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Friday 31st of July 2020

LeBron And Kawhi Arrive For Their First NBA Restart Game in The Bubble ( NBA).

LeBron and Kawhi arrive for their first NBA restart game in the bubble ( NBA).
Im so happy that the NBA is back today!! I get to watch my favorite team, the Lakers, and my favorite player LeBron James with superstar Anthony Davis take on the Clippers duo Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Bron put the clamps on Kawhi.
Kawhi looks like hes going to the ice machine at his hotel.
LeBron: Hes holding my arm! Kawhi: All ball. LeBron: And hes holding my hand!! Kawhi: All ball.
LeBron: HES HOLDING MY ARM! Kawhi: all ball. LeBron: ...HOLDING MY WHOLE HAND! Kawhi: all ball.
I dont think Ill ever get over Kawhi choosing the clippers.
LeBron: HE HELD MY ARM Kawhi: ALL BALL Bubble mics are undefeated.
I see two different kinds of vacationers in this photo. Kawhi is me lol.
Kawhi says All ball after LeBron starts asking for a foul call.
Hell show up. As Kawhi Dey die vim.
Lebron play soft against Kawhi every time.
LeBron puts the clamps on Kawhi.
Kawhi Has 2 kids.
Kawhi made sure he heard him too.
I know it be crazy when yall gotta face reality . Lebron old man & he cant fw Kawhi.
Kawhi is Lebron's daddy.
Kawhi look like he going for backwoods.
What Kawhi Leonard sees when Kyle Kuzma is guarding him.
LeBron arguing for a foul call after that last play, claiming Kawhi grabbed his wrist. Leonard just followed LeBron around, mumbling "ball" over and over.
Who rebraiding kawhi hair in the bubble.
Kawhi when he sees Kyle kuzma step up to guard him.
Kawhi braids are ASS!!***nulb.
Seems like your more of a Kawhi man.
Not enough people question why kawhi still has cornrows in 2020.
Year 17 LeBron locking up Kawhi.
Why does kawhi play like mj in game 7 everytime he plays the lakers.
Kawhi really should consider getting some Iverson braid designs.
Kawhi got the straightest face ever.
Kawhis face lmao.
He literally got hit in the hands by Kawhi and that was out of bounds on Kawhi its really not fair.

What You Really Think

Lebron nathan83413237 LOL.

One like a man, the other like Lebron.

The black lives matter as big as the court needs to go. Its all I could see. Had to turn it off. not a trumpin republican, definitely think black lives matter, and all lives matter. But it was too in your face. Something simple in the corners (like normal) would be just fine.

Im gagging the tiny bag trend is on the trade now. We need a new look Butch Queens!!!

Le Bron stay drippy period.

Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! That outfit.

Cute shorts on LeBron.

Lebron really walkin w a satchel/purse ***nulb. Cant judge a millionaire.

Wow lebron looks good.

Never understood slides and socks.

LeBron ka handbege.

How much money does LeBron get from Nike slave labor?

Bron kinda snapped.

Whys LeBron wearing a set?

Best NBABubble dressed.

What a difference.

Kawhi is so very regular dude fine.

Sup wit that lil asz purse bruh. Smh.

LeBron is carrying that purse like a bad bitch.

My husband vs me.

Wait if everybody in the bubble is COVID negative why do they have to wear masks.

NBA they are a bunch of idiots.

What a difference in style.

At least Lebron looks fly. But I still like Kawhi better .

Lebron lookin like somebody gay cousin.

Somebody put RuPaul's "Werk" to LeBron.

I LOVE LEBRONS PURSE. His drip is immaculate.

Its not about how you start its how you finish. Clips coming back.

Kawhi looks like he was gonna grab some apples and they asked him to play a game real quick.

Who cares?


Nice little purse LBJ is sporting. Looks great with his cute little jumpsuit. Guess there were no matching pumps in his size.

Why are they wearing a mask??? Then they play against one another and are on top of each other and sweat on each other ???

Kawhi look like he just woke up..

Ayyyyyy buy this.

Brons purse.

Lebron is on the runway and Kawhi just chillin.

Kawhi has on the ight fuck it . Imma head out and do this real quick then come back to the crib outfit.

This look like mortal kombat x lol.

LeBron gay.

Da fuck he wearing?

That fit fire thooo.

They really my top 2 fav players Vnulb from the game to the demeanor !


LeBron should be walking a chihuahua with that little purse he is carrying.

I am Kawhi lol.


Read the BlackLivesMatter mission before you scream back at me.

Kawhi is a whole mmoooodddd!!!!

Why is LeBron carrying a purse, what can possibly be inside that thing, plus is clashes with his outfit.

And have their names on the back of their jerseys.

Lebron's outfit and little purse...this is what happens when you are raised by your single grandmother.

Why does he walk with his feet 10-to-2 like Mickey Mouse o.0.


Lmfaoooo yooo bro are those even new balance slides?

Lebron walk like he got a.."you know what Imma be quiet.

Anyone notice he is carrying what look's like a purse? You a man or a woman.. What's going on here?

Lebron walkin in like he about to whoop somebody!!

I wonder whats in lebron a hand bag :/.

Is Lebron in pajamas.