Saturday 26th of December 2020

Kawhi Leonard Leaves The Game After Taking an Accidental Elbow to The Face Prayers Up.

Kawhi Leonard leaves the game after taking an accidental elbow to the face Prayers up.
Up for Kawhi.
Kawhi left for the locker room after colliding with Ibaka.
This had to hurt... Kawhi Leonard takes a nasty elbow to the mouth from Clippers teammate Serge Ibaka.
Kawhi Leonard is out for the rest of the game and continues to be evaluated by the medical staff, the team says.
Kawhi Leonard had 8 stitches to treat a mouth laceration after colliding with Serge Ibaka, the team says. After the game, coach Ty Lue said he believed Leonard will be fine.
Lebrick got lucky with bubble and no fans. Kawhi cant carry George Paul after first season together. With fans even AD cant carry lebrick. 4-0.
WTF happened to Kawhi he was bleeding and shit.
Kawhi did the same thing Ibaka last year.
Clippers easily close this deal vs Denver, even without Kawhi for the last 6 minutes. This Clippers team is different. Higher IQ. Closer. Mentally tougher. Ibaka>Trez. PG free of the Bubble. Happy New Year. Clippers>>>>lakers.

Raptor fans watching Serge, Kawhi and Marc play.
I havent seen that much blood in a basketball game!Hope Kawhi gets better soon.
So wait,,ud rather have kawhi leanord make 30 mill a year than ur mother father & sister get 2,000 a week? ,,wow,,& im the hater?,,wow.
Kawhi needed eight stitches to treat a mouth laceration, per the Clippers. Ty Lue said he believes Kawhi will be fine.
Spurs are still Competitive. Made playoffs w/o Parker, Kawhi, Duncan. WTF you talking about.
Kawhi Leonard. Yikes.
Trezz was food for jokic... kawhi and pg played iso ball for an entire game because of doc... watch the games instead of highlights lol.
13 for PG, 12 for Kawhi and the LAClippers are in control at the break on ESPN!
]Highlight] *BLOOD WARNING* Kawhi Leonard gets clipped in the mouth by Ibaka and spills blood.
LA Clippers' Kawhi Leonard requires 8 stitches for mouth laceration after collision with teammate ESPN.
PG getting his braids because Kawhi had some.
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George got their revenge against those Nuggets.
Prayers up for Kawhi Leonard.
With that said, I am happy that Portnoy is taking charge in the Barstool fund. It is helping out many, many people. It's unfortunate that the individual that made that Kawhi tweet is interfering with Portnoy's good deeds. It shouldn't, but the criticism from tonight is valid.

Kawhi Leonard had to receive 8 stitches due to a mouth laceration.
Ty Lue says Kawhi Leonard is being evaluated but hes going to be fine.
Kawhi leonard got his shit rocked dude holy fuck.
Meanwhile, Ibaka and Kawhi in the locker room right now.
Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard left Friday's game against the Denver Nuggets after taking an elbow to the face and did not return.
Not sure Ive ever seen a face move like this. I hope Kawhi is okay.
Kawhi is out for the rest of the game with a face laceration.
Clippers vs. Nuggets NBA Christmas Day takeaways: Paul George, Kawhi Leonard lead Los Angeles to win in Denver .
Clippers lose Kawhi Leonard to bloody injury late in win over Nuggets.
What happened to kawhi.
Only sick mfs making jokes about kawhi.
Man Trezz lost a mother and was at his lowest prior to playoffs, cant blame him for not being 100. But Kawhi and PG having 5 points total in a half? Cmon.
Glad to know Kawhi is doing great. Quick recovery.
If you hate Kawhi so much, maybe you would like to give your championship back.
Kawhi needs 8 mouth stitches after 'scary' collision playKawhi is left bleeding after collisi...
Kawhi looks like he just went through 5 rounds with Gaethje!
Heres the nasty elbow Kawhi Leonard took from Serge Ibaka that caused him to bleed.
Damn man he plays hard! I hope Kawhi is OK.
Kawhi on the floor after a collision with Serge Ibaka. Hoping all is well.
Never seen this much blood on a basketball court. Looks to be an enormous gash on his lower lip. Hope Kawhi is OK.
Jeez is Kawhi good?!?
Pray for Kawhi Leonard.
This was tough to watch. Kawhi Leonard took a nasty elbow to the face from his teammate Serge Ibaka. Rarely do you see this much blood in a game..
Hope kawhi gets better soon.
The LAClippers close out the night with a W behind Paul George's 23 PTS (5 3PM), 9 AST! NBAXmas Kawhi Leonard: 21 PTS, 7 AST Serge Ibaka: 15 PTS Nic Batum: 13 PTS, 10 REB Nikola Jokic: 24 PTS, 9 REB, 10 AST Jamal Murray: 23 PTS, 4 3PM.

Kawhi heads back to the room after catching a Serge Ibaka elbow up high. (: FoxSportsWest).
Kawhi Leonard scored 21 points before leaving the game with about 6:11 left bleeding after getting elbowed by his teammate Serge Ibaka.
The Clippers have won 2 consecutive games after their shocking opener victory against the Lakers on Tuesday as they're seems to be in trouble of history to repeat after Kawhi Leonard went down but they hold on this time.

Paul George picks up where he left off against the Lakers with 23 points for the Clippers, Kawhi Leonard puts up 21 points before leaving the game,...
The LA Clippers avenge their embarrassing 2nd round collapse against the Denver Nuggets despite losing Kawhi Leonard winning their Christmas Day matchup 121-108.
Aint watch the game and saw that Kawhi pic with no context. Thought someone whooped his ass.
Kawhi is down, bleeding profusely, from the mouth it appeared, after catching an elbow from his buddy and newest Clipper Serge Ibaka. Now he's walking to the locker room. Sure hope he's OK. Concussion also in play.

Kawhi got accidentally elbowed so bad by Serge Ibaka, his whole face shifted.
I cant get the image of Kawhi Leonard bleed out his mouth from my head.
Man Kawhi is down in some serious pain. Prayers up.
Clippers star Kawhi Leonard 'fine' after receiving eight stitches for mouth laceration from Serge Ibaka elbow.
Kawhi betta suck that shit up, cause Ive been elbowed, knocked out in gym class.
Wow this angle of Kawhi getting elbowed by Ibaka.
He doesnt but ok in fact he gets praised for breathing thats how overrated he is, kd> lebron, kawhi> lebron.

What You Really Think

Kawhi did the same thing Ibaka last year.

He will pause for 70 games.

That's just karma getting even on behalf of OG Anunoby.

Thats what u get for bouncing on toronto. Get fkd.

The clip was brutal :( just saw he had to get 8 stitches too. What a sad situation.

Friendly fire started back in Toronto, maybe a payback by Ibaka? ***nulb Im just kidding yall.

Hope kawhi good.

I mean the man either but his tongue or his lip I don't think we need prayers for that.

How did my mans get elbowed by his own teammate.

Who shot ya?

Probably the softest player of all time.

Oh for fuck sake. If prayers worked (they dont) I wouldnt waste that shit on a millionaires teeth.

Prayers up?

Ibaka never forget man!

Them africans dnt play boy one chop mighta do ya!!


Guy got elbowed. Stop acting like he was shot.

Have a speedy recovery Kawhi.

Mans got hit in the face he doesn't have stage 4 cancer chill.

"Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!".

Who has the video of when it happened?