inherently better than everyone else.

Translation: "The black guy should know his place!".