Monday 8th of March 2021

Attorney-General Christian Porter Alleged to Have Raped 16-yr-old Katharine Thornton in 1988.

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Porters victim Kate Thornton.
Attorney-General cporterwa alleged to have raped 16-yr-old KatharineThornton in 1988. It is a national security crisis that has left ScottMorrisonMP his government open to blackmail by foreign powers and immediate action must be taken.

Attorney-General Christian Porter alleged to have raped 16-yr-old Katharine Thornton in 1988.
Accused BruceLehrmann JusticeForKate accused ChristianPorter JusticeForKatharineThornton PorterResign ChristianPorterMustResign at least move to the back bench ScottMorrisonMP.
I have heard - only on Twitter - that Katharine Thornton went to the police station in 1988, at Redfern. Is this actually true?
Is Ms Harris aware of Or of.
Crikey cant say but we can.
To all the journalists Tweeting on Tuesday not to share this article they might want to apologise to the public auspol AusMediaProtectingPorter JusticeForKate Attorney-General Christian Porter alleged to have raped 16-yr-old Katharine Thornton in 1988.

Rather reliable source auspol: 'The victim was my client..' This rape allegation against a cabinet minister.. More on the case.
This article will answer many questions.
And Birmo congratulated Kate when her book was published. She was a credible woman.
MarisePayne please get the numbers to spill ScottyTheRapistProtector.
"The reality is Christian Porter wont sue anyone as it would put a spotlight on the matter and he would lose because the matter is political communication which is protected as per the 1997 High Court judgment Lange v ABC".

Did you not read this article?
Morrison must stand the Minister aside ...
I thought it was widely known by now. Perhaps that info is from the alleged victim's 30-page doc of complaint? Not sure, but here's a report of it...
Porter has had 30 years to come clean. Porter had ambition to become PM. This poor lady's life so tragically ended too soon. Coronial inquest needs to rule out foul play. There was motive.
Attorney-General Christian Porter alleged to have raped 16-yr-old Katharine Thornton in 1988 Kangaroo Court of Australia.
Similar reading and rather reliable sources auspol 'The victim was my client...' It's a good read with recommendations from the lawyer for the deceased More on the case.
All the Australian media were happy to name former High Court judge Dyson Heydon as a sexual predator last year but they are all too scared to name Attorney-General Christian Porter over alleged rape.
. Shane Dowling did. Here is the copy of his email questions. Porter is very selective with the truth.
Alleged rapist Christian Porter caught lying at press conference. He said no journalist put rape allegations to him requesting a response. Email in this article sent on the 1/3/21 asking for a response to rape allegations.

. Here is some of the debating team.
Hi Bec, Here a few of pieces of evidence I have come across. I'm not making any allegations. It appears the three men who were with the alleged victim were: Matthew Deeble, Christian Porter and Daniel Mulino. Warning: Shane Dowling is a notorious reporter.

The victim was named on this article. Not sure if it should have been.
All because of a one seat majority for the LNP that they will try to sweep this under the rug... The LNP cannot be allowed to do this.
He may have been 18. Born 11 July 1970. wikipedia christian porter. When did the alleged rape happen in 1988? .
"The allegations of rape against Christian Porter are a lot bigger security risk than the allegations against George Christianson yet the AFP Commissioner has not advised the Prime Minister of the security risk?".

We know at the very least that Shane Dowling put the claims to Christian Porter and received no answer.
Well, people have been exterminated to protect VIP's. If she was on medication - was her prescription changed just before her tragic suicide?
. What was the date of the alleged rape in Sydney? Porter born 11 July 1970. Was he 18?
Shane Dowling writing for.
Katharine Thornton said Porter told her in 1988 he would be PM before he was 50.
When's the next federal Election ?
Sounded like Bill Clinton! Who do you believe?

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