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Saturday 6th of June 2020

White Coats For Black Lives. ???????????????? Last Night, Students, Residents, Faculty, Staff And Health Care Professionals in Our Community Gathered to Stand Against Systemic Racism. ?: Liz Kaye And Tim Yates.

White Coats for Black Lives. ???????????????? Last night, students, residents, faculty, staff and health care professionals in our community gathered to stand against systemic racism. ?: Liz Kaye and Tim Yates.

Kaye explains how National's 'moral obligation' to win the election led to its M?ori-free front bench.
THIS is the radical story of America... Thomas Paine and the Promise of America Harvey J. Kaye Macmillan.
Not a priority?
Mination ????
Quiet people notice everything.
I Wish I Got Unemployment ? Yall mfs BALLIN ?
General Mattis will be highly regarded in history books. A consummate patriot.
Agree on the first point. Disagree the second point. The Nats need to do some remedial maths, proof read their press releases and get some talent in the tream. Muller and Kaye are not it.
Happy birthday! ??
I've worked out the analogy, remember when Bill English said he would March for his right to be Prime Minister? It feels like Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye are on that March.
Marco is showing his Rino colors! Vote him out!
Alright what do we want soons.
Please be aware that 1. Labournotfittogovern & the media ardern bought & pd for have been out for Nashnul's blood since SB was leader 2. Muller & Kaye have been leading Nashnul for 2 weeks, & constantly being attacked by the.

If Labour had said anything like Nikki Kaye media would be screaming "racism/bigotry" but b/c its National...silence.
Me after reading the Diana and friends issue: Self-confidence is something that is hard to build up. Stop shaming other people because of their mistakes especially not knowing the reasons behind. Suffering can be self inflicted but don't add fuel to the fire. Lol, so cancelledt.

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ABC... They were children, he assaulted children.
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Nikki Kaye? *Takes long drag off cigarette* Haven't heard that name in years...
Let me go find my man kaye.
Happy birthday to the empowered Lady Spiker kaye_daly From conquering Civil Engineering and UAAP volleyball to working towards a PhD and serving as a public official, you have set an example for many to follow. Thank you for fearlessly speaking your mind. We ? you!

I don't care at this point I just want Todd "MAGA" Muller gone & Nikki "honest I'm not a racist' Kaye gone bring back my best mate Simon "where's my plan at" ridges">Bridges atlest he's not dangerous like that others two.

All on the same page the National caucus is. I heard Nikki Kaye say that.
Watching people tweet shit like "oomf is so annoying" on the timeline and witnessing their mutuals flood in to reply "am I oomf" feels like the modern re-enaction of the last supper when the disciples ask "is it me, jesus?".

Girls who support girls are automatically pretty to me.
ICE we coming for u next bby.
Idk who needs to hear this but dump your racist boyfriend.
Yes im an artist yes i don't know how to draw we exist .
Just a little blush on the nose... aaand perfect!?
My first two initials are M.D. and my mom's middle name is Kaye, so when I was younger I thought I was so cool for having claim to the pseudonym MD Kaye ?
Kaye I MISS U???
"I am cold and you will not be needing it.".
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I love you.
Woah. Nikki Kaye is not interested in winning this election at all.
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Happy birthday konsi kaye_daly ??
Help me sa mga critical essays plithhh?
Happy birthday kaye_daly !!! Wishing u all the best! ???
My job is to drag kaye into media that'll just beat them up repeatedly on days that it comes to mind.
Far from impartial this interview of nikkikaye - but simple fact is NZNationalParty need to tell NZ what they're planning rather than 'we have a plan' as it's tiring and just reinforces they have nothing of substance. Come on guys!

ANTIFA - June 6, 1944.
All about not wanting to lose their jobs and getting the power, not about us the people, bad move Kaye.
All white leadership because of morals? Sounds like shitty morals to me. (Also, business experience does not equal good political leadership.).
If it was me.
Pretty daft view.
Kaye said the they rolled ridges">Bridges because of the poll results. But National are always telling New Zealanders that the polls are rubbish & not to be trusted? Fuk these guys are full of it!
Happy birthday gorgeous maria_kaye_ !!!!!! ??
I was feeling a bit ground down today and then I saw that Nikki Kaye interview and was immensely cheered. National makes political satire redundant.
Nikki Kaye cheerleading for Muller claiming he & her will be PM & Deputy PM is September is, embarrassing. Her responses are so shallow.There is no substance.Both policies she lauds have holes. Repeating NZ needs a National Govt ad nauseum doesn't make it true.

I know right, if everyone followed every law all the time we'd never need police. What selfish assholes.
Hans Christian Anderson is a psychopath You think the Grimms and so on are "dark"? They are *nothing* compared to this teller of torture tales If you actually read his stories, they are as far from cuddly Danny Kaye as possible.

Kaye loses huge opportunity to out Paul Goldsmith. "As for LGBTQ representation, Kaye said there was "no one who has identified themselves at this point".
It was nice to know yah ?? choreo: ate Kaye Alfafara.
These 2 things can both be (& are) true imo: 1 Muller & Kaye have been a constant shambles with no sign of improving. 2 Establishment media are being unreasonably & disproportionately tough on them, because they like Ardern & smell blood.

I was arrested on June 2nd, 2020 with around 100 other protesters in Los Angeles. While I was ziptied and facing the wall, two male officers joked behind me about my gender presentation: "Do you think it's a female? Are you sure?".