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Thursday 7th of May 2020

Kelvin Davis

A sea of red and white! Kelvin Davis and lead the celebrations as are promoted from League One!
Paul Always fukn beautiful. Love u bro. OMFG Kelvin Davis fukn train weck. Loyal Paul H fan frm way bac.
If Kelvin Davis was in the private sector he d be out the door. Yet he s responsible for the fate of our largest export industry and over 200,000 jobs directly related to a tourism business. God help us all.

Paul Henry vs Kelvin Davis. What an absolute shocker from the Minister of Tourism. It s hardly any wonder he is kept in witless protection, and those poor buggers in the tourism sector must be wondering what they did to deserve him. And he s the bleedin deputy leader of Labour!

What a mess Kelvin Davis was with Paul Henry.
Just watched Kelvin Davis appear on Rebuilding Paradise. What an absolute moron. Interview was a complete dogs breakfast. He came with no strategy nor any form of assurance to relay to those businesses affected. Painful exchange. Im convinced the guys an imbecile.

This Govt is inept pitiful and amature how can we get confidence when they have clowns like Kelvin Davis as cabinet ministers. Paul Henry just made mince meat of him he couldnt answer a single question or offer anything of substance to encourage our broken Tourism Industry.

Kelvin Davis is like a possum in the headlights and Paul Henry has his foot on the gas!
Kelvin Davis is an idiot. That was a shocker of an interview on the Paul Henry Show. Ardern will keep him locked up for the next three weeks to avoid anymore embarrassment.
Did Kelvin Davis get media training from Mary Lambie because that was a complete fuck up on Paul Henry.
If anybody wonders why Jacinda Ardern fronts 99% of press conferences on behalf go the govt, you only have to watch 2 seconds of Kelvin Davis being interviewed & dismantled piece by piece by Paul Henry on his new show. it was a hilarious train wreck.

There we go again. The Left are so bereft of being able to think for themselves that they just copy wherever they think National did. Just look at Kelvin Davis on Paul Henry. Simply absent in all senses of the word.

I think Kelvin Davis was thrown out there to take the heat off Ardern, we are all laughing at Kelvin. But all it shows is that the Government is completely inept. How to they justify their salaries.
Just watching Kelvin Davis being interviewed by Paul Henry. Almost feel sorry for him. So out of his depth.
Kelvin Davis is absolutely useless. Worse than Ardern.
surely you watch Kelvin Davis embarrass himself tonight?
Kelvin Davis effect.
Paul Henry was right to bluntly tell Kelvin Davis that the tourism industry desperately needs concrete action to save jobs ASAP - the minister press release re this was rediculously on Kelvin get it together man! You can step up.

Kelvin Davis on Paul Henry. OMG! Tourism deserves so much better than him as minister. Like a possum caught in the headlights. No answers, no numbers. Bloody hopeless.
It s worth your while going on threenow to watch Kelvin Davis on Rebuilding Paradise.
Kelvin wow just what an awful interview.
There is no hope for tourism while Kelvin Davis is our minister. He has to go!
Pretty please can we have Kelvin Davis on in the laugh a minute slot.
How was Kelvin Davis ever a school principal?
Kelvin Davis does not look like a minister with a plan for domestic.
What a train wreck of a interview by Kelvin Davis on show. Like Deer in headlights!
Minister Kelvin Davis was interviewed tonight on Rebuilding Paradise with on . Paul was clear he was going to be asking about the govts plan for the and the answer "something special coming?" HURRY UP!

Just watched maul the unfortunate Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis.
I could answer Paul Henry s questions better than Kelvin Davis. If he listened to the Tourism NZ and TIA webinar today he would know!!
It is painfully obvious that Kelvin Davis as Minister for Tourism is not across his portfolio at all and has no idea of the difficulties facing the tourism industry.
Hope there s a welfare check on Kelvin Davis.
kelvin davis is being eaten alive omg.
Kelvin Davis is worse than useless. I cant believe he is Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. Pretty bad to have an incompetent Minister Of Tourism in these times.
Kelvin Davis is such a douche.
You watching Kelvin Davis getting crucified on TV, the guy is a Fucken joke and a disgrace of an MP.
Some of our MPs are great at skipping around an answer and some really. are. not. Kelvin Davis. Wow.
Man, this Kelvin Davis interview on Rebuilding Paradise is a train wreck. Kelvin seems like he s a lovely bloke, but doesn t fill anyone with any confidence that he s across his tourism portfolio.
Kelvin Davis completely out of his depth with Paul Henry. Another incompetent MP.
: "Whats your plan to revive tourism in NZ?" Kelvin Davis: "Ive done some webinars.".
Beggars belief that responsibility for of NZs biggest export earners and been given it to bungling, sorry I haven t been briefed on that Mr invisible Kelvin Davis.
"Prime minister" Kelvin Davis on Paul Henry tonight.
Kelvin Davis is what you get when a Biden wants a Biden for a deputy.
Yeah I m tired of hearing Kelvin Davis say it s out of his hands because the decisions are up to other ministers.
I m sorry - but what the hell does Kelvin Davis, a former school teacher from the north, know about Tourism?
When was the last time anyone saw Kelvin Davis.
Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis joins Paul Henry tonight - whats the plan to save up to 100,000 jobs? Rebuilding Paradise with 9:30pm.
Kelvin Davis is on with Paul Henry tonight. Could be a hoot.
Just getting used to the phrase "Prime Minister Kelvin Davis".
Why? Useless minister. Doing diddly squat for tourism. Ignoring Amnesty Internationals demands for explanation as to why women prisoners are being held up to 29 hours in their cells. Im centre-left, but Kelvin Davis is not a Minister I have time for.

Actually Im still beating that the people who are speculating its a fascist coup and PM Kelvin Davis is imminent are the rational, correct ones.
The industry is totally doomed with Kelvin Davis as minister. He is one brick short of a load.
One of your mates Tau, the stunning intellectual powerhouse that is Kelvin.
Trial for sure, look at her replacement if she then Kelvin Davis becomes Party fuck we thought we had a clusterfuck imagine, Winnie and Kelvin.
I also forgot just how yoked the Royals bullpen was this year. Prime Kelvin Herrera and Wade Davis.
Stigmabase Maori views considered in RMA fast tracking: Crown M ori Relations Minister Kelvin Davis is confident M ori rights wont be swept aside in changes to the Resource Management Act to fast-track ... View.

Asked if climate change is part of the Tourism New Zealand-led project to reimagine the industry, Minister Kelvin Davis says: It s not part of the discussion. He s also adamant the country didn t (pre-Covid) have too many visitors.

"Davis is not a junior Minister. He is third ranked, ranking higher than Grant Robertson. The third ranked Minister is incapable of being trusted to hold a press conference." - This seems to be a recurring theme with this Govt. Wheres Kelvin.

Call me crazy, but I gotta take 04-05 Drew Neitzel, Mo Ager, Shannon Brown, Alan Anderson, & Paul Davis Kelvin Torbert & Chris Hill off the bench.
Is Kelvin Davis still the Minister of Tourism? If so, why has he not commented once about the biggest crisis in the history of NZ tourism? He has not provided a single rebuilding option. The crisis needs leadership, not wanker MPs who derelict their posts.

Now imagine David Clark. ..and Phil Twyford, ...and Clare Currant, ...& Kelvin Davis, Mela Whaitiri, Willie Jackson. Hehehe.
Tomorrow Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis is with us. I don t know where he s been, but we managed to get a hold of him. -